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Wednesday: Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air

Ron James_March 6

Mr. D, CBC – “Gerry’s Favourite Couple”
Xavier’s favourite senior couple, Sean and Miranda (‘Searanda’), are on the rocks. Seeing himself in Sean, Gerry decides to meddle in their relationship – they have to stay together or Gerry will suffer a deep personal loss.

The Ron James Show, CBC
Ron really gets his wheels spinning over the various ways we have of ‘Getting Around’. A man starts to wonder if he’s going to have to consult a lawyer to understand the complicated parking signs in his neighbourhood. A scientist has managed to invent a ‘Star Trek’-like Teleporter, but using it has some less than stellar side effects. Meanwhile, we’re all reminded why Miss Daisy needed a driver when Nanny takes L’il Ronnie for a spin in Pa’s car. Plus, Ron travels to a place where dinosaurs still rule, while visiting Drumheller, AB in this week’s ‘Ode to the Road’. Featuring special guest stars, Patrick McKenna, Barry Flatman, Christian Potenza, Marty Adams, Nug Nahrgang, Shaun Shetty and Nadine Roden.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Secrets & Lies”
Petra thinks her ex husband has abducted Connor and enlists Bobby’s help to get him back, leaving Krista on the hook to plan a 35th anniversary party for Arctic Air.


Wednesday: Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air, Big Brother Canada


Mr. D, CBC – “The Date”
Gerry’s date with Jean McGrory is going well… until it’s interrupted by an elite escort asking for money owed. Leung walks into a wall and the students post it on-line. Trudy regrets asking Gerry to hand in attendance.

The Ron James Show, CBC – “Parenthood”
Ron gets procreative when he takes a strict but fair look at PARENTHOOD. Special Guests: Deb McGrath, Sheila McCarthy, Max Topplin, Geri Hall, Anna Ferguson.

Arctic Air, CBC – “There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills”
A dying trapper gives Dev and Cece the location of a valuable gold claim, setting off a mini gold rush that pits Arctic Air against Bruce Ward and the Comstock Brothers.

Big Brother Canada, Slice and Global
Similar to the US format, Big Brother Canada will hand pick a diverse group of contestants to live in the Big Brother house outfitted wall to wall with cameras and microphones to capture all the action. Week to week the house guests compete in a series of challenges and vote each other out until one claims victory and takes home the grand prize.


Wednesday: Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air


Mr. D, CBC – “The Other Woman”
When Bobbi and her long-term boyfriend Craig break up again, Gerry is there for the rebound… Craig’s rebound. Robert is faced with disciplining Leung’s students. Jimmy seeks Simon’s advice on growing wheatgrass but Gerry is convinced that wheatgrass is code for dope.

The Ron James Show, CBC – “Truth, Lies & Spin”
Ron looks at the growing friction between fact and fiction when he examines our dizzying world of TRUTH, LIES, & SPIN. Special Guests: Sandy Jobin-Bevans, Arlene Duncan, Jonas Chernick, Amanda Brugel.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Dangerous Cargo”
A desperate biologist holds Krista and Bobby at gunpoint in the Arctic Air offices, along with a polar bear.


Wednesday: Bomb Girls, Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air


Bomb Girls, Global – “Where There’s Smoke”
When Gladys discovers who has been paying her hotel bills, she decides to make some bold choices. Meanwhile, Lorna finally admits that her son’s bravado might have darker roots; Betty meets a soldier named Teresa – who offers her new possibilities; and Marco sources the cavalcade fireworks from Frank, a former childhood friend, who hints he could also help Marco in other ways.

Mr. D, CBC – “The Crush”
Gerry develops a crush on the mother of one of his most
annoying students. Leung gives driving lessons to Simon. Trudy and Robert take over the morning announcements and they become incomprehensible.

Ron James Show, CBC – “Power”
Ron gets fired up about ‘Power and Energy’. When the Chinese government tries to make up for a multitude of sins with cuddly two-toned bears, the result is Panda-monium. With special guests Colin Mochrie & Ennis Esmer.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Old Wounds”
Bobby backs Jim McAllister in a tough-guy boxing tournament as part of a last-ditch bid to save his diamond claim; and Arctic Air falls into crisis when Blake’s friend joins the crew.


Wednesday: Bomb Girls, Mr. D, Ron James, Arctic Air

image005Bomb Girls, Global – “The Harder We Fight”
When a group of Maritimers arrive at the plant, one of the girls, Reggie, immediately draws Betty’s suspicions and ire. Meanwhile, Lorna’s hot-blooded son Gene convinces Gladys to join him on an adventure that leads where neither expected. Featuring a cameo appearance by ET Canada’s Cheryl Hickey.

Mr. D, CBC – “Overnight Trip”
Gerry concocts a scheme to get his class to go to Boston so that he and Bill can watch a Celtics game. His plans slip away when he’s forced to hang out with a drunk Vice Principal.

The Ron James Show, CBC -“Rules”
In this episode, Ron looks at why we make… and break… ‘The Rules’. With special guests Barry Flatman & Linda Kash.

Arctic Air, CBC – “Stormy Weather”
Bobby, Krista and Blake are trapped in an abandoned Dew Line station — only to find out they’re not alone.