Everything about Travelers, eh?

The team is in deep trouble on Travelers

Things don’t look good for our travellers. Not at all. While one image from Monday’s episode, “Room 101,” shows MacLaren on a rooftop with a helicopter overhead, the other is far darker and scary: his team is caged, strapped to chairs and hooked up to IVs of some sort. Is it fallout from the face-off our team had with Hall? Is Hall getting revenge for his arrest?

Here’s the official episode synopsis from Showcase:

MacLaren is on his own as he fights to unravel the mystery of his team’s sudden disappearance.

Here are a few more plot points heading into Monday night.


That opening scene…
We were blown away with Brad Wright’s way of introducing the travellers in Episode 1, but he outdoes himself tonight, as three new folks arrive in 2016 in a unique way. Their arrival also caused us to pause and ponder the instance surrounding their deaths in the first place … and that travelling is still imperfect.

…is nothing compared to the second before the main credits
With just four minutes elapsed, the reason MacLaren is solo and how his team became separated from him is established.

Trevor still has his sense of humour
The quartet may not know what’s going on, but that doesn’t stop Trevor from cracking wise about catheters.

Forbes is catching on
You can only miss so many court dates before your partner starts asking questions, and that’s the case with MacLaren. I wondered how he’d be able to juggle his FBI gig with the missions and the short answer is, he can’t.

This time is full of very bad people
Hall may or may not be involved in what happens to Carly, Marcy, Trevor or Philip, but “Room 101” does reveal a shady someone or group is interested in the travellers. And they know a lot. Who, exactly, are they? We’re not sure, but through them we’re given some key insight into what the world the travellers left looked like.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

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Teamwork threatens to tear the Travelers apart

Last week on Travelers, Philip put the team in jeopardy when he attempted to save the life of a young boy named Aleksander. In Phil’s eyes, they’d been sent back to save the world, so why not save some extra folks along the way? Trouble is, that’s contrary to the mission, something The Director sternly warned them about. For the second time. By episode end, Trevor realized one of the names Philip wrote down on the hideout’s wall was one he knew. So, was it one of his parents? Girlfriend Rene? Best bud Kyle?

Here’s the official episode synopsis for Monday’s new episode, “Hall,” written by Pat Smith:

MacLaren’s leadership is challenged when he’s directed to assist a more experienced team of travellers that wants to join forces.

And here are a few more non-spoilery tidbits we can tell you:

Louis Ferreira alert!
Fans of Stargate Universe, Motive and This Life rejoice! Mr. Ferreira appears as a shady individual named Hall that Grant and Forbes (Arnold Pinnock) are keeping tabs on when a deal of some kind goes bad. One of the men on the scene—a traveler—gives Grant a message that sends them off-mission.

Our team works with another group
Remember how we were told there were thousands of travellers on earth all working separate missions? That’s the case tonight, as Grant et al. aid another. Also? It turns out that, like Philip, not every traveller is interested in the mission they’ve been given; some go rogue. That makes things very complicated for everyone and Marcy’s past, er, future comes back to haunt her.

Trevor has more fun in his new body
He’s enjoyed fresh air, hamburgers and morning erections; no Trev hits the track to give his muscles a workout. And his family meeting with Ms. Day about his marks? Classic.

Jeff tries to work himself back into Carly’s life
It’s a one-sided conversation, but Carly really shouldn’t ignore just how dangerous her baby daddy is. After all, he did see the security footage of Marcy and he’s a cop.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Showcase.

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Travelers puts the future in jeopardy

What would you do if given the opportunity to go back in time and save the lives of others? It’s a well-worn trope that’s been discussed in literature, film and television. And it’s covered in Monday’s new episode of Travelers too. That’s not unexpected. Sure, this team has missions to complete, but they’re not robots. These people have feelings, and in the case of one, they buckle under the guilt of not being able to prevent the deaths of others and tries to protect one. That, of course, puts their team in danger.

Here are some other non-spoilery plot point we can tell you about Episode 3, “Aleksander,” written by Tara Armstrong (Mary Kills People) and Mika Collins.

We can’t help but love David
He’s a bit of a greek and super-awkward around pretty girls, so we’re naturally cheering for David and Marcy to become a couple. That aside, scenes are fun as heck when he’s in them, alternately trying to get information from Marcy or recoiling at her nakedness.


Philip is feeling guilty
In all the excitement from last week’s first mission, I had totally forgotten about Steven, the drug addict who overdosed next to Philip in Episode 1. Future Philip has no clue how close he and his friend were, but Steven’s grieving mother certainly lets him know. If the travellers were hoping to interact with these present people and not be affected by them, they were sorely mistaken. For Philip this is doubly true: he inherited the need for heroin when his consciousness entered this body.

Grant shakes things up
Going tie-less to work? Choosing vegan for dinner? If Kat doesn’t suspect something weird is up with her husband then she’s just not that observant.

Is someone on to the travellers?
There is security footage of Marcy’s arrival and a character we’ve already met is linking it to someone he knows.

Jennifer Spence alert!
Although it hurt a bit to reminded of Continuum, we were thrilled to see Jennifer Spence in “Aleksander,” and involved in a pretty great storyline to boot.

Who is Aleksander?
Let’s just say he’s very important to one team member, but not for the reason you’d expect.

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

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Travelers takes on its first mission

Time travel sci-fi series are my jam, and Travelers has been one heck of a pleasant surprise. Readers of this site know I was heartbroken when Continuum ended; thankfully, Travelers has sufficiently filled that hole.

Part of that is because Travelers‘ creator, Brad Wright, has built a world we can relate to. Our own. Rather than set the series in another galaxy or future time it’s set today and has brought people from another era back to us by transferring their consciousness into bodies of folks who are about to die. That makes everyone immediately relatable. And while the travellers’ task is to change things in the present to ensure a future, there is room for humour through these folks encountering 2016 technology, food and social mores.

After setting up the show’s premise in last week’s debut, Grant (Eric McCormack), Marcy (MacKenzie Porter), Carly (Nesta Cooper), Trevor (Jared Paul Abrahamson) and Philip (Reilly Dolman) are off on their first task. But Monday’s first mission, “Protocol 6,” isn’t without its flaws, and the team learns not succeeding can have deadly consequences.

Here are some non-spoilery hints to get you ready for tonight:


A veteran sci-fi actress checks in
We’ve been fans of Kyra Zagorsky since Season 1 of Helix—and she was great in the last season of Continuum—so it’s fantastic to see her on Travelers, and it appears she may have more than a guest-starring role. She plays Dr. Delaney, a scientist who has created an object Grant and his team need to get. Problem is, another group wants the same item and both battle to get it.

Trevor is quickly becoming a favourite
Maybe it’s because we know something about his character McCormack swore us to secrecy about—it’ll be revealed in a few more weeks—but Trevor’s wide-eyed innocence about walks in the park, clean air and sunshine have got us appreciating our lives just a little bit more. He also provides some humour when things get dark and dangerous.

Not everything in 2016 is great
Just ask Grant, who has a very funny reaction to a certain beverage.

Grant and Carly are an item
At least their future selves are. Aside from a glib comment about age, we’re not given any insight into their relationship other than they seem to be keeping it a secret from everyone else. That makes sense; this is a military team and not high schoolers on a field trip. The fact Grant has a wife in this time period certainly complicates things. He’s there on a mission, but he’s also human and has emotions. And those are piqued by Kathryn (Leah Cairns).

Travelers airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT on Showcase.

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Link: Travelers: MacKenzie Porter on the mindset of a Traveler

From Hermione Wilson of The TV Junkies:

Link: Travelers: MacKenzie Porter on the mindset of a Traveler
“I’ve done some sci-fi stuff but this is definitely the best quality I’ve ever done. It’s a genre that I actually didn’t grow up watching, but I have since working on the part. I think  it’s cool because it’s sci-fi based but it’s also drama based and the relationships between characters is really strong.” Continue reading.