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TV Eh B Cs podcast 48 – Secret Agent Kate


Kate Drummond appears as the Agent Lucado in Wynonna Earp, the television series about a modern day gunslinger and paranormal crime fighting. The show has an exclusively Canadian cast and crew, and airs on Syfy in the United States every Friday and CHCH in Canada on Mondays.

Kate also stars as the driven and intimidating biomedical engineer Dr. Jessica Kandel in Ubisoft’s latest video game Tom Clancy’s The Division, which broke multiple Ubisoft sales records in its first 24 hours with more than one million copies of the game sold. She also starred in the main role of Anna Grimsdottir in Ubisoft’s internationally acclaimed video game Splinter Cell: Blacklist.

Kate is a former elementary school teacher of over a decade who switched careers late in life and is an advocate for people following their dreams like she has. (Image courtesy of Farrah Aviva Photography.)

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