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Link: Renovation series built on determination

From Tim Arsenault of LocalExpress:

Link: Renovation series built on determination
The market for home improvement shows might seem as cramped as a big-city studio apartment, but a Dartmouth production company looks like it has assembled something unique.

Shooting has recently been completed on Eyes for the Job, a series for Accessible Media Inc. in Toronto. The 13 half-hour episodes will be shown this summer on AMI-tv, a dedicated channel on Canada’s cable and satellite systems that offers programming for people who are blind, partially sighted, deaf or hard of hearing. Continue reading. 


Four Senses expands its world in Season 4

Four seasons in, Four Senses‘ mantra continues to be “Touch it. Taste it. Hear it. Smell it.” But the cooking show—returning Thursday, Jan. 5, to AMI-tv—designed for viewers who are blind or partially sighted has expanded its scope with cross-country adventures and high-profile celebrity guests.

Co-hosts Carl Heinrich and Christine Ha (he won Top Chef Canada and she took the MasterChef title) are back and more confident than ever in their surroundings and each other. Now sure-footed as chefs and hosts and describing how they’re preparing dishes as second nature, they’re able to joke and verbally jab one another, adding to the charisma factor. Their on-screen comfort means they can give more attention to their guests.

Thursday’s return features radio and television veteran Steve Anthony, who pops in to help create crab-stuffed avocado halves, Brussels sprouts slaw and homemade salsa and chips. Anthony has spent decades interviewing folks, so it’s no surprise he turns the tables on Ha and Heinrich, asking their opinion of specialty salts or opining as to why kids don’t like Brussels sprouts, but they give it right back, enquiring as to his kitchen habits. Yes, Four Senses is a cooking show but it’s also about sharing and telling stories, and Anthony, Ha and Heinrich do plenty of that before digging into their creations. (Upcoming guests include interior design gurus Colin and Justin, fashion icon Jeanne Beker and comedian and television star Luba Goy.)

The series has also upped the air miles in Season 4 as the co-hosts swap the kitchen for trips around Ontario and Nova Scotia, highlighting Canada’s diverse culinary landscape and the chefs, farmers and purveyors who bring them to our tables.

Four Senses airs Thursdays at 7:30 p.m. ET on AMI-tv.

Image courtesy of AMI.


Preview: Four Senses continues tasty TV recipe for AMI-tv

There have been changes both in front of and behind the scenes at Four Senses, but the show’s main recipe has stayed the same.

Season 2, returning tonight on AMI-tv, continues with blind MasterChef winner Christine Ha and sighted Top Chef Canada champ Carl Heinrich at the helm. The program once again features embedded description, with Ha, Heinrich and their guests—tonight Barenaked Ladies frontman Ed Robertson—describing their actions for viewers who are blind or partially sighted. (Future guests include Frank Ferragine from BT Toronto, chef Bonnie Stern, Canadian Living food director Annabelle Waugh and Looneyspoons’ sisters Janet and Greta Podleski.) And everyone continues to create wonderfully tasty dishes.

As for the changes, the biggest is the setting for Four Senses. Instead of filming in a slapdash arrangement in downtown Toronto, Varner Productions decamped to Pie in the Sky Studios in East York. The spot enabled them to create a more effective studio kitchen tricked out by bright colours and a more cozy environment. The on-screen relationship between Ha and Heinrich has grown in this sophomore season as well. Any first-year jitters they had are gone and the culinary duo have developed a witty, entertaining repartee that oozes fun.

Another new ingredient to the show finds Ha and Heinrich hitting the road for on-location shoots. Friday’s return plants Heinrich in Enniskillen, Ont., where he visits Eric Baldwin, owner of Gallery on the Farm, a family run cattle farm. That provides an important farm to table link to Heinrich’s main dish during tonight’s “Roasted and Toasted” episode: a braised hunk of beef. Heinrich, Ha and Robertson all take turns serving as sous chefs while creating the beef, Ha’s side dish of roasted potatoes and Robertson’s awesome-looking chocolate chip studded banana bread.

Four Senses may offer description for those blind and partially sighted, but it’s a also a first-rate cooking show for anyone interested in making healthy, tasty meals. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some banana bread to make.

Four Senses airs Fridays at 4 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. ET/PT on AMI-tv.