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Gripping four-part Crave original investigative docuseries, Thunder Bay, premieres February 17

From a media release:

Crave announced today that its new, four-part original gripping investigative docuseries, THUNDER BAY, premieres on Friday, Feb. 17, and is available to audiences in both English and French. The series is produced, written, and co-directed by Anishinaabe journalist Ryan McMahon, who is on a quest to uncover the truth behind the deaths of numerous Indigenous people in Thunder Bay, Ont. – a Canadian city which has historically had high rates of homicides and hate crimes. THUNDER BAY debuts on Feb. 17 with the first two episodes, followed by the final two episodes on Feb. 24.

Following the breakout success of his CANADALAND podcast of the same name, McMahon returns to Thunder Bay to discover the roots of the city’s systemic racism against its Indigenous population. From investigating the unexplained deaths of local Indigenous teens to exploring the failings of the city’s police service, McMahon sheds light on Thunder Bay’s enduring history of racism.

Over the course of four episodes, THUNDER BAY unravels Canada’s complicated relationship with colonialism, examining the consequences of a broken system in which some can thrive, while many others disproportionally struggle to survive.

Episodic synopses are outlined below:

Episode 1 – Murder Capital #1
Journalist and host Ryan McMahon is determined to uncover the truth behind multiple teenage deaths in Thunder Bay’s waterways.

Episode 2 – Whodunit
Ryan explores three theories behind the deaths: serial killer, gang violence, and darkest of all, racist vigilantes.

Episode 3 – No Foul Play
Ryan suspects that the police’s failure to investigate Indigenous deaths may be intentional after an inside source seeks him out.

Episode 4 – The Hive
Ryan learns some inside information about the police force and his worst fears are confirmed after he receives a covertly leaked report.

THUNDER BAY is produced by Ryan McMahon and Entertainment One (eOne), and produced and developed in association with Bell Media. Created, executive produced, and hosted by Ryan McMahon. Series Producer is Leslie Lucas. Jocelyn Hamilton and Toby Dormer serve as executive producers for eOne.


Northwood Entertainment and Canadaland partner to develop Thunder Bay TV series

From a media release:

Northwood Entertainment (ANNE WITH AN E, THE GRIZZLIES) has partnered with the producers of the Canadaland podcast ‘Thunder Bay’ – and together they are developing the podcast into a drama series. Miranda de Pencier’s Northwood Entertainment will co-produce the series alongside Anishinaabe comedian, writer, & podcaster Ryan McMahon, and journalist & Canadaland founder/publisher, Jesse Brown. Executive producers McMahon, Brown, and de Pencier are currently considering showrunners for the series.

Hosted and co-written by McMahon, the serialized, true crime podcast examines the systemic racism, corruption, and crime that runs rampant in Thunder Bay and the factors that make the city amongst the most dangerous for Indigenous youth in the world. THUNDER BAY plans to bring all of these issues to light in a searing and riveting drama series that considers not who killed nine Indigenous high school students, but what killed them. The series begins with an examination of nine deaths and goes on to explore the broader impact of colonialism and racism.

THUNDER BAY executive producers are Miranda de Pencier, Ryan McMahon, and Jesse Brown. Northwood Entertainment and Canadaland will co-produce the series.

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