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Comments and queries for the week of April 21

Huh! Yet another Canadian show [Cold Water Cowboys] I’ve never heard of. And it’s been on three seasons already! Google Canadian TV shows wiki and you can find so many shows have been done that most Canadians have never heard of let alone ever seen. And many, if not most, were/are really good, so that’s a huge bonus too. Thanks for the article. —Stevie

[Saving Hope‘s] latest Alex splitting with Charlie because of a “pact with God to stay away,” is so utterly and completely ridiculous. Too bad such a great show is ending with such a contrived storyline. It would have done better to have Alex fade away and focus on the other great characters that are so much more interesting. I for one am rooting for Charlie to end up with someone new. I will endure Alex to the end of the show, but only because I love the other characters. (Oh, and the episode that tried to convince us that Alex was a ”badass” was so laughable, I almost gave up on the show then and there.). —Tammi

I hate that they have split up Charlie and Alex. Not the same feel to the show. I’ll watch to the end to see if it gets resolved but, I don’t like it at all. —Donna

Could we return to the former “solve a mystery” style of Murdoch Mysteries? I’m not really a fan of my lead characters being exposed to so much danger. I felt that the last episode was “dark”! I was happier when William, George and Julia were investigating and solving other people’s problems. You have a superb cast of characters here! —R. Green


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Cold Water Cowboys returns for more danger and drama in Season 4

Being a fisherman off the coast of Newfoundland is a dangerous career. Being injured by machinery or a sharp object is always a concern. If something bad happens, you might be hours away from shore. And if things go really bad, you’re dead.

Filming what goes on aboard a fishing boat off the coast of Newfoundland is just as dangerous. Just ask showrunner Maria Knight, whose small team captures dramatic and triumphant footage for Cold Water Cowboys, returning for Season 4 this Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on Discovery.

“It’s not easy for my guys on a lot of levels,” says Knight. “They’ve all received emergency training—they can’t get on the boat without it—and they’re on a boat. It may look majestic on TV with them on the ocean, but there’s not a lot of space and it’s constantly moving. It puts the guys through a major workout.” Each boat has two men capturing footage for Cold Water Cowboys and keeping track of possible story angles for the season. And while other series have the crew heading home or to a hotel after a long day of work, these guys sleep on the boat, below with the crew. It might not be comfortable, but Knight says it builds trust between her team and the men on board.

Capt. Paul Tiller (right) and the crew of the Atlantic Bandit

In Tuesday’s Season 4 debut, a trio of tales keeps viewers engaged. Capt. Rick Crane wonders if he’s returned to the job and Crane’s Legacy too soon following the death of his grandfather … and rubs first mate Rope the wrong way; Capt. Paul Tiller takes the Atlantic Bandit the furthest he’s ever gone in search of crab; and pack ice threatens to tear up Capt. Morris Anstey’s equipment and The Sebastian Sails before the season even gets started.

Knight joined Paperny Entertainment after stints at Warner Bros. and CNBC in Los Angeles, and MasterChef Canada and was immediately drawn in by Cold Water Cowboys.

“I was captivated by it, it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen,” she says. “I used to be a documentary producer at CBC, so that really resonated with me. But it’s exciting as well. You have the excitement of Deadliest Catch with the factual documentary style.” She’s right. That mix of danger, alternating with the colourful characters (and language) from Newfoundland makes for a wildly entertaining series. But’s it’s a logistical nightmare for those who make it. Five boats means five crews of two are at sea filming. Each of the eight episodes spotlights three boats and three storylines. That means a trio of story editors and editors piecing a ton of footage together to tell an engaging narrative that makes sense.

“You have to make sure all the trains are leaving the station on time,” Knight says with a laugh. Or, in the case of Cold Water Cowboys, the boats all leaving the dock.

Cold Water Cowboys airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT on Discovery.

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Cold Water Cowboys push it to the limit in Season 3

From a media release:

The captains and crews of COLD WATER COWBOYS return to the waters of the Atlantic, more determined than ever to ride the massive rolling sea and wrangle their big hauls! Anchoring Discovery’s most-watched night of the week, the third season of the original Canadian series COLD WATER COWBOYS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/ 5 p.m. PT beginning March 8 on Discovery and Discovery GO. Joining COLD WATER COWBOYS on Discovery’s must-see Tuesdays is the 16-time Emmy® Award-winning series DEADLIEST CATCH, returning to the Bering Sea March 29 at 9 p.m. ET.

From Paperny Entertainment, COLD WATER COWBOYS follows seven captains and their crews aboard fishing boats off the coast of Newfoundland. Eager to fight the unforgiving waves to reach their weekly tallies and cash them in are returning fishermen Captain Richard Gillett aboard the Midnight Shadow; Conway and Rick Caines aboard the Seadoo; Andre and Michelle Jesso aboard the Wave on Wave; Morris Anstey aboard the Sebastian Sails; Paul Tiller aboard the Atlantic Bandit; and newcomer Rick Crane aboard his new boat, Crane’s Legacy. Throughout Season 3, the fishermen face big challenges and risks, putting it all on the line for their passions and pay days.

Last season, Discovery was the #1 entertainment specialty network during COLD WATER COWBOYS’ Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET timeslot among total viewers, adults 25-54, and adults 18-49. Viewers can revisit all eight episodes of the salty second season of COLD WATER COWBOYS on Discovery GO.

For fans looking to complement their television experience and build their very own fishing dynasty, the Cold Water Cowboys: Atlantic Empire simulation game is back and refreshed for Season 3 at Discovery.ca. Combining strategy and skill based gameplay, show characters and locations, along with a strong social media component, players control their own fishing vessels while going for broke as one of the cold water cowboys in the unforgiving North Atlantic.

There’s a new skipper in town for Season 3 – Captain Rick Crane. With every cent sunk into his new boat just Southwest in Cox’s Cove, he’s putting everything on the line to prove himself in the big leagues. Back for another season on the water, Morris Anstey is just as determined as ever, pushing his crew to their limits in Iceberg Alley before fishing the most dangerous bays on The Rock. The kings of crab and turbot, Paul Tiller and his crew attempt to give seining another shot. When winter sets in, the crew of the Atlantic Bandit fishes for urchin in the freezing North Atlantic.
On the West Coast, Conway Caines and his dad Rick start their season fishing 200 miles out to sea. Andre Jesso, his First Mate (and wife) Michelle, and their crew of greenhorns hope to make up for last year’s dismal season. Last but not least, Captain Richard Gillett is back, racing to make up ground after health issues last spring. Richard’s determined to hook his biggest score yet – two and a half million pounds of herring.


Jade Fever, Mayday and Cold Water Cowboys return to Discovery

From a media release:

Fresh on the heels of December’s “Holiday Bash” schedule filled to the brim with premiere programming, Discovery today unveiled the network’s 2016 winter schedule. Canada’s most-watched primetime entertainment specialty network rings in the New Year with an abundance of fresh hit programming, including the season premieres of ALASKAN BUSH PEOPLE (Jan. 4), RAILROAD ALASKA (Jan. 5), and MAYDAY (Jan. 15) right out of the gate, along with HOW IT’S MADE (Feb. 22), JADE FEVER (Feb. 23), and COLD WATER COWBOYS (March 8),  premiering through the winter. Also set to debut in January is a slew of new episodes from current seasons of hit series, including GOLD RUSH (Jan. 5),MOONSHINERS (Jan. 6), and ALASKA: THE LAST FRONTER (Jan. 10). Viewers can also catch up on full episodes of Discovery series live and on demand on the Discovery GO app and at Discovery.ca.

Also in January, Discovery raises a glass for a special goodbye toast to Co-Hosts Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage as they stage their final gonzo experiments during the concluding season of the perenial favourite, MYTHBUSTERS, beginningSunday, Jan. 10 at 7 p.m. ET. Additionally, Discovery’s jam-packed winter schedule also features the  previously announced “Future Tech Week” on DAILY PLANET(Jan. 4-8), followed by returning Canadian turbo favourites VEGAS RAT RODS andMEGASPEED headlining Thursday nights,beginning Jan. 7.

Discovery’s full suite of top entertainment brands also features extensive winter schedule highlights and happenings beginning Jan. 5, including:

Free Previews:

Viewers are invited for an extended stay in Animal Planet’s backyard jungle to explore the extraordinary relationship between humans and animals. Viewers are also welcome to park in Discovery Velocity’s lot – Canada’s only home for Factual Turbo programming – for all things automotive, as well as diverse travel, survival, and cultural world content. In the holiday spirit of giving, Discovery today announced a nationwide 36-day free preview from Jan. 20 – Feb. 24 of both Animal Planet andDiscovery Velocity, available to subscribers of participating television service providers.

Animal Planet winter highlights:

Animal Planet brings in the New Year with an all-star, all-adorable cast returning on Super Bowl Sunday for Animal Planet’s pup-culture phenomenon PUPPY BOWL. Viewers can expect a winning combination of terrier tackles, canine touchdowns, puppy penalties, and Fido first downs on Sunday, Feb. 7 at 3 p.m. ET/12 p.m. PT. The canine entertainment continues with live coverage of WESTMINSTER KENNEL CLUB 140TH ANNUAL DOG SHOW, Feb. 15 and 16 at 8 p.m. ET. New series 100 MILES FROM NOWHERE (Jan. 24) and AFRICA (Feb. 14), make their debut. Returning favourites ALASKA MONSTERS (Jan. 5), RUGGED JUSTICE (Jan. 5),NORTH WOODS LAW (Jan. 7), ICE LAKE REBELS (Jan. 8) premiere. TANKED(Jan. 6), REDWOOD KINGS (Jan. 6), TREEHOUSE MASTERS (Jan. 6), FINDING BIGFOOT (Jan. 7), and PIT BULLS AND PAROLEES (Jan. 8) return with all-new episodes.

Discovery Velocity winter highlights:

Discovery Velocity buckles up, leaves last year in the dust, and takes off to Scottsdale, Arizona for BARRETT-JACKSON, the world’s greatest collector car auctions, Jan. 26-31. Additional turbo programming takes a spin with all-new seasons of HOW IT’S MADE: DREAM CARS (Jan. 5), BITCHIN’ RIDES (Feb. 4), GEAR HEADS (Feb. 5), CAR FIX (Jan. 4), WHEELER DEALERS USA (Jan. 4), and new episodes of CHASING CLASSIC CARS (Jan. 4).

Investigation Discovery winter highlights:

New Year’s resolutions for 2016: less crime and more justice? Investigation Discovery’s fresh start includes new seasons of FATAL ENCOUNTERS (Jan. 5),TRUE NIGHTMARES (Jan. 9), DISAPPEARED (Jan. 13), HOUSE OF HORRORS: KIDNAPPED (Jan. 14), NIGHTMARE NEXT DOOR (Jan. 15), and new episodes of HOMICIDE HUNTER: LT. JOE KENDA (Jan. 5).

Discovery Science winter highlights:

Questioning everything in the New Year, Discovery Science dives deep into 2016 with new series ALL-AMERICAN MAKERS: WHERE ARE THEY NOW? (Jan. 4), season premieres of HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS: EXPANDED EDITION (Jan. 5), MONSTERS INSIDE ME (Jan. 22), STRIP THE CITY (Jan. 27), STRIP THE COSMOS (Feb. 15), and new episodes of HOW DO THEY DO IT? (Wednesdays) and GHOST STALKERS (Fridays).


Preview: Cold Water Cowboys sets Season 2 anchor

I had the pleasure of visiting Newfoundland during a junket for Shaun Majumder’s W Network series Majumder Manor. It was a trip I’ll never forget thanks to the rugged terrain, the food and, most importantly, the people. The days on the trip were filled with the most friendly, caring and funny folks I’ve ever met, so it’s no wonder that Cold Water Cowboys is such a joy to watch.

Returning Tuesday at 10 p.m. ET on Discovery, Season 2 of Cold Water Cowboys once again pulls up anchor and follows the captains and their crews as they take to the frigid, dangerous Atlantic in search of the big catch that will pay the bills.

It’s not easy. A harsh winter in Newfoundland has wreaked havoc on the fleet and thick pack ice threatens to chew through hulls. And yet that doesn’t stop Richard Gillett from pushing Midnight Shadow through … until he gets stuck fast. The horrible crunching of the ice against the hull set my nerves on edge and even know I figured the sinking of Midnight Shadow would have garnered some headlines here in the west, I was still nervous for the b’ys.

Styled after fellow Discovery series Deadliest Catch, Cold Water Cowboys uses a multi-purpose on-screen map to zip between boats, zooming from Midnight Shadow to Atlantic Bandit and skipper Paul Tiller, who is trying to make the money he used to renovate his boat over the winter back via crab fishing on the Grand Bank. Unlike Deadliest Catch, the crab pots used in the Atlantic are smaller than the welded steel beasts used in the Bering Sea. But nearly empty pots are the same regardless of what body of water you’re fishing and Paul comes up short out of the gate.

Other crews covered in Tuesday’s return are Conway and Rick Caines in the Seadoo; newcomers to the series are Andre and Michelle Jesso on Wave on Wave.

What sets Cold Water Cowboys apart from other shows in the genre is the setting itself. Aerial shots of green-tinged peaks, paddling polar bears and glistening icebergs are shown against a soundtrack of fiddle music. It highlights the uniqueness of Canada’s youngest province and the high entertainment value of these Cold Water Cowboys.

Cold Water Cowboys airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on Discovery.