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Home reno superstars Drew and Jonathan Scott to lead two new series and a fresh season of Celebrity IOU on HGTV Canada

From a media release:

HGTV (Warner Bros. Discovery), in partnership with Corus Entertainment, have greenlit Don’t Hate Your House with the Property Brothers (wt) with home renovation and real estate experts Drew and Jonathan Scott as they find a way to fix problematic homes for frustrated families who desperately want to love their house. The recent greenlight of Backed By The Bros (wt) will also air on HGTV Canada, which will see the Brothers offer their invaluable insight and resources to help inexperienced entrepreneurs find success with their high-stakes investment properties. The two new series and a fresh season of Celebrity IOU will be produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment with Drew and Jonathan serving as executive producers. Don’t Hate Your House with the Property Brothers is co-produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment and Corus Entertainment. All three series are slated to premiere in 2024 on HGTV Canada and STACKTV.

Multi-faceted entrepreneurs and New York Times best-selling authors Drew and Jonathan Scott are co-founders of lifestyle and entertainment company Scott Brothers Global, which includes Scott Brothers Entertainment as well as multi-category home furnishings brands Drew & Jonathan Home and Scott Living. Seasoned real estate experts and renovators, Drew and Jonathan have helped hundreds of families create happy and healthy homes.


Drew and Jonathan help Hollywood superstars in the new HGTV Canada series Celebrity IOU

From a media release:

Celebrity IOU is a new blockbuster HGTV Canada series series where Hollywood A-listers express their deep gratitude to the individuals who have had a major impact on their lives by surprising them with big, heartwarming home renovations that bring everyone to tears. The star-studded, uplifting series, premiering Monday, April 13, at 10 p.m. ET/PT, features the network’s immensely popular twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott as they help each award-winning celebrity with a special renovation. The season’s celebrity lineup includes: actor, producer and two-time Academy Awards® winner Brad Pitt; multi Academy Award® nominee and Emmy® Award winning actress, producer, fashion designer and flea market enthusiast Melissa McCarthy; OSCAR®, Emmy® Award and Tony Awards® winner Viola Davis; actress, writer, producer and fashion designer, Rebel Wilson, winner of an MTV Movie Award and a Teen Choice Award; and Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Michael Bublé, a four-time GRAMMY Award® winner. Celebrity IOU is produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment.

In each episode, the celebrities share an authentic, inside look into their personal lives and get hands-on with Drew and Jonathan to imagine a design plan and create a beautifully customized space that rewards mentors, friends and family members. Throughout the season, the brothers travel across the country to help create stunning new spaces on tight timelines. The projects include converting a detached garage into a gorgeous yet functional guest retreat, overhauling a lackluster backyard into an entertainer’s dream, and taking a condo from its outdated ‘70s style to a modern, cozy home perfect for family gatherings.Facebooktwitterredditlinkedinmail

Preview: Property Brothers: Forever Home debuts on HGTV Canada

Is there anything Drew and Jonathan Scott can’t do when it comes to renovation projects and television shows? From the original Property Brothers series, now in Season 13, to spinoffs like Property Brothers at Home: Drew’s Honeymoon House, the Scott brand means education, information and a healthy dose of humour.

Now the pair is back with another new series in Property Brothers: Forever Home. Bowing on Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV, the duo help couples who are settled into their existing home but seek a makeover to make it their forever property.

In the first of seven episodes, the lanky lads are in Las Vegas to meet Susan and Troy, who love their neighbourhood, the backyard and the home overall. But, with a third child in their midst, it’s time to update and upgrade, especially some needless ups and downs because of small steps on the main floor, a double island in the kitchen and a tiny laundry room.

The solution? Raise the entire main floor, nix the double islands for one big area and create a multi-purpose room.

While Drew focuses on manual labour, Jonathan shows Susan and Troy interior design options and inspirations. With a few swings of the sledgehammer, the job is underway. The results are, of course, stunning.

My only quibble with Property Brothers: Forever Home might be the locations they film in. I say “might” because I’ve only seen the first instalment, in Las Vegas, but I worry all of the homes featured are in the U.S. Call me a homer, but I really like to see Canadian locations featured, mainly so I can try and figure out how much it might cost to renovate my home. As I said, Episode 2 could very well be in Vancouver, Calgary or Halifax, rendering this whole paragraph pointless.

If you’re any kind of a fan of the Scotts, you’re doing to enjoy their latest creation.

Property Brothers: Forever Home airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

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The Scott Brothers go behind the camera with Reno, Set, Go!

Drew and Jonathan Scott have built themselves quite the empire thanks to television projects like Property Brothers, Buying and Selling, Brother vs. Brother and Property Brothers: At Home. Now the pair turn the cameras on another duo as they executive-produce Reno, Set, Go!

Debuting on Wednesday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada, the Scotts have cast designer Cheryl Torrenueva and contactor/model/professional clown Roger Morin as saviors who swoop in and, in just 36 hours, churn out an awesome project for a deserving family. With the Scott name attached to it, expectations were high Reno, Set, Go! would be a slick, entertaining program. But could it break free and be something truly unique from the unending feelgood renovation programs already packing lifestyle television?

In the first episode, Roger and Cheryl come to the rescue of Murray, a professional chef who’s seen his basement refuge turned into makeshift bedroom when his brother-in-law came to stay. Four months later, and Tristram is still sleeping on the couch, altering the dynamic in Murray’s home. As a thank you for letting him crash, Tristram organizes a reno of the master bedroom (Why doesn’t Tristram look for a place and move out, giving Murr the ultimate gift?), with the help of Cheryl, Roger and Murray’s wife Tamarah. What makes Reno, Set, Go! unique is that the homeowners, family members or helpers are involved not only in some of the planning, but construction too. Cheryl and Tamarah combine to make a bench for Murray and, with a small team of eager folks and 36 hours, the bedroom transformation is underway.

Cheryl and Roger are knowledgeable and charismatic, a must for a program like Reno, Set, Go! They also offer information and suggestions in an accessible way viewers can understand. There’s nary a word about struts, cantilevers and fulcrums to confuse folks. No, this isn’t an in-depth renovation series, but it is a light, enjoyable program perfect for some summer inspiration.

Reno, Set, Go! airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.Facebooktwitterredditlinkedinmail