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Holmes + Holmes teams father and son for personal project

I’ve been a fan of Mike Holmes since the first episode of Holmes on Homes aired way back in … well, it was a long time ago. Holmes Inspection, Holmes Makes It Right, I’ve seen them all at least once and often several times over. The guy has an infectious personality, unmatched knowledge of right and wrong when it comes to home building and an urge to educate and inspire others. Those traits have been carried down to his kids Amanda, Sherry and Mike Jr., who have all appeared on his series.

After renovating his father’s garage—documented for the network with a short-run series—Mike Sr. and Jr. return to HGTV Canada with Holmes + Holmes, where they turn the latter’s bachelor abode into a great place for he and his girlfriend, Lisa. Debuting Thursday at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Holmes + Holmes is as much a renovation program as it is a spotlight on the evolution of Mike Jr. as a person while in the shadow of his superstar father. Footage of Jr. back in 2004 shows a skinny teen who is more interested in playing video games than he is hefting a hammer, but he’s learned a lot in the 12 years since.

He’s learned so much so that he’s able to challenge his dad, and has the know-how to back it up, on certain things. With $50,000 devoted to the renovation, Jr. plans to spend $30,000 on rebuilding inside with the remainder spent on outside issues. But as folks who watch these programs can attest, budgets go out the window once work commences and awful secrets are revealed as walls come down. And while Jr. is thinking of a mere facelift for his place, Sr. is leaning towards a complete gutting and rebuild of the bungalow.

There is a marked change in the tone of many DIY and renovation programming from straight hands-on, nuts and bolts stuff to a lighter, character-driven model and Holmes + Holmes is certainly that. Both men have spent hundreds of hours working in TV and know their stuff when it comes to the mechanics of a job. What viewers want now is to see folks like the Holmes’ interact and show a more personal side. You certainly get that with this; much time is spent in Episode 1 as Jr. states he’s got the knowledge to complete the job on his own without help from dad, and there is plenty of good-natured ribbing between them and a barbecue challenge. And though she’s a rookie to the TV thing, Lisa has got it together, both serving as a grounding influence for Jr. and a set of fresh eyes taking in the Holmes’ renovation process for the first time.

It’s going to be a fun ride.

Holmes + Holmes airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.

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HGTV Canada hits close to home in new original series Holmes + Holmes

From a media release:

This fall, HGTV Canada is putting two Holmes under one roof as Canada’s most trusted contractor, Mike Holmes, and his son, Mike Holmes Jr. (MJ), team up in Holmes + Holmes premiering November 10 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The brand-new, Canadian original series follows the father-son duo as they work together to renovate MJ’s modest bungalow into the perfect first home for MJ and his girlfriend, Lisa. Complementary digital content at HGTV.ca offers fans some of the Holmes’ top tips for renovating and a further glimpse into their relationship in several digital short series.

Mike Holmes has helped hundreds of homeowners over the years, but now the homeowner who needs his help is his son, MJ. In Holmes + Holmes, viewers learn more about the personal lives of the Holmes men as they experience the ups and downs of their most personal renovation challenge to date. While Mike and MJ share a last name, a strong work ethic, and a desire to help others, they don’t always see eye to eye. Their different approaches provide the foundation for unexpected moments of humour and drama – though they always vow to build it right.

HGTV.ca further enriches the Holmes experience for fans with three new digital short series featuring Mike Holmes, MJ and his girlfriend, Lisa. The first digital short series includes construction and how-to tips allowing fans to learn from the pros themselves. Lisa stars in her own digital short series, Lisa’s Healing Herbs, a garden and wellness series where she explores the benefits of herbs – garlic, ginger and mint. Additional rapid-fire questions between Mike, MJ and Lisa result in hilarious, candid responses in several short-form videos. Full episodes of Holmes + Holmes will also be available at HGTV.ca after each episode airs.