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Link: Love It Or List It sued by North Carolina couple for leaving their home ‘irreparably damaged’

From Sadaf Ahsan of The National Post:

Love It Or List It sued by North Carolina couple for leaving their home ‘irreparably damaged’
Love it Or List It or lawsuit are the options today for the HGTV home renovation series that is finding itself in the middle of a legal battle with a North Carolina couple who claim the show left their house in shambles after a supposed makeover. Continue reading. 


W Network launches latest in Love It or List It franchise: Love It or List It Vacation Homes

From a media release:

W Network puts a new twist on the internationally popular Love It or List It franchise with an all-new spin-off series, Love It or List It Vacation Homes premiering Monday, May 9 at 10 p.m. ET/PT. Produced by Big Coat Productions, in association with W Network, Love It or List It Vacation Homes showcases vacation properties with unique architectural designs in Ontario and British Columbia. The series introduces designer, Dan Vickery (HGTV’s Design Star) and realtor, Elisa Goldhawke as hosts who face off against each other in an attempt to persuade vacation homeowners’ to either keep their renovated property or move to a new vacation home.

In Love It or List It Vacation Homes, the homeowners’ love affair with their vacation property has fizzled and they are faced with the dilemma of whether they should love it or list it. And so begins the rivalry between designer and realtor. It’s up to creative designer Dan, to renovate and re-design the homeowners’ current vacation property so that they will “love it” and stay. Whereas fearless realtor Elisa must pull out all the stops to find the homeowners a beautiful new vacation property that checks all the boxes on their wish list, persuading them  to “list it” and put their current property on the market.

Each episode takes viewers on an emotional roller-coaster ride, as Dan and Elisa battle it out for the homeowners’ allegiance. Dan will have to overcome the hidden surprises that come with every reno, and deliver a breathtaking transformation. Meanwhile, Elisa will have to do everything in her power to find a beautiful vacation home for clients with high expectations and zero tolerance for failure. Whether Dan has to deal with a septic tank calamity or Elisa has to track down that perfect waterfront location, each episode ends with that all important question – will they love it or list it?