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Comments and queries for the week of Aug. 29

Not sure if I am doing this correctly, but how does one apply to be on Til Debt Do Us Part? Is the show still currently running?–JS

Unfortunately, Gail Vaz-Oxlade doesn’t have any new seasons of Til Debt Do Us Part, Princess or Money Moron in the works, but when/if she does, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, you can get some guidance from her website.

I hope [TSN’s five national feeds] means the TSN Jets channel is going to merge with one of the feeds so I can finally watch more Jets games.–Alicia

Good news Alicia, you are getting your wish. A quick query to TSN and I was told that the 60-plus regional Jets games are headed to TSN3, meaning you no longer have to subscribe for that extra service.

This is somewhat of a technical question. I’ve noticed that, while recording, a few of my programs are being cut off with a minute or so to go. It seems the channels are not keeping the show run within the time slot that is set for the show’s running time.

This is problematic as, if you are recording two programs in the following hour (and your PVR only records two at time), you would need to record the following hour to get the entire program.
Have spoken to Bell (our cable provider) and it is not their doing, and they replaced our PVR, just in case that was a problem. It was not.

Is this a tactic to make it necessary for viewers to watch the programs live? Or just something they didn’t take into consideration? Glad to see you are up and running again. –Kat

Thanks Kat, we’re glad to be up and running again too! I totally get your frustration, and it’s becoming an increasingly common occurrence. You sit down to watch the show you recorded on your PVR and suddenly the last few minutes are cut off. VERY frustrating and I feel your pain.

And you are absolutely right as to why shows go over by one to several minutes: networks want you watching the end of their show live rather than the beginning of a rival network’s program. The result? PVR chaos. I have two suggestions that you can try to solve this problem. The first is to edit your recording to add a couple of minutes to your record time, something that I do. The other fix? Go back to your cable company and get a PVR that records more shows at once. Of course, that will cost you.

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