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Production Underway on Season 3 of Space’s Most-Watched Original Series, KILLJOYS

From a media release:

– Joining the cast for Season 3 are Canadian actors Kelly McCormack, Karen LeBlanc, Ted Atherton, and Prince Amponsah –
– Guest stars include Mac Fyfe, Atticus Mitchell, and Saamer Usmani –
– Filming on location in Toronto, the returning ensemble cast includes Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, Luke Macfarlane, Thom Allison, Sean Baek, and Patrick Garrow –

Space, Syfy, and Temple Street announced today that production is underway on Season 3 of their epic sci-fi adventure series KILLJOYS. Created by showrunner Michelle Lovretta (LOST GIRL), the 10-episode, one-hour Space original series sees the return of the heroic trio: Hannah John-Kamen as fierce rebel leader Dutch, Aaron Ashmore as the determined and tech-savvy John Jaqobis, and Luke MacFarlane as the steadfast and tactical D’avin Jaqobis. Set to return to Space this year in Canada and Syfy in the U.S., KILLJOYSis currently filming in Toronto.

Listed as one of “Variety’s 25 Best Returning Shows of 2016”, KILLJOYS is a hit with critics and viewers alike. Currently the most-watched original series on Space, Season 2 of KILLJOYS reached nearly 1.1 million viewers each week in its initial run.

Also returning to KILLJOYS this season are fan-favourites Thom Allison (KIM’S CONVENIENCE) as loveable bartender and former warlord Pree; Sean Baek (THE ART OF MORE) as level six Fancy; and Patrick Garrow (PURE) as senior RAC officer Turin. Joining the cast this season are Kelly McCormack (DEFIANCE) as Zeph, a new thorn in the team’s side; Karen LeBlanc (MOTIVE) as Banyon, a new high-ranking RAC official; Ted Atherton (THE EXPANSE) as Gander, lieutenant to Aneela; and Prince Amponsah (The Entertainer) as Havigan, a tough and respected owner of a hackmod bar. Guest stars this season include Saamer Usmani (REIGN) as Flik, Mac Fyfe (SAVING HOPE) as Lachlan, and Atticus Mitchell (YOUNG DRUNK PUNK) as Pippin. Additional KILLJOYS casting will be announced in the coming weeks.

In Season 3 of KILLJOYS, war looms over the J Star System. After sustaining serious personal loss, Dutch, Johnny, and D’avin prepare themselves for what lies ahead. While the trio struggles to assemble an army, a dangerous force – Aneela – heads towards them. The unhinged daughter of Dutch’s late mentor Khlyen, Aneela is hell-bent on revenge for the death of her father. The team’s toughest challenge yet, and perhaps Dutch’s only hope of stopping Aneela, includes convincing a motley gang of bounty hunters to go from believing “The Warrant is All” to “The War is All.”

Season 1 of KILLJOYS is streaming now exclusively on CraveTV™.

KILLJOYS was created by Michelle Lovretta (Lost Girl, The Secret Circle) who also serves as executive producer and showrunner. Executive producers are David Fortier, Ivan Schneeberg, and Karen Troubetzkoy. Co-Executive producers are Stefan Pleszczynski, Trish Williams, and Adam Barken. Spearheaded by Lovretta, the writing team includes Adam Barken, Julie Puckrin, Andrew DeAngelis, Niko Troubetzkoy, Julian Doucet, Ashley Park, Derek Robertson, and Vivian Lin. Lena Cordina is Producer, Andrea Boyd is Supervising Producer, and Beth Iley is Associate Producer. Directors are Paolo Barzman, Andy Mikita, Ruba Nadda, Stefan Pleszczynski, April Mullen, Samir Rehem, and Peter Stebbings. Universal Cable Productions distributes the series worldwide with the exclusion of Canada.

KILLJOYS is produced by Temple Street Productions in association with Space and Syfy. Production Executives for Bell Media are Rebecca DiPasquale and Kathleen Meek. Tom Hastings is Director, Independent Production, Bell Media. Corrie Coe is Senior Vice-President, Independent Production, Bell Media. Mike Cosentino is Senior Vice-President, CTV and Specialty. Randy Lennox is President, Broadcasting and Content, Bell Media.


Link: Interview: Killjoys‘ Tamsen McDonough talks fan experiences, playing a spaceship & being part of the MCU

From Sarah Goodwin of The Mary Sue:

Link: Interview: Killjoys‘ Tamsen McDonough talks fan experiences, playing a spaceship & being part of the MCU
“I really do love episode 206 where Lucy gets downloaded into the fembot. It was so cool cutting Lucy loose, letting her have some fun, and getting some great data… can finally smooching your crush be called ‘data’?” Continue reading.


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Killjoys Season 1, Episode 1, signed script & t-shirt

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Killjoys Season 1, Episode 1, script signed by creator Michelle Lovretta and t-shirt signed by stars Aaron Ashmore and Luke Macfarlane. Donated by Temple Street Productions.

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Link: Killjoys: Michelle Lovretta talks “How to Kill Friends and Influence People”

From Bridget Liszewski of The TV Junkies:

Link: Killjoys: Michelle Lovretta talks “How to Kill Friends and Influence People”
“Early on in my career–particularly in Canada–you weren’t really given permission to do serialization outside of romance, everything was fully episodic. Things have changed now and the fans have changed, so the industry now encourages and even expects you to do an overarching mytharc. For me, the fun of a show like Killjoys is coming up with a fresh angle or brand new section of the mytharc to explore every season, while still keeping them all related.” Continue reading.