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Review: Lost Girl’s daddy issues

Oh my, daddy dearest. Going into the midseason break of its final season, Lost Girl was pulling no punches when it came to surprises, revealing Eric Roberts as Bo’s much-dreaded and quite secretive papa. And Tamsin just might be dead, thanks to yet another godly lightning bolt—and right after mentioning she was onto her last life, too.

That is without mentioning the end of days, or “End of Faes” that’s now underway, and the god of the underworld about to walk the earth again thanks to Bo’s magic box. Or the fact that nothing itself, born out of chaos, is walking the earth in the body of an emotional dead six-year old who thinks crushing people’s hearts is how you put them to sleep.

I suppose packing all these moments into a single, cliffhanger-filled episode is why the series was so slow off the start when it came to revealing the ancients and their plans. It’s going to be quite hard to take a step back from the family drama now, and knocking out a couple of final cases of the week as an ode to the series’ roots could, in hindsight, be a nice touch. It’s not like things are going to get as light as Bo and Kenzi eating ice cream in a tricked-out hotel room anytime soon—not with Hades on his way up the elevator and into the apocalypse.

Though it’s a bit hard to suss out who the real “good” ancients are—with Zee’s parting tip to Tamsin being a mild suggestion that the top god of religions past has, true to mythology at least, played a somewhat dubious game when it comes to saving the planet. It was certainly obvious that Zee’s terrified of the prospect of her brother surfacing—but how much of that is some kind of benevolent desire to stop the apocalypse and save Bo, and how much of that is saving her own skin given what sounds like a difficult relationship (to say the least) will have to remain a reveal for the next half.

But given how Zee was relishing the prospect of slicing a glowing umbilical-cord-cum-handprint off Bo with a rusty blade, her interests are coming across as mighty suspicious, while Bo’s so-called “evil” father emerged as the fairy godmother of the catfight between the two fashion-forward ladies. Of course, playing the good god/bad god game is probably naïve in a series that has touted its lead as unaligned—it’s just as likely both Hades and Zeus have skeletons in their closet and shining moments of altruism too, but it would be a nifty twist if Bo’s father wasn’t the demon the series has made him out to be.

It might go some way to ending Bo’s introspective self-loathing, and hopefully help her start to build constructive relationships with the people around her. It says something when the love of your life assumes your latest tryst talk is intended to reinforce a status quo where Bo plays the field and Lauren acts super-chill with her syringes. Bo may have been coming to the conclusion that it’s time to boldly step into commitment—even without the knowledge that a heartbroken Tamsin was potentially killed mid-Valkyrie tears—but there was a certain satisfaction to seeing Lauren leave Bo hanging for a bit. If meeting Hades is what it takes to get Bo to finally grow up and treat the people who love her with a degree more respect, then hey, I’m all for the god of the underworld joining the above-ground party. You can only blame daddy issues for so long, and the clock is officially ticking on the fate of the world.

Lost Girl returns later this year on Showcase.

Tonight: Lost Girl, Life Story, Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Lost Girl, Showcase – “End of Faes”
Over the first half of the fifth and final season, Bo went to hell and back to try to save the people she loves, triggering an explosive chain of events. With powerful new Fae introduced, a new danger has emerged as the supernatural series’ mid-season finale airs Sunday, January 25 at 9pm ET/PT exclusively on Showcase. Season five saw Bo discover the surprising truth about her father and where she was born. As Bo and the gang investigated a Fae cult connected to a mysterious elevator crash and a series of gruesome murders, they found themselves in the eye of a storm and the midst of a blackout. Surprising connections have been forged and deep-seated secrets revealed, changing the lives of the Fae-mily irrevocably as they brace themselves for an enemy unlike any they’ve faced before.

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Review: Lost Girl goes to the gods

Of course Lost Girl would be the series to give us gender bending Greek gods, Hera and Zeus, with our mysteriously undead Kevin Brown revealing himself/herself as the devious goddess and leaving Zee as the lightning bolt-delivering god. The swap went some way towards explaining my confusion over trying to figure out how Hera was suddenly shooting lightning bolts like Zeus, but I’ll admit I’m slightly disappointed it means we have a dude kicking butt as top god on this lady power loving series.

Instead, Hera-as-Kevin Brown was relegated towards cleaning up the curious Alicia and trying (and failing) to take out Dyson. Though that does make sense if Bo’s guess about why the Ancients have suddenly returned is correct. Hera might be down with sticking up for her team, but not quite to the extent of Zeus—who might technically be Persephone’s father. Though, with the obvious sense that Lost Girl is going way off text when it comes to these fae, there’s no telling what the alliances are or who they’re really looking out for.

It’s a nice idea that the Ancients have returned to rescue Persephone—and maybe that’s why they were so interested in Bo’s “truth,” to find out how she got the candle and where Persephone is. Then again, considering they’ve killed nearly all of Lauren’s employees and devastated the city—along with an elevator of people—and finally, launched Cassie off the balcony of a skyscraper, the Ancients as good guys is a bit of a tough sell.

But if they’re that loyal to Persephone, who’s related to them, maybe they’ll turn out to be as unwilling to harm Bo—assuming they find out she’s one of them as well. Because I’m pretty sure that’s what having Hades as a father should mean. Of course, it’s not really news Bo is bandying about—keeping the list of people in the know about it to the barest of bare minimums—though rightfully opting to let Trick in on the update to what happened to his daughter after he turned her over.

I can’t help but feel like we should be seeing just a little bit more remorse from Trick as the revelations about Aife’s life come out. I understand the need to maintain balance (and that Aife’s a bit scary on a good day), but surely discovering your daughter gave birth in a cage in Tartarus warrants a bit of a pause if you were the one partially responsible. Then again, Trick’s already had to live with that decision for a long time and he did, technically, do what was right. But I’m feeling just a tiny bit of sympathy for Aife as the revelations come tumbling out.

Tamsin was in for her own set of revelations when she got succubumped to the curb by Bo. It was easy enough for us to see—even without the oracles exposing Bo’s heart’s desires—that Tamsin wouldn’t be on that list. But as a Tamsin fan (though not a shipper of the couple) it still hurt to watch her cling to any number of explanations as Bo finally stepped up to tell her the truth. I don’t agree at all with Bo’s assertion that Tamsin is confused just because they’re roommates (having managed to avoid falling in love with any number of my own), but there might be some truth to the fact that Tamsin’s feelings for Bo could be caught up in the complicated history they’ve shared. It doesn’t make breaking her heart hurt any less, though, and I wasn’t too impressed with Bo by the end of that talk.

Maybe giving the oracles one last go around finally gave us a sense of what direction all those “ships” would be “sailing” in before the end, with some kind of Dyson/Lauren/Bo triumvirate being an easy call. But while I doubt Mark’s worthiness in general, even I have to admit watching Vex cope with his attraction to Dyson’s son, of all people, was well worth it. And hey, at least it means we can rest easy in the shipping wars now.

Losing it:

  • Tamsin’s “Shit got real,” is also how I would describe this episode, now that we know what’s going on
  • “No, no, no, but yes.” Was this Vex’s redemption? Because it totally worked for me
  • “You smell good wet.” Was this not meant as an innuendo? Because if we’re talking ships here …
  • “Explains the face.” Evony, upon discovering Mark is Dyson’s son
  • Evony’s big, bad reveal was a big, bad letdown

Lost Girl airs Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on Showcase.

Tonight: Lost Girl, Heartland, Life Story, Winnipeg Comedy Festival

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