TV, eh? podcast episode 40 – A Pubcaster, a Prodco and a Docusoap Walk into a Bar …

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No interview this week but we have lots of news-like items to share. The Borgias has been renewed for a second season by US broadcaster Showtime, making it very likely Bravo will follow here in Canada. So don’t fret: we’ll see more of this slice of Canadian history on our TV screens.

CBC has announced a new dramatic series for winter 2012 called Arctic Air, and that’s pretty much all the media release says about it. Poor rich Brett Wilson wasn’t unemployed for long – he went from Dragons’ Den to Slice’s new Risky Business. Befriend and Betray airs on Showcase April 30. We slightly mock the GREAT NEWS that a Canadian writer has been hired on a Canadian show: Annmarie Morais joins Haven for the rest of season two.

Which leads Diane into a bit of a rant about the hocus pocus of CanCon, where content and the truth is spread to the breaking point.

Canadian actors want you to vote for the arts in the upcoming election. And a panel at the National Association of Broadcasters wants to predict the future of TV.

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