Poll: What are your favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015?

UPDATE: The poll has now closed. Thanks to everyone for taking part! You can still let us know your favourite Canadian TV show of 2015 by writing it in the Comments section below.

As the year winds down, it’s time to reflect back on 2015. What a year it was for Canadian TV. Yes, there was some sad news—the cancellation of Strange Empire, Remedy and Rookie Blue come immediately to mind—but there was plenty to celebrate as well.

Sci-fi in Canada is stronger than ever thanks to Orphan Black and newbies Killjoys and Dark Matter, we’re getting laughs from series like Still Standing, Sunnyside and Young Drunk Punk and dramas like This Life, The Romeo Section and Motive continue to entertain.

As we get ready to say hello to 2016, help us celebrate 2015 by voting for your favourite five (5) Canadian television shows of the year. (Vote by clicking the boxes to the left of your favourite shows, then click the shaded “Vote” button located just below and right of Young Drunk Punk.)

UPDATE: The poll has now closed. Thanks to everyone for taking part! You can still let us know your favourite Canadian TV show of 2015 by writing it in the Comments section below.

What are your five favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015?

  • Dark Matter (12%, 7,269 Votes)
  • Lost Girl (11%, 6,777 Votes)
  • Killjoys (9%, 5,766 Votes)
  • Heartland (9%, 5,384 Votes)
  • Murdoch Mysteries (4%, 2,632 Votes)
  • Orphan Black (3%, 2,147 Votes)
  • Tornado Hunters (3%, 2,080 Votes)
  • Rookie Blue (3%, 1,634 Votes)
  • When Calls the Heart (3%, 1,557 Votes)
  • Rick Mercer Report (2%, 1,486 Votes)
  • The Liquidator (2%, 1,279 Votes)
  • Schitt's Creek (2%, 1,227 Votes)
  • Vikings (2%, 1,087 Votes)
  • The Amazing Race Canada (2%, 1,053 Votes)
  • Saving Hope (2%, 1,024 Votes)
  • Property Brothers (2%, 990 Votes)
  • Bitten (2%, 976 Votes)
  • Dragons' Den (2%, 970 Votes)
  • Continuum (2%, 955 Votes)
  • Haven (1%, 791 Votes)
  • Chopped Canada (1%, 786 Votes)
  • 22 Minutes (1%, 783 Votes)
  • MasterChef Canada (1%, 738 Votes)
  • Big Brother Canada (1%, 727 Votes)
  • Highway Thru Hell (1%, 686 Votes)
  • Canada's Worst Driver (1%, 684 Votes)
  • Degrassi (1%, 608 Votes)
  • The Nature of Things (1%, 580 Votes)
  • Love It or List It franchise (1%, 573 Votes)
  • The Fifth Estate (1%, 559 Votes)
  • Motive (1%, 557 Votes)
  • House of Bryan (1%, 549 Votes)
  • X Company (1%, 520 Votes)
  • Still Standing (1%, 480 Votes)
  • Strange Empire (1%, 397 Votes)
  • Marketplace (1%, 394 Votes)
  • This Life (1%, 394 Votes)
  • Hockey Wives (1%, 340 Votes)
  • Backroad Bounty (1%, 321 Votes)
  • 19-2 (1%, 311 Votes)
  • Remedy (0%, 266 Votes)
  • Mr. D (0%, 265 Votes)
  • Blackstone (0%, 262 Votes)
  • Polar Bear Town (0%, 252 Votes)
  • Ice Racer Showdown (0%, 214 Votes)
  • Young Drunk Punk (0%, 207 Votes)
  • Canada's Smartest Person (0%, 198 Votes)
  • Sunnyside (0%, 193 Votes)
  • The Next Step (0%, 174 Votes)
  • Mohawk Girls (0%, 170 Votes)
  • Wild Things with Dominic Monaghan (0%, 128 Votes)
  • Keeping Canada Alive (0%, 120 Votes)
  • The Other Side (0%, 113 Votes)
  • Chef in Your Ear (0%, 104 Votes)
  • The Romeo Section (0%, 99 Votes)
  • Blood and Water (0%, 93 Votes)
  • The Stanley Dynamic (0%, 88 Votes)
  • Make it Pop (0%, 81 Votes)
  • First Dates (0%, 68 Votes)
  • Unusually Thicke (0%, 67 Votes)
  • Open Heart (0%, 65 Votes)
  • Spun Out (0%, 58 Votes)
  • Sensitive Skin (0%, 47 Votes)
  • Max & Shred (0%, 42 Votes)
  • Some Assembly Required (0%, 30 Votes)
  • Crash Gallery (0%, 24 Votes)
  • Tiny Plastic Men (0%, 20 Votes)

Total Voters: 27,337

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188 thoughts on “Poll: What are your favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015?”

    1. How in god’s name is Schitts Creek on par with Vikings? (both 4%) One is completely horrible and one is excellent. Take another POLL!!!!!

    2. Love- Open Heart show, Rookie Blue! Orphan Black!
      Great scripts! Great production and great acting!
      Thanks CB TV!

  1. Love, Love, Love Murdoch Mysteries, then Still Standing always makes me laugh. The other 3 I like but not as much as these 2.

  2. It was hard to pick 5 – I wanted to pick Love It or List It and Dragon’s Den and a few more. So many good Canadian shows…

  3. No contest…Murdoch will always be number one……….. and… House of Brian. is good too……

    1. How can when calls the heart be considered a Canadian show when an American directs it? I like the show but i think it been better if some Canadian directed it.

      1. I Love When Calls the Heart and “Canadian”is all through the credits as well as American ! Filmed an hour outside of Vancouver. I notice some of the same tech people as on Heartland, I think.
        Another GREAT show that provide so many JOBS! and great entertainment.

      2. Although there have been some American Directors, quite a few episode directors are Canadian… Anne Wheeler, Mike Rohl, Mark Wood to name a few.

      3. A lot of the cast are Canadians. It’s filmed in Vancouver so I imagine that is partly the reason for being called Canadian. The series brings an enormous amount of jobs and adds to the Canadian economy. Yet I believe mostly paid for by American business. Could you say the same for all the network shows you watch that are directed by Canadian directors and filmed in the U.S.? Shows that are made in the U.S. and again still have Canadian actors which the U.S. doesn’t have citizen quotas in order to film like Canada has.

        1. Thank You for clearing that question I had heard that their was some requirements for Canadian content this is a wonderful series I hope they can gain enough viewer so we can squeeze out some of the other junk they like to force down the tubes to us❤️👍👏😉

  4. I had a really difficult time picking just 5 but my choices were Orphan Black, Vikings, Rookie Blue, Remedy and X Company. The next 5 after those would be Degrassi, When Calls the Heart, Bitten, Mohawk Girls and Still Standing.

  5. Never mind, as soon as I commented, the check boxes popped up. Still including The Next Step for my super-fan daughter.

  6. Let me just say, it was difficult to choose only 5. Murdoch Mysteries was number 1 on my list but there were so many others that I enjoyed watching that I could have chosen, in addition to the 5.

  7. Schitt’s Creek BY FAR! This is one of the funniest shows that actually has me laughing out loud… even when I think about it days later. The characters are bang-on!

    1. I would always vote Murdoch Mysteries as number 1. Then Motive. Good Canadian actors as Don Cherry would say!

      X Company has a season 2 but won’t be aired until 2016….not soon enough I say!!!

  8. Lots of really good shows but for me its Murdoch Mysteries – live in the UK and only a recent devotee but it is such an excellent show – fab characters, brill story lines, great costumes and the scenery is lovely. Thank you for making such a great show.

  9. Hi there – thanks for putting this together but why isn’t Max & Shred on the list (produced by Breakthrough for YTV)

  10. My pick.. Motive . It has a different twist..has the viewer involved in solving the mystery. Great cast!

      1. Heartland is definitely one of the best shows! Love watching it every Sunday night ☺️

  11. It was hard to find five that I watch and really like aside from Heartland and Rick Mercer.

  12. Heartland has something for everyone in your family i cant even come close to comparing it too any other show on tv. Nothing on air keeps you coming back as Heartland!!

  13. Heartland is clearly my No. 1 television program of all time. It is wholesome and a great and badly needed “family” show.

  14. HEARTLAND!!!!! All the way number One. Great cast, story an location settings. Only problem, not shown live in the U.S. Found it in June, watched season 1-6 on Netflix, bought 7, recently bought 8 and almost finished with it. Have to wait until next Oct. for season 9. Totally unfair.

  15. The liquidator all the way. The liquidator is one of the most entertaining shows out there, so funny, you gotta watch it, you won’t be disappointed

  16. How in blazes is 19-2 not anywhere near the Top 10??? Inconceivable!
    I also picked Bitten, Schitt’s Creek, Continuum & Amazing Race Canada.
    I don’t have Space anymore, so I haven’t been able to see Dark Matter or Killjoys yet. I was hoping CTV would re-air them like they did with Orphan Black & Bitten, but it was not to be.
    I see a lot of love for Murdoch Mysteries & Heartland here, two series I’ve never watched. Maybe someday…

  17. When Calls the Heart on Hallmark is the best show! Hearties love it. Thanks Hallmark Channel and sponsors.

  18. I found it interesting that of MY 5 choices, only ONE has not been canceled, “Orphan Black”. And the one I’m sorriest to see won’t be coming back is “Strange Empire”. I had never even HEARD of it, just stumbled across it on Netflix, and both my husband and I LOVED it, so much so that we have recommended it to several other people. My husband usually has a short attention span when it comes to the shows I watch, but that one caught AND kept his interest. I saw that it got very few of the votes, which I feel goes along with that it wasn’t ever fully advertised, so I would recommend that if you have a chance, catch the first season on Netflix, as they are pretty satisfying as a whole story, with just a bit of a cliff hanger.

  19. Chopped Canada and Masterchef!!! Heartland and Murdoch mysteries are the worst shows I’ve ever seen in my life. I puke when they come on. They give Canada a bad name hahah

  20. Love Heartland. Dynamics between Stephen and Georgie are what makes the show for the future.

  21. I vote for heartland it is the best TV show on TV love heartland good characters as well good country people Thanks

  22. If I could put #6, Romeo Section would be my choice. Why aren’t more people watching this amazing show. It is an adult thriller with great acting and plotting.

  23. Love Blackstone. Then my reality shows Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother Canada, Chopped Canada and Masterchef Canada.

  24. Heartland is my favorite show. I’ve watched all seasons and the current one. My daughter and granddaughter went to meet the cast members here in B.C. When they were doing a fund raiser. They didn’t just go to one but to two of them.

  25. Heartland is the one and only show on TV as far as I’m concerned, the cast are the best and it’s the only decent family there is, by family I mean even young children, so please bring it back to USA, THANK YOU

  26. I just love heartland i could watch it all day. Wish I had all the season of heartland. Wish I could meet them all. I really sick, i know i will never meet them. But I love you all. Tricia from Thomasville N.C.

  27. Where’s “Helix” then? I know they’re not renewing it, but they aren’t renewing “Blackstone” or “Haven” either.

  28. I love Saving Hope. One of the best shows on TV. I hope it is going to be renewed for Season 5.

  29. I love Murdoch Mysteries, Saving Hope, Motive, Still Standing and Rookie Blue as my top five. I am surprised to hear Rookie Blue got cancelled. That’s too bad.

  30. Tornado Hunters is awesome! Local guys, not professional actors, making a fantastic storm-chasing show! Go Tornado Hunters!

  31. “When Calls the Heart” tv series…has THE best cast, crew, writers, directors, makeup artists, costuming, set designs, and score… #hearties

  32. No question about it, “Tornado Hunters” is my number one choice as the best 2015 Canadian TV show. I’ll give “The Fifth Estate” a close second place, and for options 3, 4, and 5, I will list “The Rick Mercer Report”, “Dark Matter”, and “This Life”, accordingly.

  33. Heart land has been my favorite since I first saw it . I do really like Highway Thru Hell and find it really interesting and even though this one is not on the list . I love the Curse of Oak Island.

  34. I love Heartland. Please vote for Heartland. It is AMAZING. Nothing can beat it. From the UK

  35. When Calls the Heart is an amazing heartwarming family show. It’s like seeing the characters of a favorite book come to life … Only better! Love Erin Krakow & Dan Lissing in the title roles. Thank you, Hallmark!

  36. I vote Heartland. Ty and Amy are the best actor/actress ever. I love heartland. It’s so imspriring Amy has the best outlook on life. She’s so strong and has great will power to do what she does

  37. Heartland is by far the best drama on television, but I cannot vote because I live in the US.

  38. Heartland is the only show that has ever been able to hook me. Usually, shows are take it or leave it with me, but I love love love Heartland =)
    <3 <3 <3 Heartland = Best Show Ever <3 <3 <3

  39. Heartland is the Current #1 show. Touched by an Angel is probably my all time favorite, but I guess it’s not Canadian.

  40. When Calls The Heart is a refreshing change from many of the shows. The Actors,Directors and crew are extremely talented and provide so much employment to our local economy. Would live to see this series picked up on our local station in vancouver.
    The new show Romeo Section is great too. Love the actors that were in Intelligence.

  41. HEARTLAND is such a wonderful family show! We’ve enjoyed every episode together since it started, and it’s by far MY all-time favorite.

  42. My favorite Canadian show is and has been Heartland since it’s first appearance. It’s a wholesome family oriented program in which all is not perfect. There are good lessons in values to be learned and each character becomes more and more endearing as the shows rolls on. Eight seasons says it’s great.

  43. The top four tv shows I have really enjoyed are definitely…
    1. When Calls The Heart
    2. Heartland
    3. Motive
    4. Tornado Hunters

    Everyone keep on enjoying the great television series and enjoy the new series coming in 2016.

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