Comments and queries for the week of February 5

CBC’s Hello Goodbye tells our stories via Canada’s busiest airport

Best show ever. Why not an hour long? I have travelled all my life and always got emotional when seeing other people saying hello and goodbye at airports. No dry eyes here! —Rick

Canadian TV series Hard Rock Medical to set up in North Bay

I’ve been dying of curiosity after what’s his name rode off on his (borrowed) motorcycle. North Bay, eh? My wife is from North Bay. Cool! —Steve

Great news! I was surprised to see it was renewed. I really like the show. —Alicia O

Review: Schitt’s Creek – How the mighty have fallen

I did feel a bit of that with the first two episodes, but I thought episode three was back to Season 1 standards. But even when I’m not laughing out loud I have an appreciation for the actors and the writers. They’re talented. —Kathleen

Oy. After the third episode, I’m still disappointed. I haven’t laughed once all season. I really wanted to find something to appreciate, but it just didn’t happen. And I loved Season 1. Something is just off this time. —Charis


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