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CBC Music provides the soundtrack to your favourite shows

Sometimes it’s not only the visuals and storylines that make a television series great. The right music can really make a scene shine. The CBC knows what makes a good show, and with that in mind, have created playlists for numerous primetime programs on their platform to connect us with the series and characters we love. Even if some of the shows are have come to an end, CBC Music wants you to keep the sweet memories and enjoy your favourite series through the music. Here a just a sample of the sweet playlists CBC Music has put together to accompany your faves.

The TV Show: Heartland

Key songs on the playlist: Matthew Barber, Distant Cousins, Ben Rector, Royal Wood

The mood: Heartland is full of heartwarming family moments. And the music is part of what makes it so special. This soundtrack is warm and sensitive. It is perfect for a family ride to the park or beach. Or even for a small family gathering in the backyard.

The TV Show: Frankie Drake Mysteries

Key songs on the playlist: Alabama Red Peppers, Louis Armstrong & His Hot Seven, Read and Miff’s Stompers

The mood: Whether you’re cooking dinner or gathering for a family game night, this soundtrack is what you’re searching for. Light but full of harmony, jazz makes the mood bright. You won’t even notice how your body starts moving to the rhythm.

The TV Show: Burden of Truth

Key songs on the playlist: The Barr Brothers, Andreya Triana, Adam Baldwin

The mood:  You want to be as confident as Joanna Hanley? This music is gonna make you work hard. Perfect for your brain, but relaxing at the same time. Make your studying and working more enjoyable with The Weather Station or Etiquette.

The TV Show: Hello Goodbye

Key songs on the playlist: Stephanie Rainey, Andrew Simple, Samantha Watt

The mood: Hello Goodbye makes you cry with happiness. It is what brings you pleasure and lets you discover incredible stories. The music is great for a date or just a quiet night with yourself, to understand and remember how family, friends and your loved ones are important.

The TV Show: Workin’ Moms

Key songs on the playlist: The Black Eyed Peas, Kelis, She-Devils

The mood: Girl’s night out? You definitely know what songs you need to have on your playlist! Something like “Love Fool” by Tanika Charles will make that girly atmosphere. A few glasses of wine, a little talk, the most important people and energetic music.

 The TV Show: Caught

Key songs on the playlist: Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foreigner, The Rolling Stones

The mood: Caught is a story about drug dealers and prison breakers set to the perfect 70s soundtrack. Whether you’re going on a long trip or just want to survive in the morning traffic jams, the smashing hits from your favourite bands are gonna rock you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a 70s child or a freshman to the exciting world of free and unlimited self-expression, hits like “Tumbling Dice” by The Rolling Stones, “Crazy on You” by Heart and “Up Around the Bend” by Creedence Clearwater Revival will make you scream and sing along.




CBC’s Hello Goodbye makes an emotional return

Anyone who has said goodbye to a loved one before they embark on a trip knows the emotions involved. It happened earlier this year to me when my youngest stepson left on a four-month backpacking adventure in Europe. There was a lump in my throat as I watched him go through security at Toronto Pearson International Airport, knowing he was going away and it wouldn’t be summer until he returned home.

Back for Season 2 on Friday at 8:30 p.m. on CBC, emotions as folks leave and arrive at Pearson are captured by cameras on Hello Goodbye. Host Dale Curd is back too, weaving his way up to people in the Arrivals and Departure areas and getting the personal stories surrounding why they’re there. I don’t recall Season 1 of Hello Goodbye theming its episodes, so apologies to the producers if they did. Friday’s instalment, “Lost & Found,” as Curd says, focuses on empty holes in lives being filled by those they hold dear to them.

The half hour begins with Curd stopping to chat with a man and woman named Linda. He’s her dad and she’s returning to the UK. The catch? Linda is concluding a visit to Canada where she’d met her father for the first time. At 15, the man who’d brought her up as his daughter revealed the truth. After keeping quiet about it for decades, Linda finally asked who her real father was, and sought him out. At Curd’s prompting, viewers learn dad was in the British army in Glasgow and returned to Canada, not knowing he was leaving a future daughter behind. The story gets even more interesting from there, but I’ll let viewers find that out for themselves.

I remain amazed that total strangers are willing to open up to Curd. But, as he told me in January when Season 1 launched, “I just let the conversation unfold. If I opened up the space just to allow them to share and let the conversation build naturally and ask natural questions, they wanted to tell me more.”

That’s certainly the case of the next person Curd speaks to, a young woman waiting for her fiancé to arrive from France. During their chat, she reveals how long she’s been in a wheelchair, the circumstances surrounding the incident and how the home she grew up feeling comfortable become a foreign space after her accident.

It’s an emotional episode, but then saying hello or goodbye to someone you care about it like that, isn’t it?

Hello Goodbye airs Fridays at 8:30 p.m. on CBC.


Comments and queries for the week of February 5

CBC’s Hello Goodbye tells our stories via Canada’s busiest airport

Best show ever. Why not an hour long? I have travelled all my life and always got emotional when seeing other people saying hello and goodbye at airports. No dry eyes here! —Rick

Canadian TV series Hard Rock Medical to set up in North Bay

I’ve been dying of curiosity after what’s his name rode off on his (borrowed) motorcycle. North Bay, eh? My wife is from North Bay. Cool! —Steve

Great news! I was surprised to see it was renewed. I really like the show. —Alicia O

Review: Schitt’s Creek – How the mighty have fallen

I did feel a bit of that with the first two episodes, but I thought episode three was back to Season 1 standards. But even when I’m not laughing out loud I have an appreciation for the actors and the writers. They’re talented. —Kathleen

Oy. After the third episode, I’m still disappointed. I haven’t laughed once all season. I really wanted to find something to appreciate, but it just didn’t happen. And I loved Season 1. Something is just off this time. —Charis


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Link: Dale Curd probes for non-flighty emotion in airport-set series ‘Hello Goodbye’

From Bill Harris of Postmedia Network:

Dale Curd probes for non-flighty emotion in airport-set series ‘Hello Goodbye’
Imagine you’re standing at the airport and this guy wanders up and wants to know intimate details of your life. You might call security, right?

Well, it probably says something about me psychologically that my reaction to the new CBC series Hello Goodbye changed somewhat when I learned more about the host. Continue reading.


Link: Hello Goodbye unveils realities about power of love, affection

From John Doyle of The Globe and Mail:

Hello Goodbye unveils realities about power of love, affection
Hello Goodbye (CBC, Friday, 8:30 p.m.) is a delightful new reality series anchored in that truth. Simply done, it documents people arriving and leaving at Pearson International Airport in Toronto and lets them tell their stories. It’s about love and pain and hope and the whole damn thing, but mostly about people loving each other. It’s funny, at times deeply moving and a must-see. Continue reading.