T+E’s Haunted Case Files scares up spooky tales

Haunted Case Files is the supernatural investigation series I’ve been waiting for. Thankfully, T+E and Our House Media have brought it to the me. Listen, I like those other paranormal shows recounting the spooky experiences witnessed by everyday folks, but there’s always something missing because these people don’t deal with this stuff every day. The people starring in Haunted Case Files? Experts.

Debuting Saturday on the specialty channel—and a spinoff of Paranormal Survivor—Haunted Case Files tells the personal stories of real-life ghostbusters. Episode 1 begins in Lansing, Mich., in 2011, as homeowner Agnes and her family are terrorized by an unseen force that escalates from footsteps and phantom voices to eggs being thrown around. Enter paranormal expert Karlo Zuzic and his 300-plus investigations, whose research reveals Agnes’ son, Gary, took his own life years before. Was Gary the one responsible for the antics in his mother’s home on the anniversary of his death?

Thanks to excellent recreations and eyewitness testimony, Haunted Case Files has an air of authenticity missing from shows like Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures, two programs that use jerky camera work and post-production antics to ramp up the drama, resulting in frustratingly anemic evidence of the paranormal. That’s not the case with Haunted Case Files; a crystal-clear recording of a voice saying “Gary” can be heard on Karlo’s recording made during the house inspection.

The second story, involving the ghost of an axe murderer in Villisca, Iowa, is equally interesting. The murders of eight people are recalled over 100 years later when investigator Alan Tolf and his daughter, Anna, approach the home where six of deaths took place and capture compelling photographic evidence that they’re not alone. Then the Tolfs venture inside…

The result? A dramatic, sometimes downright scary series that goes a long way to convincing me spirits are around us.

Haunted Case Files airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on T+E.


2 thoughts on “T+E’s Haunted Case Files scares up spooky tales”

  1. Unfortunately we won’t be able to see the Series Premiere in the US for a few more weeks, it’s both exciting and a relief to read your thoughts about Episode 1.
    Anna and I shared five of our most compelling investigations complied over the last six years of Investigating some of the most Haunted Locations in the USA. Villisca is certainly an experience we will not forget, it is good to know through our stories you felt some of the anxiety and fear this location, as well as the others, experienced by each of us.
    We are a bit biased when it comes to the content and the impact our stories have with the viewers. It is good to read such a positive recap.
    In closing, we can attest to the fact that ALL of what you Hear and See is real, experienced by each of Us, (The Paranormal Investigators Squad). We love what we do, we continue to Seek the Truth. One location at a time! Thanks for a Great Reveiw!! Regards,

    Alan and Anna Tolf, PoppaNana Paranormal Investigations, Michigan USA

  2. It’s pretty bad. Probably the worst of them all. Laughable and stupid.
    Hopefully it’s off the schedule soon.
    Especially the Toff pair with the girls grating way of not pronouncing the T in the middle of words makes them sound especially ridiculous. The earnestness with which they report their findings makes it even more ludicrous.
    If you want to present evidence, here’s a hint, present actual evidence not murky sort of vague impressions.
    If that is all it takes to convince anyone, these so called experts, then I have a bridge to sell you.
    With any luck it’ll be cancelled. And soon. The proliferation of people making paranormal shows and putting themselves forth as experts is dubious at best.
    The father and daughter are just not anywhere near believable. I’ll avoid this show like the plague.

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