Killjoys’ Hannah John-Kamen details Dutch’s Season 2

“More challenges, more questions to be answered, more characters. Some questions answered. Bigger, more action. Romance. Explosions!” That’s Hannah John-Kamen’s description of Season 2 of Killjoys. And if what happened in Episode 1 is any indication, she wasn’t kidding.

We’ve already gotten indications, through “Dutch and the Real Girl,” that Khylen’s actions are a reaction to a larger story, something John-Kamen outlined when we spoke last January from the set of the Space and Syfy drama.

We’re talking on the set of Season 2 while you’re in the midst of production. Do you feel like you’re hitting your stride at this point?
Hannah John-Kamen: To be honest, when we came back for Season 2 it felt like we’d never left. We really, really picked up where we left off. We were in our stride straight away.

The Old Town set this season is incredible. As an actor, it’s just another layer to help you get into this character, isn’t it?
One of the most exciting parts is when you see, in the script, that we’re going to be in a whole new world. And then to see the sets is so exciting.

Was it a bit of a learning curve for you, coming into a genre that is so beloved and has a built-in audience?
I remember when the only thing that was out while we were shooting Season 1 was a picture and a small synopsis of the show. But then we did the Fan Expo here in Canada and in the back of my mind I wondered if we were going to have any fans because there was so little information about the show. And then we went through the room and it was packed full of fans already. I remember the questions they asked the panel were so amazing and in sync and intellectual about the show. The questions about The Quad, about Leith, Westerley and the politics. It was nice to have a built-in audience, but it’s also nice to have a new audience. This show has action, drama, romance, comedy … everything that appeals to an audience.

Dutch had quite the journey last season. Khylen, the fight with D’Avin … she’s gone through a lot. Will Khylen be a big part of her storyline in Season 2?
Yes. It’s unfinished business. When we left Episode 10 in Season 1, there are so many more questions to be answered. It’s bigger than just Dutch and Khylen now. Now it’s expanding. The relationship with Khylen isn’t just about Dutch anymore, it’s everyone in The Quad now. It’s another journey.

Killjoys images courtesy of Space

Dutch has got to be pretty pissed off at this point. It’s one thing for Khylen to come after her, but now he’s targeting D’Avin and Johnny.
But not everything is black and white, especially with Khylen. It could be being done for the greater good; there is a reason why he’s doing the things he’s doing.

It’s so much fun to hate him. Rob Stewart plays him so well.
He’s a lovable rogue! It’s fun to hate him, but at the same time there is such a love for Yala, the little girl that he saved, and we still don’t know why he saved her. He’s protecting Dutch, always has and always will.

I know that we will be visiting more of Dutch’s Yala phase. I’d love to explore the first time that Dutch and Johnny met, with her in a bloody wedding dress.

Did you have any questions for Michelle Lovretta between Season 1 and 2?
Michelle is so amazing and open to a knock on the door and talking about the arc and in general what’s going to happen. I don’t know details about each episode because those can always change.

Talk about Dutch’s wardrobe. Pretty kick-ass.
Are you kidding?! I love the wardrobe. It’s so gorgeous. The wardrobe is so important. The material, the leather, it’s harsh but sexy. And then, when I go undercover, the wardrobe is elegant but with the Dutch twist on it. Honestly, it really does make the character.

What’s your elevator pitch that summarizes Season 2?
More challenges, more questions to be answered, more characters. Some questions answered. Bigger, more action. Romance. Explosions!

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space.