Killjoys: The Mess with Mossipedes

Star Trek had its legendary episode, “The Trouble with Tribbles.” Killjoys most notable Season 2 instalment so far may very well be Friday’s newest, “Shaft,” which I’ve dubbed “The Mess with Mossipedes.” Dutch, Johnny and D’Avin’s latest mission—to retrieve three fellow killjoys who’d gone missing in the Badlands—approached an explanation about Level 6, a shot across Liam Jelco’s bow and things Johnny described as looking “like an angry vagina.”

Dark and oh-so claustrophobic, “Shaft” found our trio—along with Alvis—in an abandoned mine shaft seeking three hunters who’d made an evacuation request that never made it to the RAC because Khlyen nixed the transmission. I’ve become a major fan of Turin (played by Patrick Garrow), so I’m loving the fact he’s teamed with our team. Can he be trusted? Maybe not in the long run, but he clearly isn’t a fan of Khlyen, so for the short-term everyone is on the same page.


The theme of mistrust was front and centre thanks to the mossipedes, whose gooey guts caused hallucinations first for the missing killjoys and then for Dutch, who imagined Khlyen was there, goading her and convincing her she was Level 6. The fact the hallucinogens were strong enough to cause Dutch to stab herself in the stomach was evidence of its true power. Is that really the stuff Fancy has coursing through his veins? It certainly appears so, especially since D’Avin rejected the goo and was able to turn the advancing hordes away just by gesturing at them.

Aside from the main story, Pawter and Alvis got some major screen time as well: the former outwitting Liam Jelco and escaping (only to be knocked unconscious as she approached Old Town), and the latter discovering part of the Scarback lore and rekindling his faith. I’m looking forward to Alvis’ journey this season; I was instantly intrigued by him last year and wanted to know more. Clearly we’re going to get more info moving forward; he found the monk and decrypted the runes, revealing one monk did return from battling the devil.

Is Alvis the next monk to wage war? And is Khlyen the devil?

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space.