Killjoys doles out heartbreak heading into season finale

This week’s new episode of Killjoys may be “Johnny Be Good,” but Johnny is anything but good heading into Friday night. Last week, Kendry instructed Jelco to activate the wall, dosing everyone with the feel-goods, poisoning the rations and framing Johnny and Pawter for murder. With Friday’s instalment standing between us and the season finale, a lot of stuff went down. And not everyone made it out unscathed.

Here’s what Space supplied as an episode synopsis:

Dutch and Johnny are at odds when Pawter’s plans to free Old Town from Jelco’s control results in Dutch being seized by an angry mob.

And here’s what we can tell you after watching the episode, written by Adam Barken, in advance:

Dutch and Pawter have a heart-to-heart
The two ladies discuss lying, men and people in power. It’s not a nice conversation, but it is necessary, what with Johnny keeping his secret plans from his Killjoys partner and all.


D’Avin and Johnny vs. the computer
Every episode offers laughs from the Jaqobis brothers, and “Johnny Be Good,” is no different. Their back-and-forth with a company computer is snort-worthy.

Dutch is in deep
Cut off from Johnny and D’Avin, Dutch can still talk tough, but she’s in real danger. It’s a predicament we’re not used to seeing Dutch in, and it’s darned scary.

Dutch and Johnny have a heart to heart
We’re not giving it away, but their quiet scene is stunning in its emotion, with feelings laid bare.

Return of the plasma
Yup, the green goo is back, and turns up in a very unexpected place.

Killjoys‘ season finale airs Friday, Sept. 2, at 9 p.m. ET on Space.