Bachelorette Canada gets jammin’ in Jamaica

The second episode in this dating franchise is one of the most entertaining. The gowns and suits are gone, and the need to act out in a crowd—for the most part—has given way to focusing on the person looking for a relationship.

So it was with The Bachelorette Canada, as Jasmine and her suitors stripped off their finery and headed to Ocho Rio, Jamaica, in a bid to not only foster some relationships but show off their beach bods. Usain Bolt was not involved in Tuesday’s episode, but I did spot something I need to add to my daily routine pronto: being handed a hot towel upon my arrival home to freshen up. It’s so refined.

Kevin, over his raging bout of stomach flu and still carrying that damned ekuele, was ready to connect with Jasmine and Wale spouted off a bunch of clichés to express how excited he was to be at the Sandals resort. But it wasn’t all fun and games and drinks by the pool. Party crasher Noah Cappe had serious business to attend to: delivering the first date information of the budding season. (While we’re by the pool, does anyone know why Mikhel has a nipple ring? I don’t have a problem with it, I’m just curious.) First solo date went to Thomas, a.k.a. Sexual Tongue; he and his man bun were thrilled to score some alone time with Jasmine. After tooling around the grounds in an ATV, the pair let their hair down (he, literally, and she into a bikini) for a beach picnic. Thomas’ near-death experience turned modelling career was enough to get Jasmine enthusiastic about what the future holds and he snagged a rose. (The rose, stuck to his muscle shirt, cracked me up for some reason.)

Meanwhile, back at the resort, Chris described the rift between two groups of men. On one side was Drew (the supposed bully of this season and guy who is there “for the wrong reasons”) and the Toronto party guys, and on the other Chris and the sensitive out-of-towners. According to Drew, you have to have balls to live in Toronto, and guys like Chris just don’t have them. (I’m not sure why Drew thinks living in Toronto equals having guts. It’s not like New York City of the 1970s here. Since when did living in a clean, metropolitan city equal being tough?) After calling Chris a dork to the Toronto guys, Drew then head-faked the inventor into thinking he’d been selected for a one-on-one date with Jasmine. Jerk.


Instead, it was a group date where Drew and Chris would be competing for personal time alongside other guys. After arriving at Tuff Gong Recording Studios, where Bob Marley used to record and inhaling some of the history (pot), the fellows were divided into two groups to write a reggae song for Jasmine. Seth was stressed, Chris was excited and Jasmine had eyes for Seth and his “Trudeau hair.” The Jaz-men, consisting of Chris, Seth, Kyle and Kevin P. were victorious (when can I download their song from iTunes?) and snagged personal time with Jasmine. Chris was the first to make a move, grabbing Jasmine and pulling her onto the dance floor, but it was Seth that made the first move by kissing her. Sadly, his tongue and teeth kept getting in the way. Kevin P. showed up and witnessed their liplock but to his credit shook it off and asked Jasmine why she was there and what she was looking for. That netted him a rose.

Andrew, Mikhel, JP, Wale and Kevin, meanwhile, landed the episode’s second group date and it was an intensely physical affair. Sand, wrestling and trying to win precious moments with Jasmine meant these dudes were all business. High school wrestling served JP well and he triumphed over Captain Canada, Kevin W. for extra time with the bachelorette. An impromptu game of Truth or Dare revealed the following: Mikhel has had his heart broken and vowed never to let it happen again and Kevin W. has been cheated on but has never cheated. Kevin W. and Jasmine both traded stories of their personal lives; I think he should have held her hand, but that’s just me. Regardless, he was given a rose.

By the end of the rose ceremony, the guys who were sticking around alongside the Kevins and Thomas were Mikhel, Benoit, Kyle, Andrew, David, Drew, JP, Scott, Mike and Chris. That left Seth and Wale on the outs, and exiting the series.

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The Bachelorette Canada airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on W Network.

Images courtesy of Corus.