X Company 303: Intrigue and hope colour “One for the Moon”

Last week, the team avoided disaster when Sabine (Livia Matthes) sided with Faber (Torben Liebrecht) and chose not to out her husband’s double-agent status to her father (Morten Suurballe). In this week’s new episode, “One for the Moon,” Sinclair’s (Hugh Dillon) prized asset is again threatened after Faber is transferred to Poland. Meanwhile, the spies attempt to get Rigaud’s (Milo Twomey) message of hope out before all of France is occupied by the Nazis.

Here is our preview.

New shades of Sinclair
Expect to see the team’s fearless leader in a new light as he tries to keep Faber on board and make plans to stop Operation Marigold.

“We wanted to see a side of his character that we hadn’t seen before,” says Daniel Godwin, who penned the episode. “The cost of war is really starting to wear on him.”

Faber under pressure
When he receives new orders from his father-in-law, Faber feels caught between his obligations to the Party and his new deal with Sinclair.

“The other thing we wanted to do with this episode, in particular, was to see Faber’s relationship with the team move a little more onto shaky ground because he’s feeling undermined by their actions at the party involving Sabine,” Godwin teases.

Neil and Harry to the rescue
Neil and Harry come up with an ingenious plan to help spread Rigaud’s message to the people of France.

Alfora forecast
Cloudy with a chance of heartbreak.

X Company airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on CBC.

Image courtesy of CBC.