Comments and queries for the week of March 3

Loving Cardinal

Great writing, character development, filming, acting and setting, looking forward to next season. —Whatever

Really good show. Glad it’s being renewed. —April

Great show, would love more. —Alexandria

Not crazy about the torture, but the rest of the show is quite brilliant. How about a shout out to the fantastic music by Todor Kobakov that builds the suspense and sets the tone? Yes the snow, in the fields, or piled by the side of the road, is like another character. —Kerry

This is a great series! Started watching last night and continued today. Can’t wait for the finale. Wonderful acting by main characters—subtle—nothing over the top. Real as is the sets. Am rooting for John and want for everyone to love and appreciate his talents, including Delorme. More people should be commenting on this series! —Judy

More Lovecraft on Murdoch Mysteries

“Master Lovecraft” was well cast, played by Tyler East. He has an interesting face and played the deadpan quirkiness to subtle humour. Hope to see his character again! —LR


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