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Timber Kings returns for heavenly Season 4 on HGTV Canada

If money was no object, I’d get the men and women of Pioneer Log Homes to build me a house. There’s something about the warm, inviting and rustic homes they create that gets me jazzed. They’re also stunning works of art. I’m betting I’m not the only folks who have this dream, judging from the popularity of Timber Kings.

Returning for Season 4 on HGTV, Sunday’s premiere is a two-parter beginning at 9 p.m. ET/PT—Timber Kings moves to its regular timeslot next week—that begins with an instalment entitled “Heaven’s Gate.” Of course, building heavenly projects involves a lot of hellish conditions and this is no exception. This season of the show features international build locations in Germany and Scotland, but things kick off not too far from Pioneer’s headquarters in Williams Lake, B.C.

Rossland is the site of Bryan Reid Jr.’s construction of the Hadley home, a four bedroom, three bathroom project with a special connection: it’s replacing the home the family lost to fire. Homeowners Jenn and Rob tearfully recall how they were watching television, unaware the roof was ablaze until neighbours came running. Scary stuff. Now the family wants what they had recreated.

Meanwhile, in Anaham, B.C., Peter is doing God’s work, creating an overhang for stairs at the front of a church he helped construct almost 10 years ago. The problem? He has three days to do it and has been asked to keep the foul language to a minimum. And a time crunch is also facing Beat, whose son guilts him into creating bunk beds for him even though Dad has other stuff on the go.

My favourite part of Timber Kings has always been the construction, that intricate ballet of swinging logs into place, edging them into position and hammering them home. Witnessing a pile of curved wood transform into a stunning shelter. My least favourite part of the show? The producers’ need to inject false drama into situations by having deadlines stack up. We know the jobs are going to get done, so let them get to work and just do it.

Coming up in future episodes, the crew builds big projects like luxury log homes, a fishing lodge and stunning post and beam boathouse, and smaller items like a deluxe smoker, wooden outdoor kitchen, log greenhouse, log pool table and a miniature man-cave.

Timber Kings airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.