Workin’ Moms renewed for Season 2 on CBC

There will be more Workin’ Moms at CBC. Show creator, writer, executive producer and showrunner Catherine Reitman made the announcement via Facebook Live following the first season finale.

“Um, we did not get a second season,” Reitman began. “I feel like it’s such a triumph to get a first season as we did … JUST KIDDING!  CBC has officially approved a second season. It’s because of you that we got a second season. Thank you for tuning in.”

The finale kept up the pace and personal storytelling of the episodes before it. Kate and Nathan’s son, Charlie, fell ill with the measles and she scrambled to be there with him and questioned whether she was a good mother or not. Meanwhile, Anne and Lionel dealt with the decision to have an abortion, Jenny and Ian’s marriage was at its breaking point and Frankie admitted to Giselle that she’s “broken” and is going to seek professional help; they get to keep their home.

What did you think of the season finale? Are you excited about Season 2 of Workin’ Moms? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “Workin’ Moms renewed for Season 2 on CBC”

  1. Love this show! So happy it’s coming back for season two. Please, please keep it going as long as you can. It makes me laugh out loud !

    Happy in Ottawa

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