Comments and queries for the week of April 14

All I can say is, thank heavens for my DVR. There’s simply no way I can spend three hours in front of my TV every Friday night [watching Dark Matter, Killjoys and Wynonna Earp], no matter how much I might want to. —DMK

I am about to quit watching [Saving Hope]. They keep taking Alex and Charlie apart and she is with everybody; it’s hard to follow it when it’s so up and down. Now she’s kissing another doctor and she pretty much wants nothing to do with Charlie and doesn’t seem to care if their son sees him. Unfortunately, I would say this is the worst season, totally disappointed. I think I will actually glad that it will come to an end. —Tandy

I can’t believe what I just saw in the last five minutes [of Murdoch Mysteries‘ season finale]. I love the show, but I think I’m going into a depression. I enjoyed the fact that the feathers were ruffled and everything is not dandy. However, I think the writers pushed it just a little too far with the five cliffhangers; three or four would have sufficed. I hope the next episode will be released soon because I don’t know how long I can go without sleep. I sincerely hope Julia survives as well as Crabtree and Brackenreid. It would be a shame if such an inspirational woman character was to be killed off. P.S.: I want to congratulate the actors who have done an excellent job this season and thank them for their hard work. William and Julia are great inspirations in character, thought, intelligence, morals and opinion. —EVS

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