MasterChef Canada: And the winner is …

After a three-hour marathon that included their fellow competitors and family members watching from the sidelines, Thea and Trevor did battle in a three-course non-stop cook for the ages to win the $100,000 grand prize and title of MasterChef Canada.

By the time the dust steam had settled on Thursday night, Trevor the plumber/gas fitter from Edmonton had emerged victorious. Thea, the insurance broker from Vancouver, came in second place. Things may have been very different if the tamale ball Thea served chef Claudio Aprile hadn’t been raw in the middle, but the devil is in the details and that one ruined her chances of winning. Judges Alvin Leung, Claudio Aprile and Michael Bonacini awarded Trevor the trophy, explaining that his three-course meal presented the best story of the two.

“Winning this has kick-started my food dream,” Trevor told producers after the confetti had fallen. “My life is changing as we speak. Goodbye plumbing, hello cooking!”

“I’m really happy for Trevor,” Thea said in defeat. “I still feel like a winner. This has been the best journey I’ve ever had and nothing is going to stop me from pursuing my food dream right now.”

MasterChef Canada continued to be groundbreaking in its challenges this season by presenting a doozy of a final one: Thea and Trevor had three hours to create an appetizer, entree and dessert and the clock would not stop running. This meant the pair would not only have to stay focussed while cooking but have excellent time-management skills. Thea’s take on Mexican food with street corn panna cotta, pork cheek tamale and orange sponge cake played to her strength of having bold flavours while Trevor’s octopus and chips, lamb two ways and deconstructed chocolate mint ice cream cone showcased his sophistication in taste and plating.

There wasn’t a ton of drama during the hour-long episode—despite producers injecting dramatic music to suggest there was—and it all rightly came down to taste for final judgement from Claudio, Alvin and Michael. A frontrunner from Week 1, the only way Trevor was going to lose was if something catastrophic went wrong with one of his plates. As soon as the trio went off without a hitch his win was sealed.

What did you think of this season of MasterChef Canada? Did the right home cook win? Let me know in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “MasterChef Canada: And the winner is …”

  1. Unfortunately, an ad clip about 10 minutes before the end of the program and the winner was announced, invited viewers to join CTV for an interview with “the latest winner of MasterChef Canada…Trevor…”!! SPOILER!!! Duh. Kinda deflated the “big moment” at the end of the series.

    I’m really glad for Trevor, he deserved the win and to be uplifted from the ranks of pipe- and gas-fitter (no slight to those professions but my goodness what talents lie hidden in unsuspecting places!). He has a tremendous gift and I applaud programs like “MasterChef Canada” for affording opportunities like this. Would that the prize money was more substantial.

  2. A final observation: not much emphasis was given to the fact that Tea’s fryer wasn’t up to temp (her mistake or just something to ramp up the drama of the competition?)…if it had been, her dish would have been wowser. She just might have won the whole thing. I sometimes feel that this whole production is heavily scripted. Like, in the beginnings, are we expected to believe that the contestants already know and are familiar with how to make eg. crepes, mousse, sponge cake, creampuffs, cheese – or chocolate cake…out of their heads??? without cheat sheets beneath their work surfaces??! C’mon! Still, it is entertaining and at least something food-related in an otherwise soggy fleet of lackluster comedy and imported blood-drenched crime dramas.

    1. I agree I am a very good cook but crepes and sponge cakes etc I need a recipe lol but I’m very happy with the out come!! Way to go Trevor!!!

  3. I am so very glad that Trevor won the Masterchef title. I think he deserved the title more than anyone else. He has good cooking and plating skills and he listened to the advice given by the judges. More importantly, he was humble and warm throughout the whole process. Congratulations, Trevor!
    Frankly, I really like watching Masterchef Canada. The judges are simply awesome. They not only advise the contestants but also give them the moral support they needed especially when some of these contestants encounter a problem or two during the culinary battle. I would say that the three judges Chef Michael , Chef Alvin and Chef Claudio are great mentors apart from being great chefs themselves. They truly exude warmth and humility. Three cheers to the three awesome Masterchef judges and three cheers to the contestants too.

  4. we are so glad trevor won we were praying he would win it from the start he is an amazing young man and is going to go places with his cooking skills congratulations trevor from donna and liz from saint john nb Canada

  5. Wow I actually agreed with the judges’ decision this year! You mean it’s not fixed?!?

    Trevor was the stronger home cook between the two finalists. Cool technique on his creme fraiche in his dessert. Looked like an artist setting up an abstract painting. Loved his honest but polite comments (digs) about Barrie in last week’s show about who supported who when on the same team. Barrie is such a gentle (the bear) man but it is a competition.

    Anyone else think Thea and Britney Spears could be sisters?

    Loved how her confidence came out after being called out by the judges to start acting like she deserved to be standing in the top 10.

    Great job by both finalists!

  6. Congratulations Trevor. Truly deserved to win. I think the final should have been between Trevor and Barrie. When Thea brought out the tears in order to stay in the competition I thought that was a ploy. It had worked for Miranda one week so I think she decided to give it a shot as well and it worked for her too! Even Mei tried using the tears but it didn’t save her.
    I was thoroughly disgusted with Miranda and the other guy (can’t remember his name) who both saved themselves when they both knew they were responsible for their teams failure. They were in charge and the captain goes down with the ship regardless. And then Michael offers him a job in his new restaurant. What about Barrie or Thea? They were more worthy of a job offering!!!!!!

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