Comments and queries for the week of June 2

Very, very sad that [Saving Hope] is ending. A completely original concept for a medical show, the actors were all amazing and best one of all is it was UNPREDICTABLE! So many shows now are not original and highly predictable, boring story lines and drab and boring. To lose this show is really disappointing, but I guess it was too “intellectual” to the general audience. They didn’t “get it”! Anyway, I wish all the actors have wonderful lives; all great and good things don’t last, unfortunately! Going to miss you, Hope Zion. —Patricia

I really like reno shows but I’m losing interest in [Home to Win]. The contractors act like 12-year-olds and the designers wear jeans so tight they can hardly walk!! If that’s how they work on a real job I’d fire them all. Grow up. —Stan

Very captivated by [Anne]. So well shot, written, acted, etc. I even convinced my family to watch an episode with me and they were hooked from there on in. :) Really hope Season 2 is not far off! —Adria


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One thought on “Comments and queries for the week of June 2”

  1. Why is it impossible to get episode 2 on catch up
    Was only able to watch one ( 2 too late )
    Next episode 3.
    Where is 2′ on catch up ?

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