Viktoria Modesta lands killer guest-starring role on Killjoys

Viktoria Modesta makes an immediate impact in her guest appearance in Friday’s new episode of Killjoys. Her jet-black hair and up-to-here boots are a contrast to the stark white of her surroundings … and her secret could be deadly to Johnny.

Modesta, an artist, fashion designer, DJ, performer, singer and actor, was specifically chosen by Killjoys‘ creator Michelle Lovretta to embody the role of Niko, a Hackmod surgeon who pulls Johnny into her world. We spoke to Modesta during a break in production on Episode 2 to get her take on Niko and Killjoys‘ Hackmod storyline. Friday’s new instalment, “A Skinner, Darkly,” also gets the to bottom of where Clara is, puts Dutch and D’avin in more peril and features Modesta’s single, “Prototype,” in a key scene.

How did you get involved in Killjoys in the first place?
Viktoria Modesta: The Killjoys team contacted me. I haven’t concentrated on acting very much. My music and my weird tech/fashion stuff have been preoccupying me. I wasn’t sure if this was something that I wanted to do but I spoke to Michelle [Lovretta] and she explained to me that a lot of influences in the show sort of came from my work. I was really flattered and thought that was amazing. I did my first audition tape and it was awesome.

This storyline features Hackmods in a big way. Describe them.
I think they’re super bad-ass. I think there will be a lot of action that people haven’t seen on screen very much. There isn’t a lot of CGI, these are actors with actual body modifications, which is great. I haven’t seen that, personally, happen on TV before. That’s a massive, standout point for me; it’s really brilliant. I’ve been on some recent panels in L.A. about disability in Hollywood and it’s a really big topic.

Sci-fi is such an inclusive genre. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what your sexual preference is. Everyone is welcome.
One of the other angles for the casting of this show is the Hackmods are actual amputees or have body modifications, but it’s also really bold to get me on the show pretty much because of what I’m like in my performance life—costumes, etc.—I’m coming in as a real-life character. I’m just stepping onto the set with a different script and that’s amazing and brave to do that. The sci-fi genre, and dressing up in costumes in general, is liberating. In my life, getting into fashion, art and performance has helped me freely explore who I want to be. It’s really fantastic. I dedicate my life to the world of fantasy.

What can you tell me about Niko, your character?
Not too much, other than the fact she’s a scientist and is involved in this complicated emotional dilemma story. We never really know what side she’s really on. The great thing about Niko is that she displays a full range of human qualities. She is a pretty well-rounded person and, again, it feels natural to my own persona where it’s a nice balance of being sensitive and fragile, but also embracing your sexuality and your strength.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space.

Image courtesy of Bell Media.