Saving Hope co-executive producer previews the series finale

When you have a chance to talk to one of Saving Hope‘s writer-co-executive producers, you take it. I ran into Patrick Tarr earlier this week in North Bay, Ont., where he is doing pre-production work as the showrunner on Season 3 of Cardinal. Tarr, who has written for Showcase’s King and CBC’s Cracked and the Murdoch Mysteries web series The Curse of the Lost Pharaohs, penned several instalments of Saving Hope, including last week’s “First and Last.”

Now, with the finale “Hope Never Dies” just two days away, we asked Tarr to tease his thoughts on Charlie and Alex’s final storyline.

“I don’t think that there is another ending that is true to what the show is about,” Tarr says. “I asked Adam [Pettle, Saving Hope‘s showrunner], when we were breaking the final episode and we had the idea we did: ‘What is Saving Hope about?’ This is what we’ve been doing for five seasons.”

Tarr acknowledges that, after a handful of seasons, fans are definitely going to have strong feelings if anything untoward were to happen to any of the key characters they’ve fallen in love with. To have something other than a happy ending for Charlie, Alex, Zack, Shahir, Dawn, Dana or Jackson would be incredibly upsetting. That said, Saving Hope is about life, death and everything in between. And, as the writers have proven over the show’s run, no one is safe from injury.

Tarr joined Saving Hope in Season 3 and has been involved in the last 54 episodes and exits with fond memories.

“I’ve been lucky to come on board a successful show that works really well and has great characters and directors,” he says. And now it’s coming to an end this week.

Saving Hope‘s series finale airs Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.

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26 thoughts on “Saving Hope co-executive producer previews the series finale”

  1. Well the writers have guaranteed the show can never be in repeats again. This could be considered one of them longest love story movies ever written. I was hoping that at the end Charlie would have looked up into the distance and seen Jack O,Neal calling him to go back to the Stargate and get out of there.

  2. SAVING HOPE was one of the best H dramas in recent history. The finale was PERFECT.
    A perfect ending to a love story. There is lots of potential to re-birth this show with Alex Reed, more sharing on Maggie’s life etc. loved the show loved the finale
    So many great Canadian shows, rookie blue, saving hope, and others die too quickly

    1. I agree with you. I wish that they would leave the good shows alone and work on getting some new shows to watch.

    2. I’m so sad I could cry. I loved this show, looked forward to it every week.
      I wish you would have figured out a way to keep this show going.

  3. Really upset about the Ending of the best show on TV….And yyyy would you kill him off after everything they went thru???? Having said that…y not continue the show with him appearing to Alex and helping her save lives?

  4. I enjoyed the show and sad to see it end. It is fitting that Alex and Charlie would be together in the end.

  5. I was hoping against hope that Alex would wake up and it was all a bad dream, but alas……….. I can’t believe it’s over.

  6. I am beyond sad that this show ended, I watched every week every show. Best show on TV. Hope they might eventually bring it back :( great ending though.

  7. I had no idea that this would be the final episode of “Saving Hope”. We all like happy endings and after reading the other comments the show did end with Alex and Charlie being together at the end and living in the afterlife together. I will miss this show and also looked forward to watching it. All the characters were like one big family sharing the good and bad times. I too thought Alex would continue on raising her children on the show so the show could continue with her saving lives and Charlie still being with her in spirit. But the ending was very beautiful and uplifting.

  8. Why didn’t some of the previous characters (former HZ staff) attend the hospital ‘s patriarch’s funeral? Especially Maggie…?

  9. I enjoy the show very much and I also agree that they end good shows, like Rookie blue and Saving Hope which I started watching two years ago and now I will miss and yes I cried at the end.

  10. Such a wonderfully written show! The writers are incredibly creative, the production and direction is outstanding and the acting of this amazing cast is so believable! It’s like you know them or at least really want to be a part of their “hospital family.” I was so shocked and upset that this was the finale! I, too wanted to see Alex, Charlie, Luke and the new baby to finally have a life together as the family we all have been hoping and waited for for so long…only to end shortly after Alex and Charlie got married. I thought about the show for days after its finale…still a bit depressed. Best show in a very long time!

  11. Terrible ending why would anyone hope after your ending. To many bad things happening to this couple and you end it by actually killing their lives together. Hope I think not. Worst ending ever. Forget the reruns

  12. I hated the ending I wanted to see the love they had for each other finally had a long life together married instead Charlie does. I loved this show please bring it back it’s was the Best show on Tuesday night’s to look forward too. All the good shows get taken off the air not a good idea. Tues nights will never be the same 😢😩

  13. I really enjoyed watching this program. I did not expect the show’s finale, but that is the way of good shows. they go and trash stays. Hopefully we all will wake up and it was a dream!

  14. I loved the show. I am very sorry it had to end. I did keep hoping that Alex would wake up and it was just a dream. I really liked the ending due to being a nurse I could relate to alot of what the characters went through. Would like to see another show written as good as Saving Hope was.

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