Killjoys: Old friends—and enemies—return

Last week on Killjoys, Aneela upped the ante in her upcoming battle between the Hullen and Dutch and #TeamAwesomeForce. Tara Spencer-Nairn brought a massive amount of creepy to a secondary storyline involving Fancy, and Aneela and Seyah Kendry shared a sultry smooch before Aneela destroyed the RAC stations. Yup, a lot went on last Friday night.

So, what goes on this Friday? As always, we were keen to find out, especially since Andrew De Angelis is the writer credited for “Necropolis Now,” with Samir Rehem directing. The pair teamed for De Angelis’ hilarious What Would Sal Do?—check it out on CraveTV—so I was interested in what the duo would do in the sci-fi realm.

“It was amazing,” De Angelis said during a one-on-one at the Toronto Screenwriting Conference earlier this year. “I was lucky to be able to watch two seasons of the show. It’s already so well-defined. When the relationships [between Dutch, Johnny and D’avin] are so well-defined, it’s not hard to write for them. The world is all there. We delve into some history and explore that.” Here’s what Space said with regard to an official synopsis for the instalment:

As John faces off with someone from his past, Dutch faces her own personal hell, trapped in a space elevator with a bunch of pompous Qreshis, who one by one, mysteriously begin to die.

And, as always, here are a few more tidbits to tide you over until Friday night.

Dutch fights her guilt
The deaths of the RAC members and being wrong about Banyon (and her death) are weighing heavily on Dutch when the episode begins. She’s trying her best to forget it all with the help of a bottle and D’avin is there to talk. But will she listen? D’avin is certainly known for his comic timing, but he can be serious too; that’s evident in a couple of key scenes.

She’s back and shares information on what’s inside the Remnant.

Alvis has re-entered the building
It feels like we haven’t seen Alvis since Episode 1 of this season—and a quick peek at IMDB—confirms it. But the monk with the startlingly chiselled abs chimes in as part of a juicy murder mystery storyline that pulls in Dutch and the Jaqobis brothers.

Louella Simms makes an appearance
With the RAC wiped out, Dutch et. al need more fighters and firepower. Cue Louella Simms (Kimberley-Sue Murray), Pawter’s sister. Now, if only Johnny can win her—and the Nine families—over and score the support they need.

Gander fights back
After being a whipping boy ever since Seyah Kendry awakened, Gander makes a strategic move against the ladies and a stunning revelation about Aneela comes to light. Samir Rehem’s direction brings a unique and effective look to a pair of scenes involving Aneela. You’ll know them when you see them.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Space.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.