Killjoys: Hullen highjinks and pregnancy horrors

How will Dutch survive if she kills Aneela? That was the most pressing issue facing our heroes after last week’s instalment. “Heist, Heist, Baby” was one hells of a fun episode—Jelco was the best!—but things got serious when Dutch told D’avin about the situation involving Aneela and her fatal tie. D’avin says he’s cool with the plan, but we’re pretty sure he won’t keep her secret.

Which brings us to this week’s episode, “Reckoning Ball,” written by Adam Barken and directed by Peter Stebbings. Here’s what Space says about the main storylines:

John must confront his nemesis face-to-face when Delle Seyah suddenly arrives to set terms of war via parley. As D’avin and Dutch plan a counterattack, Alvis tries to ready everyone for war through the ritual of Reckoning.

And here are more goodies we can dole out after watching a screener.

Alvis is in the building
And he’s got one heck of a story to tell regarding the devil who came down to Arkyn. Some of his tale to an inquisitive young woman we’ve heard before, but Alvis reveals some key details and it’s always good to get a recap on the green, the Scarbacks’ role, and the legend of the 13 monks. The story is bookended in spectacular fashion in the closing moments of “Reckoning Ball.”

Delle Seyah pays a visit
Our heroic trio is shocked to find Delle Seyah alive (especially Johnny) and pregnant. Clearly, she’s there to fulfill the plan Aneela mentioned in “Heist, Heist, Baby,” but what does the parley involve? And who is in the most danger? And who or what is the father of her baby?

Zeph has an idea
And it just might give our team the win. You know, if it works.

Pippin Foster returns
Yup, Atticus Mitchell—who we haven’t seen since the Season 3 return, “Boondoggie”—is back. How the black market dealer factors into this week’s plot is as entertaining as it is ingenious. Pip’s scenes allow Barken to really skewer the sci-fi world to hilarious effect. Speaking of guest turns, a certain Hullen (and her abs) who got into Fancy’s head is back for more fun.

Fancy has a challenge for Turin
With war on the way, Fancy questions Turin’s loyalty to the cause.

Pree sings
And it’s friggin’ fantastic. (And about time, frankly.)

Killjoys airs Fridays at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on Space.

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