Comments and queries for the week of February 16

I liked this season [of Cardinal] way more than Season 1, partly from the change of season but also because I thought the villain was way better this time. Like a lot of white people in Canada, I’ve been learning what racial appropriation is this year. It’s interesting to see it turn into a serial killer’s pathology. —Wim

Great series, really enjoy the characters of Cardinal and Delorme. I hope there is a fourth series commissioned to complete the books. Looking forward to Season 3, which is hopefully not 12 months away. —Toni

After Season 1 I started looking for Giles Blunt’s John Cardinal novels. The first one I found (and read) was No. 4 in the six-book series, By The Time You Read This which was so gripping! So when Season 2 started, and the “Catherine and John” thread started revealing itself, I knew right away what was coming! At times, it was a little too distracting to watch, seeing actors I’m more familiar with on 19-2 and Orphan Black (is Kevin Hanchard always going to play a cop?). However, you can also look at it from the opposite perspective, e.g. Kris Holden-Ried, who played LaSalle the biker bar owner, but also appeared as a priest consoling a troubled Frankie Drake (Frankie Drake Mysteries). I’ve admired Krist as an actor since I first saw him in Showcase’s Paradise Falls. I think he’s got range! —Stephen

I thought the opening credits for this show were the most beautiful I have ever seen. Anyone who thinks Northern Canada can’t be beautiful needs to view the first two or three minutes of the show. Aside from that, as a fan of Giles Blunt’s books, I was disappointed by the changes made, especially taking out Ray Northwind’s heritage as a Cuban. It makes the whole mysticism much more believable than the way the TV series showed him as coming from Sudbury. —Wendy

Pure quality and totally absorbing. —AnnH

U.S. fan, blew my mind the ending. Loved this season! Great sophomore to a brilliant first season. Characters phenomenal! Landscape gorgeous. There certainly is beauty in pain. Cannot wait for Season 3. —Kim


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