Comments and queries for the week of May 25

Really annoyed that Kaegen is back. I hate when the shows do this! I feel like it’s a fake way of getting a certain demographic back on the scene. Yeah, sure he cooked his way back into the competition. It also always seems to be the contestants that I am happy to have seen leave! —Nicole

Such a disappointment to have Alvin go into the Red Team’s kitchen and start telling them to hurry up and offering advice as to put it in the pan NOW, etc., etc., etc. He should not have “aided” them in any way at all! —Julie

Reaction to Daily Planet‘s cancellation

One of the few shows that had some substance. Shame on you. No more stupid reality shows. —Steven

It is a disappointment to lose one of the few educational shows on TV these days. I would happily say goodbye to those mind-numbing reality shows that have taken over the networks. I don’t think it is life altering if some bride picks a particular dress, or if someone makes a better sword, or cooks a better meal. —Kathy

The reality is most of this information is available from YouTube channels which have become way more polished and professional in the past five years. It’s been at least four years since I watched Daily Planet and I was regular viewer back when Jay was the host. The No. 1 science host today in Canada is Linus Sebastian who has a series of YouTube channels. His focus is primarily on computers and tech devices but that overlaps with a lot of what Daily Planet was covering. —Ron

Reaction to InnerSpace‘s cancellation

I’m turning off Space Channel. —Ken

I guess it’s going to hit Fan Expo hard this fall. Why will they support that without the presence of the faces of Space, Teddy, Ajay, Morgan and the crew? —Sean

Innerspace has lost its appeal the last couple years, bashing older versions of movies, promoting movies that turned into rotten tomatoes; whatever happened to personal opinions, it has felt like a 30-minute commercial at times. They still had some good content, Teddy Wilson was always entertaining, of the three hosts him I’ll miss the most. I’m sure a new show will fill the void, maybe with Teddy Wilson hosting it? —Denis

If Bell Media were smart, they’d add Morgan Hoffman to Your Morning or eTalk on CTV as soon as humanly possible. She is my absolute fave. Fun, fashionable and a pleasure to watch onscreen. The InnerSpace crew did some great work, especially with their Orphan Black, post-episode specials, “After The Black” that were must-see for fans. Sad, sad news. —Kevin


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