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Comments and queries for the week of July 5

My mouth dropped open in disbelief when Jon eliminated Jet and Dave, OMG. I thought for sure it’d be a non-Elimination Leg. I was super stoked they were back, and can’t believe they’re done. THE most entertaining and funny duo to enter the entire series IMO. (Yes I voted for them lol.) Sad, but here’s hoping the saying third time’s a charm rings true. Maybe in Season 10, maybe. —Tunie

I know that I learned things from watching this show. Look where you want to go, know your limits and drive within them, how to do proper shoulder checks, how to know where your wheels are, how to steer when you are skidding, and be a polite driver. Thank you, Canada’s Worst Driver. —J

Come be a surrogate host for an American version. The hosts here suck, they are so busy playing to their fan clubs that the show lacks your sense of humour or ability to properly host a show. Maybe if you can’t do that you can teach other hosts how to properly make a show work. What it really comes down to is you were the show. Without your talent to present, it wouldn’t have lasted. —Ed

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