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Call Me Fitz Creator Sheri Elwood Lands Two “Screenies”


Sheri Elwood (Call Me Fitz) On The Writing Room and Gucci

(Photo by Derek Langer)

I asked Sheri to talk about the writers on Call Me Fitz.

“I combed the country and I begged the best possible writers that I know to come work on my show, and it’s my main concern that I had the best possible writers to work on this show. It’s the only thing that matters to me, that the writing is excellent.”

“It’s my dream come true show.”

Then I had to ask about her dress.

“This is Gucci, fall 2012. I figure if I amortize it out through about 14 000 events it will make it worth it!”


Simon Barry of Continuum talks Canadian TV with Rachel Langer

By Rachel Langer for TV, eh?

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Simon Barry, the showrunner of one of my favorite new sci-fi series: Continuum.  Barry has written for feature films and television in both the US and Canada.  He was gracious enough to let me dissect his views on the writing room, TV in Canada, and the voracity of the science fiction fan.

You’ve written for both features and TV; can you talk about the difference in your process between those two things?

As far as movie projects go, a lot of the movie work is driven by assignments, adaptations, rewrites, and polishes, so the majority of that work tends to be, for me, taking other material and managing it into feature film mode, and it’s good work!  I mean, it’s great work for developing good habits, but it’s not the most creative work because you’re working within the constraints of previous material.

Whereas for TV, from my experience (and this is probably unique for me because I haven’t worked for anyone else in TV, I’ve only ever worked either developing original ideas or executing them), I find it to be more creatively fulfilling in that sense.  Not to say I don’t want to do movies — I absolutely love doing movies — but there is more on your shoulders in TV in terms of thinking everything through from not only the inception of the idea, the execution of the pilot, the planning of the series and then the management of all those other scripts, it’s a much more encompassing writer’s job.

In a movie job you can sort of be a cog in a bigger machine. In TV you’re part of the machine, so it’s a bit of a different approach. It’s the same craft, it’s just applied differently.

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Get Stuffed Debuts on CityTV Tomorrow at 9PM

Get Stuffed, Canada’s newest food challenge/adventure series will now be coming at you from double directions.  The action packed lifestyle series which airs weekly on OLN will be debuting on CityTV tomorrow, kicking things off with a mini-marathon of four food-filled episodes.  The Vancouver-based show features four hosts, two of who face off weekly in a regional specialty challenge.  The loser must eat one of three punishment meals, sussed out by the hosts from the local cuisine legends from the surrounding region.

This Tuesday night Kalyn Miles takes on Joshua Rice at the Redneck games in New Dublin, Georgia.  The games began in 1995 as an ulterior form of entertainment to the Georgia Olypmic Games.  Despite the unruly appearance of the games, they are seen as a way for fun loving ‘good ole folk’ to share in some back woods challenges and southern hospitality.  Kalyn and Josh face off in three events:  Redneck horseshoes (AKA toilet seat toss), Bobbing for pigs feet, and the epic finale: Mud Pit Belly Flop.  The loser’s punishment?  One of three epic meals from the plethora of deep fried and weighty goodness Georgia’s cuisine has to offer.   The motto?  “If it ain’t fried, it ain’t good to me.”

You can check out the mini-marathon of Get Stuffed this Sunday on CityTV starting at 9PM ET/PT.  The all new Redneck Games episode airs this Tuesday at 9PM ET/6PM PST on OLN.



Get Stuffed – Series Premiere on OLN

By Rachel Langer

Last night I spent a little time celebrating the series premiere of the Canadian TV series Get Stuffed which premiered on OLN last night at 9PM PST.  The series features four adventure lovers, Kalyn, Erin, Joshua and Ryan AKA 6 Pack.  Each week two of the competitors go head to head in a challenge at local festivals around North America.  The stakes?  Glory, respect, and the chance to punish the loser with an epic meal that has gained fame for it’s size, calorie content, or insane ingredients with the locals.

The premiere episode featured Kalyn Miles and Erin Simms, going head to head in an Ostrich racing competition in Chandler, Arizona.  The two competitors undergo training and partake in events in the festival, to help viewers decide who has what it takes to win the challenge.  They also do several food scouting segments, looking for the perfect punishment meal for the losing competitor.

A fusion style mash-up series with nods to Man Vs. Food, Fear Factor and Dirty Jobs, this high-energy series focus on local events which normally fly under the radar on a national scale, and combines them with a love for extreme events and local cuisine.  Competitor Kalyn is relishing the chance to head to new destinations, and face crazy challenges; “when would I EVER do this, otherwise?” she said.

The competitors’ energetic personalities are what bring the eclectic elements of this series to a personal level.  “We’re all highly competitive.” says Kalyn “But we get along really well.”  The witty rapport between the competitors, combined with the oddity of the competitions, and the passion that comes across from the locals gives Get Stuffed a unique edge over similar shows that focus solely on food, festivals or contests.

The series has an off-the-cuff air, which helps to display the passion for love and adventure embodied by the host/competitors.  Competitor Joshua Rice says, “we’re paid to play – it doesn’t get better than that” and in the pilot that enjoyment shines through.  There’s a lot more to come from the Get Stuffed competitors, with highlights including frozen t-shirts, lumberjack contests and… a testicle festival? Yup, it’s happening.

You can tune in 9PM PST on OLN to choose your favorite competitor for next week’s matchup.


Canada In Development: Silent Partners and False Flag

Canada In Development returns this week with Silent Partners.  A legal drama  about an unorthodox partnership between an up-and-coming young lawyer and her mentor/beard — a brilliant, South African-born attorney who is unable to practice law for mysterious reasons —  Silent Partners is set in Toronto.  Creator Denis McGrath is scheduled to deliver a first draft pilot and bible to CBC this month, but development terms are still in the works.  “That is development, phase one,” says McGrath, who is working with Cooperheart Productions on this character-based procedural.

McGrath is also working with Lark Productions on False Flag, a team-based action/adventure show about a squad that solves problems through lies, theft and misdirection — doing what governments, corporations and politicians are bound by law not to do — and leaving no trace behind.  False Flag is an hour-long, high-stakes show that McGrath compares to a “smart A-Team.”  It is currently in the first draft of pilot and bible with CTV, to be delivered in the summer of this year.

If you have a project in development with a Canadian broadcaster or production company, let TV, eh? know. See previous posts in this series here.