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Link: Interview: ‘Ransom’ stars Luke Roberts and Nazneen Contractor

From W. Andrew Powell of The Gate:

Link: Interview: ‘Ransom’ stars Luke Roberts and Nazneen Contractor
“It’s always fun to work with something that actually happened, or work or play a character that truly exists, and is actively working, so that always adds an authenticity and a sense of responsibility. Every episode has its own story and its own charm, and we’re very lucky as a cast, we really got on with each other, pretty much instantly.” Continue reading.


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From Victoria Nelli of The TV Junkies:

Sarah Greene previews Ransom
“I understood that there was something dark in her past and it interested me. It’s always interesting to me to play a character with layers and the audience doesn’t know the half of it yet. She’s trying to figure out who she is, she wants questions answered.  I was really intrigued after I read the pilot and then I got the job and I just really liked her storyline and I really liked where it was going.” Continue reading. 

From Roxanne Santo of Paste:

Penny Dreadful’s Sarah Greene on her new drama, Ransom, and the power of “difficult women”
“They don’t get the press involved, it’s all solved without anyone knowing what’s happened. These cases are usually solved within 24 to 48 hours, so that actually makes for great TV: it’s adrenaline, it’s fast paced.” Continue reading.

From Benjamin Lindsay of Rotten Tomatoes:

Sarah Greene reads minds and speaks body language in crime thriller Ransom
“They’re adrenaline junkies, basically. They don’t use weapons; they don’t use violence. They use their words and they try to figure out why someone is doing it. No one ever kidnaps someone just to be evil; their back is against a wall, they want something. The negotiators figure out what they want and help them get it.” Continue reading.

From Michael Starr of the New York Post:

New series goes inside top-secret hostage negotiations
“It’s a fascinating world I knew nothing about. There are something like 30,000 private kidnapping and hostage negotiations around the world each year. These guys travel all over the world, and their one job is to negotiate the safe return of loved ones … in all kinds of situations.” Continue reading.



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Meh about Ransom

I’ll give this show a pass. To me, it looks like a Flashpoint-knockoff-filmed-in-Canada-but-trying-to-look-like-it’s-set-in-the-U.S. Plus, it’s a procedural. Hate those. —Alicia

Love for Steven and … Shahir?

So glad to see Steven back on TV. (Will always miss Chris. They both will always have a special place in my heart.) I sincerely think that Steven and Shahir would make such a great team. CBC, please consider this. Both of them could have guests talking about interesting topics, just the same. They’d be VERY successful. Thank you for reading my comment. —Bruge

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International co-production Ransom takes over Global’s primetime

Global’s Ransom—debuting Sunday, Jan. 1, on the network before moving to Saturdays on Jan. 8—is a fast-paced emotional roller coaster about a crisis negotiation team dropped into potentially deadly situations at a moment’s notice. For Canadian actor Brandon Jay McLaren (Slasher) and Ireland’s Sarah Greene (Vikings), joining the series was just as quick and last-minute: they were cast just days before production on Season 1 began.

“I found out, like, four days before we started shooting that I had gotten the part,” McLaren says with a laugh. “I had to get on a plane in Los Angeles in a day. There was not a lot of prep [for the role].” The same was true for Greene, who found out she’d scored her gig on a Wednesday and needed to be in Toronto for the following Sunday. But while neither had time to prepare for their roles in advance, they’ve gotten a crash course since filming began. McLaren portrays Oliver Yates, a psychologist and profiler who sizes up people and situations in an instant, a key member of Eric Beaumont’s (Luke Roberts, Wolf Hall) crisis negotiation team. Greene’s Maxine Carlson, meanwhile, is the newbie on the squad, introduced in the first moments of Episode 1 and able to quickly prove she’s valuable to have around … despite Oliver’s misgivings.

Brandon Jay McLaren

“Eric and I met years ago, during another hostage taking, and I am very protective of Eric because I know something about his past,” McLaren explains. “When Maxine shows up, I am not happy she’s involving herself with our program because she brings a lot of emotion and instability to Eric and we can’t afford that. I’m very standoffish with her in the beginning, only because I was to protect what we’ve got going.” What Oliver and Eric have got going is something rare within the crisis industry. Inspired by the real-life experiences of hostage negotiator Laurent Combalbert, Eric refuses to carry a gun, preferring to use words and turn of phrase to diffuse deadly scenarios.

“I was told about Laurent about two and a half years ago,” Ransom‘s executive producer Frank Spotnitz says. “It already makes a great TV show, because, in the case of Laurent, every case is 24 to 48 hours. They are naturally adrenaline and suspense-filled. And he doesn’t carry a gun. That’s crazy. I’ve done lots of shows, including The X-Files, where people solved their problems with guns. To have a guy who says, ‘No guns. I’ll solve this with my mind,’ is a challenge but I wanted to do a show like that.” Eric’s skills are shown moments into Sunday’s debut when he confronts a gun-wielding man holding parishioners hostage inside of a church. Everyone gets out safely, but things are dodgy there for a few seconds and even Eric’s longtime team member, and former cop, Zara Hallam (Nazneen Contractor, Covert Affairs) had doubts.

“I exposed an internal crime ring at the NYPD,” Contractor says of her character during a break in shooting in downtown Toronto. “I was fired and shortly thereafter Eric approached me to join his company. She’s a misfit with a very strong sense of honour and moral compass. Zara is the expert who knows every building entrance and exit, who is armed and not armed. I’m his eyes.” She also trusts Eric; like him (and the rest of the team), she no longers uses bullets to solve problems.

Luke Roberts and Nazneen Contractor

Ransom, a co-production between Global, CBS in the U.S. and TF1 in France (Toronto’s Sienna Films and eOne are among the production partners) truly is an international affair both in front of and behind the camera. Spotnitz’s Season 1 writing room consists of Canadians Sara Dodd, Annmarie Morais and David Vainola and homegrown directors Érik Canuel, James Genn and Eleanore Lindo. After filming in Toronto for several months—the city stood in for North American locations—the series decamped for the south of France, with the area representing European spots.

“It sucks,” Contractor teases. “We have to stay in the south of France for three months, live in Nice, shoot five episodes, live on the Riviera … it’s a really hard job and not for the faint of heart.”

Ransom debuts Sunday, Jan. 1, at 8:30 p.m ET on Global before moving to Saturdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT beginning on Jan. 7.

Images courtesy of Global.