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Review: Russell Peters highlights Spun Out’s return

Better late than never. Five months after Spun Out was supposed to debut on CTV immediately following the Super Bowl, Dave Foley’s Canadian sitcom returned to the air. There’s been a lot written about the reason for the delay—co-star J.P. Manoux’s arrest—and the resulting burn-off of the sophomore sitcom over the summer months that was announced just two days ago.

Manoux grabbed a lot of headlines, but changes occurred on the show too. The first season was filmed in front of a live audience, but this second go-round jettisoned that. With a new way of filming and high-profile guest star Russell Peters dropping by, how did Episode 1 of Season 2 of Spun Out fare?

Written by Fraser Young and Nick Beaton and directed by Dave Foley, Peters brought great energy to “My Brother’s Speaker,” playing Ray, Nelson’s (Al Mukadam) DJ brother.

It didn’t take long to discern there was no love lost between Ray and Beckett (Paul Campbell) thanks to an arm bar and a chirp about living in your parents’ basement (“Remember your parents basement from this morning because you just left there because you still live there?”). But rather than fall back on an easy back-and-forth, episode long feud between Ray and Beckett, it was Nelson who ended up angry with Ray after he’d arranged for a DJ showcase and Ray didn’t bother to show up. The reason? Not because Ray was a jerk, but because he had a day job he was ashamed of.

Holly Deveaux—who I really enjoyed in Season 1—was given a lot more to do as Abby on Tuesday night, fully involved in a storyline where she and Stephanie (Rebecca Dalton) thought they were being hustled at poker by Bryce (Manoux) and Gordon (Darcy Michael). Stephanie was a portrayed as a vacuous blonde in Season 1 and it looks like the writers have backed off on that a bit, which is a welcome change. (Michael continues to be a bright spot too; his out-there comments as Gordon always make me laugh, though I wonder what skills he has to stay employed at DLPR.)

My biggest pet peeve about this new season of Spun Out is going to be the canned laugh track. Rather than just letting the jokes stand on their own merit, punchlines are juiced in post, something I hate because it assumes the audience doesn’t know when to laugh. Spun Out certainly isn’t the first show to do this, but I don’t think it’s needed.

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Spun Out airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV.


Tonight: Spun Out season 2 premiere


Spun Out, CTV – “My Brother’s Speaker”
When Nelson’s (Al Mukadam) DJ-ing brother Ray (Red, White, and Brown) stops by, Nelson plans a big industry showcase for him. Ray shows up hours late, and Nelson learns his brother’s true passion may not be music at all. Beckett is over the moon when Dave wants to spend time with him outside of work, but there’s more to Dave’s motives than meets the eye. Stephanie and Abby (Holly Deveaux) plan a poker night with Gordon (Darcy Michael) and Bryce (J.P. Manoux), but when the guys end up winning, the girls think they’ve been hustled.


TV Eh B Cs podcast 26 – Jeff Biederman’s Spinning Wheel

JeffBJeff Biederman is an award winning television comedy writer and producer. Most recently, Jeff was a show runner for two seasons of the CTV sitcom Spun Out. Season Two was pulled before airing from CTV’s schedule due to cast conflict back in January.

He was a writer and producer for 70 episodes of the teen comedy series Life With Derek and show runner on three seasons of the tween comedy series Overruled!, a series he co-created.

He has story edited over 200 episodes of television and has written for: My Babysitter’s A Vampire, The Latest Buzz, Radio Free Roscoe and too many more to mention.

And right after we talked about the unknown future for Spun Out, we found out late breaking news that CTV is going to show Season 2 this summer starting July 14th. But… as you’ll find out… we didn’t know this while recording, which makes for a unique contextual conversation.

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Spun Out returns Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on CTV beginning July 14

From a media release:

– Comedian Russell Peters guest stars as Nelson’s DJ-ing brother in season premiere –

– Dave Foley back as boss to lead exceptional ensemble cast –

– SPUN OUT Season 1 received impressive four CSA nominations –

CTV’s original Canadian comedy series SPUN OUT returnsTuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV and CTV GO, beginning tomorrow, July 14, with guest star Russell Peters, it was confirmed today. The gang from DLPR resume their adventures in public relations, setting the tone for a new season full of laughs. The series will encore Fridays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV Two and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on The Comedy Network and can be found on demand on CTV.ca and CTV GO. Additionally, Season 1 will begin streaming Wednesday, July 15 on CraveTV, while subscribers can also watch Season 2 episodes one day ahead of their CTV premiere with CraveTV’s “first look” for Canadian series, beginning with Episode 2.

SPUN OUT centres on Dave Lyons (Dave Foley, KIDS IN THE HALL), the head of an established PR firm, staffed with people who can spin everyone’s problems but their own. New this season, Beckett (Paul Campbell, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA) tries to execute the perfect casual relationship with a documentary filmmaker, Dave goes head to head with his ex-wife from a rival PR firm, and Stephanie (Rebecca Dalton, THE L.A. COMPLEX) must work with an old sorority sister whose oversized yoga line, “Blue Whale,” lands her in hot water.

In the Season 2 premiere of SPUN OUT, entitled “My Brother’s Speaker” (Tuesday, July 14 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CTV), when Nelson’s (Al Mukadam) DJ-ing brother Ray (Red, White, and Brown) stops by, Nelson plans a big industry showcase for him. Ray shows up hours late, and Nelson learns his brother’s true passion may not be music at all. Beckett is over the moon when Dave wants to spend time with him outside of work, but there’s more to Dave’s motives than meets the eye. Stephanie and Abby (Holly Deveaux) plan a poker night with Gordon (Darcy Michael) and Bryce (J.P. Manoux), but when the guys end up winning, the girls think they’ve been hustled.




He Said/She Said: Is Spun Out being hung out to dry?

Join Greg and Diane every Monday as we debate what’s on our minds. This week, we ponder the treatment and fate of CTV’s Spun Out. Did CTV do the right thing by pulling the show from its schedule and website after the arrest of one of the actors? Is it fair to burn it off in the summer with little notice of its new premiere date? Read what we have to say and look for our podcast with co-creator Jeff Biederman tomorrow, recorded just before the premiere announcement.

She Said:

The second season of Spun Out has had quite the roller coaster ride. Given the prestigious post-Super Bowl slot, the show was shelved  before that day  when actor J.P. Manoux was arrested on voyeurism charges when hidden cameras were found in a condo he rented out to two women.

I had mixed feelings about that decision, but CTV was in a very difficult spot with no right answer, only a least worst answer. The second season had already been filmed in its entirety. If they erred, it was on the side of sensitivity for whatever might come out of the then-new investigation and in trying to protect their reputation after the show was tainted by association — a show that had already weathered a controversy when one of the co-creators was accused of making racist comments on Twitter.

It seemed overkill to scrub the show from their public and media sites. But to pull the show? I feel like I can’t second-guess that decision. The charges are creepy. The potential was for further creepiness to be uncovered. Manoux has not been found guilty, but reputations and advertisers rarely wait for guilt to be declared.  Innocent until proven guilty is a legal distinction, not an indication of how our brains and hearts work.

I  haven’t heard that anything new has come out of the Manoux arrest, but it’s possible CTV is aware of something that makes the coast clearer now, or it’s possible that the fact it hasn’t become a big media story yet means they feel they can burn it off safely in the summer.

And a burn off it is. Cast and crew started talking about a July 14 premiere date on social media Friday — a mere four days in advance. CTV confirmed that date after my inquiry, saying promos would start right away and an official announcement would occur Monday — the day before the premiere. Again, I find it hard to second-guess that decision given the uncertainty, though I wish they didn’t feel it necessary. Because of the way TV funding works I suspect they had to air it sometime — but there are no requirements for publicity.

Fans will be able to watch the second — and I have to assume final — season. CTV will fulfill its obligations get the CanCon points while minimizing controversy that might hurt their business interests. The heartbreak in this situation is everyone who worked so hard on the show who had their hopes dashed and their series tainted by association. For their sake, I hope Spun Out season two makes the good kind of splash now that it can finally air.

He Said:

I echo Diane’s thoughts in just feeling badly for everyone involved, in front or and behind the cameras.

I had the chance to visit Spun Out‘s Toronto set during both seasons and everyone was happy to be there and proud of their work. The energy of the live audience during a first season taping with guest star Jason Priestley was palpable and exciting, and that was somehow lost when it went from stage to the small screen.

The sophomore season — returning tomorrow — marks a change in format as the live audience angle has been shelved. I spoke to co-stars Paul Campbell, Dave Foley, Becky Dalton and upcoming guest star Jennifer Tilly during production (those stories will be up on the site in the coming weeks) and they liked the new direction the show was going.

Now viewers will get a chance to see that and decide for themselves, but likely too late for ratings to matter at all. This is a burn-off of a project that is, sadly, dead in the water. Spun Out feels more like a summer show than a winter one — if there is such a thing — and it’s sandwiched between The Big Bang Theory and Hot in Cleveland, so at least Foley et al. are in good comic company.

(As an aside, Campbell and Darcy Michael both landed production deals with Bell Media, so there’s that.)

As Diane pointed out, Bell Media will get the CanCon requirement filled by broadcasting Spun Out as will Project 10, the show’s production company.