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Katy Warren wins Canada’s Smartest Person

From a media release:

CBC’s CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON has crowned Katy Warren of St. John’s, NL with the coveted title of Canada’s Smartest Person. Katy emerged victorious after beating out the seven remaining finalists in a series of new and exciting challenges that tested six areas of intelligence in the epic two-hour finale on Sunday night. The 21-year-old is an engineering student at Memorial University in St. John’s, NL.

Katy competed in the fourth episode of the season where she consistently finished in the top two in every challenge she faced. Katy is an engineering student who was awarded an entry scholarship at the largest university in Atlantic Canada. Her resume boasts a wide array of accomplishments including receiving the prestigious Chief Commissioner’s Gold Award from the Girl Guides of Canada, where she is a life-long member, and being the 2006 Provincial Spelling Bee champion. In her free time Katy rides the unicycle, plays the piccolo and ukulele, participates in roller derby and has a passion for improv and performing.

Hosted by Jessi Cruickshank, CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON is an innovative, original competition series that redefines what it means to be smart. Based on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences, the program tests participants in six different categories of smarts: Visual, Musical, Logical, Linguistic, Physical and Social. Each week, viewers can play along in real-time with the ground-breaking CANADA’S SMARTEST PERSON app, available for iOS and Android devices. The app syncs to every broadcast allowing viewers to participate with each challenge in the show in real time and receive their own intelligence profile. During the week, viewers can try their hand at a series of bonus challenges and new this season, is Head2Head, which allows players to dual against their family and friends.


Heartland star lands Canada’s Smartest Person return

I competed in Canada’s Smartest Person, and I won. OK, I didn’t compete in a full instalment of the intelligence test, but I did come in first in a head-to-head special journalist edition matchup against my buddy Denette Wilford in The Gauntlet. (For proof, check out the video below.)

Meanwhile, contestants from across the country once again descended on Toronto to compete in Season 2 of CBC’s mind-bender, returning Sunday at 8 p.m. with 16-year-old wunderkind Maya Burhanpurkar of Barrie, Ont., rapper Anthony Craparotta (a.k.a. iLLvibe) of Toronto, diversity executive Richard Pinnock from Montreal, and new mom Jessica Joy of Golden, B.C., facing off.


With the title of Canada’s Smartest Person up for grabs, the four competitors test the theory of multiple intelligence in six categories: linguistic, logical, physical, musical, visual and social before the top two scorers race through The Gauntlet to determine a winner.

“In Season 2, you really want to go bigger and better and we have,” says host Jessi Cruickshank. “The challenges in every episode are unreal, the new challenges are so spectacular and we have fantastic guest stars appearing.” Among them is Heartland lead Amber Marshall, who pops by for Human Lie Detector, telling a mixture of truth and fiction to test social skills. (One unforgettable story recounts a memorable Christmas involving a puppy and an ex-girlfriend; tune in to see if it’s true or not.) Upcoming celebrity guests include Mary Walsh, Steve Patterson, Perez Hilton and Alan Thicke.

“All of Alan Thicke’s stories were so over-the-top for Human Lie Detector,” Cruickshank says with a laugh, noting just one person read Thicke perfectly.

Canadians will once again have the chance to compete at home via the show’s app and—new this season—compete with friends and family in Head2Head. Jeff Douglas, who explained the app and noted test result trends across the country, is not back for Season 2, meaning Cruickshank is doing all of the heavy lifting, juggling hosting with challenge explanations and playing cheerleader to the weekly players.

“As much as I’m running the challenges, it’s my job to bring out the personalities of the competitors,” she says. “We have smart and incredibly charismatic people this season with a wide range of abilities and it’s my job to make them shine.”

Canada’s Smartest Person airs Sundays at 8 p.m. on CBC.


Comments and queries for the week of September 18

TV, Eh? competes on Canada’s Smartest Person

Wow, just watched the video of Canada’s Smartest Person: Journalist Edition. It was hilarious! Good for you, Greg. You did really well…did you drink champagne from the winner’s cup? —Joyce

Production begins on CBC’s Human Town

Sounds like Sunnyside, which is hilarious. I shall be taking a look. —Iris

Continuum‘s Rachel Nichols says goodbye to Kiera

I tried to watch this show but found myself weeping with boredom after a few episodes. This is what is sad and pathetic about Canadian TV – a show that no one outside the industry has ever heard of can last for years before being cancelled. —Snicker Doodle

A show that airs in Canada, the U.S., France, UK and Australia is definitely not “a show no one outside of the industry has ever heard of.” As for “weeping with boredom,” I appreciate and respect your opinion. I don’t agree with it, but I respect it.


Got a comment or question about Canadian TV? greg@tv-eh.com or @tv_eh!


Canada’s Smartest Person crowns its winner

A West Coaster has bested the rest of the country to become the winner of Canada’s Smartest Person. Vancouver’s Braden Lauer was triumphant during Sunday’s two-hour season finale on CBC, besting seven other finalists.

“Being on Canada’s Smartest Person has been the opportunity of a lifetime,” Lauer said via press release. “I hope winning the title inspires students and young people in the country to pursue their goals with passion and determination.” Lauer is in his second year of studying law at the University of British Columbia.

The past nine weeks have featured Canadians from varying backgrounds competing in mental and physical challenges devised to test their skills in math and logic, visual and spatial intelligence, body and kinesthetic intelligence, linguistics, musical intelligence and interpersonal intelligence. An ingenious Canada’s Smartest Person app enabled viewers to play along during and between broadcasts and revealed some startling facts about this country.

According to a press release issued by the CBC:

  • Waterloo, ON, emerged as the country’s smartest city
  • P.E.I. is Canada’s smartest province
  • Men outperformed women in the linguistic intelligence tests, which contrasts with scientific studies that suggest women have superior language and communication skills
  • Women excelled in social intelligence tests, scoring 6 percentage points higher than men overall with an average score of 62 points versus 56 points for men
  • Alberta emerged with the highest musical strength averaging 76 points across all music intelligence tests, while P.E.I. scored the lowest in this category with an average of 65 points