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HGTV Canada’s superstars team to create the ultimate Home to Win

Superstars assemble! Take 20 HGTV Canada contractors and designers, drop them onto a property in dire need of renovation and what do you get? Home to Win, the network’s biggest giveaway ever, and a showcase for homegrown talent.

Hosted by ET Canada‘s Sangita Patel and debuting Sunday at 10 p.m. ET, Home to Win is a who’s who of demolition and design talent, including Bryan and Sarah Baeumler, Sarah Richardson, Scott McGillivray, Mike Holmes, Tiffany Pratt, Samantha Pynn, Paul Lafrance, Kate Campbell, Sebastian Clovis and Danielle Bryk. Basically, if they appear on an HGTV Canada series, they’re participating in Home to Win. It’s a smart move: it’s all hands on deck in the first episode as the participants search Canada for the ideal property to make over. But can so many artistic people with differing style ideas all get along?

“Bryan and I had a lot of questions,” Baeumler says during a press junket at Corus headquarters alongside Pratt and Pynn. “How do we get these 20 people together, align the schedule, make sure we all work well together … it just seemed like a huge feat. It took about an hour of thinking about it, and Bryan said, ‘This will work.'” It certainly does. It’s easy to assume these folks all get together on a regular basis to quaff and beer and talk shop, but that’s not the case. With busy production and business schedules to juggle, pros like Pynn and Lafrance would never have met and collaborated, let alone be featured in a series together.


“We all have our own different areas of expertise,” Pratt explains. “We all have our different arenas, so for all of us to come together and put it into one space, it’s really spectacular. It’s good times with everybody.” Unlike many renovation shows, there are no firm deadlines and no winner or loser. The group is working together over 10 episodes to create a beautiful space full of, as Baeumler says, stories, memories and connections.

“I knew that it would be a lot of fun,” Pynn says. “I knew there would be a lot of work, but it doesn’t feel like work. And the end reveal is just everything. It was an amazing experience.”

At the end of that experience, one Canadian will win the home and all of the furnishings. Auditions are open now and couldn’t be more simple: after giving the standard name and address information, you must record a one-minute video telling the casting team, “What makes a house a home?” Three contestants chosen will compete in Home to Win‘s finale.

“You have 20 people repeating the words ‘dream home,’ so you can’t not have a dream home, period,” Pratt says. “Everyone here and at home want to tune into that final episode and say, ‘Holy … Oh my God!'”

Home to Win airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV Canada.


Scott McGillivray goes On Vacation with Income Property

You know what you’re going to get when you tune in to Income Property. Not only will Scott McGillivray entertain as he renovates a couple’s home, but he educates folks on how to make the most money out of their investments. It’s a formula that’s worked for 10 seasons on HGTV and I’m frankly surprised it’s taken this long for a spinoff.

Debuting Wednesday with two back-to-back episodes, Income Property: On Vacation is exactly what it sounds like as McGillivray leaves the big city in his rear-view mirror to aid people in adding value to their vacation properties. In the first, McGillivray helps musician Justin Rutledge turn the lakeside shack on his in Prince Edward County land into a money-maker. It isn’t easy, but then anything McGillivray tackles rarely is. Wall-to-wall wood paneling, outdated appliances, a burgeoning mouse and raccoon population, black mould, expired avians and moisture throughout has Justin stressed, but the flop-haired contractor sees lots of potential.

After checking with local building codes, McGillivray—as he does with Income Property—presents Rutledge with two renovation options. I always get a kick out of McGillivray’s reactions to things as the demotion portion of the project gets underway and Wednesday’s debut of On Vacation is no exception. Let’s just say some questionable wiring leads to a funny scene in the old shower. Then, after days painting, rerouting plumbing, replacing rotting floors and intense renos, Rutledge’s new cabin is ready to hit the market, and bring in a tidy little profit for the singer-songwriter too.

Watching the team work to the proposed plan is fun and informative, but I constantly wonder why this series isn’t made up of hour-long episodes. Until that happens, I’ll have to be content with Income Property and this great spinoff, On Vacation.

Income Property: On Vacation airs Wednesdays at 10 and 10:30 p.m. ET on HGTV Canada.


Scott McGillivray hits the road in Income Property: On Vacation

From a media release:

Scott McGillivray is heading out of the city, but this is no vacation. He’s helping homeowners take the plunge and create a vacation home that they can bank on. Income Property: On Vacation is a spin-off of Contractor Scott McGillivray’s hit franchise Income Property, now with a deep dive into the rental market of vacation properties. Scott guides homeowners through the process of building a vacation suite and banking the rental cheques, all while taking advantage of what the sun, surf and sand has to offer.

Throughout the series, Scott shows homeowners how they can add value to their vacation properties, and turn their investment into profit. With thoughtful and well-executed renovations, vacation properties generate weekly profit throughout the seasons. Scott completes these dream vacation rentals as fast as possible while still finding time to enjoy a little fun for himself. So slap on some sunscreen, buckle up your snowboard, and let’s hit the profit trail. The new series Income Property: On Vacation premieres Wednesday, March 9 at 10 and 10:30pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada.


Episode 1, “Justin”
Airs March 9th at 10pm ET/PT
Award-winning musician, Justin Rutledge, used his life savings to buy his dream home by the lake. Justin has called in Scott for help as he needs to renovate and rent out his waterfront cabin to supplement his irregular income.

Episode 2, “Shannon & Noah”
Airs March 9th at 10:30pm ET/PT
Shannon and Noah bought a vacation property in the country to invest in their future. This couple needs Scott’s help to renovate and rent their multi-building vacation property to make a dent in their mortgage before enjoying it themselves.


Timber Kings returns for Season 3 of incredible log home builds

Log homes are a work of art unto themselves, but what the team from Pioneer Log Homes of B.C. create are truly works of art. Bryan Reid Sr., founder and owner certainly thinks so.

“It’s truly like an orchestra,” he says on the line from Vancouver Island. Reid Sr.’s voice is filled with pride as he talks about his veteran crew being able to build homes with nary a word, communicating through hand signals—voices would be lost under the scream of crane hydraulics—as logs are guided into place and homes are created.

Reid Sr., and his artists return for Season 3, Sunday, Jan. 3, at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV, with bigger projects and more laugh-inducing hijinks. Sunday’s return has a little bit of both, as Reid and Joel Roorda jet to Russia to put the finishing touches on an 82,000-square foot home—it more like a compound—boasting an Olympic-size pool and 13 sets of stairs; the log veterans teach a team of Russian builders how to construct the steps on their own.


“Every time I went over there, the homeowner would pull me aside and tell me, ‘Bryan, I use your company as an example in my company, as the way to treat a customer,'” he recalls. “He didn’t have to do that. He didn’t even have to show up on the site, but he was there almost every day. He loved his home and what we did.” The massive home outside of Moscow is in sharp contrast to the challenge Peter Arnold takes on: creating a log raft—complete with motor and barbecue—that will triumph over white water rapids … with predictable soggy results.

Also on tap for Season 3? Projects see members of the team head to Germany, Philadelphia and the aforementioned Vancouver Island where Reid Sr., is creating something a little off-the-wall that will be shown later on this season.

“We’re building a log car,” he says with a chuckle. “It’s going to be electric, with a turbine. I’ve always wanted to do some kind of log car and now it’s a reality. It’s probably the craziest thing I’ve ever done.”

While much of Timber Kings is spent focusing on the homes being built, HGTV turns the tables on the guys with Under the Hard Hat. The six-part special, beginning March 13, provides in-depth peeks at each of the cast members, exploring their most impressive builds and over-the-top pranks unleashed on their co-workers.

Timber Kings airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HGTV.


Timber Kings return for Season 3

From a media release:

Canada’s favourite log home builders return this winter in a new high-stakes, high-reward season of Timber Kings premiering January 3rd at 10pm ET/PT on HGTV Canada. The awe-inspiring builds and hilarious hijinks continue online with full episodes and bonus scenes appearing on HGTV.ca the day after broadcast. Fans can also get a closer look at their favourite cast members on-air in the six-part special series Timber Kings: Under the Hard Hat premiering March 13th at 10pm ET/PT.

Season three of Timber Kings kicks off with Joel and Bryan Sr. putting the final touches on an enormous 82,000-square foot home in Russia that includes an Olympic-sized swimming pool. Meanwhile, Beat takes on the most perilous build of his career: a luxury vacation home on the edge of a 100-foot cliff. When they’re not building the world’s most spectacular log homes, the crew tackles plenty of impressive side projects. It’s sink or swim for Peter as he undertakes an adventurous experiment to build a wooden raft that can handle white water rapids. André focuses his attention on a sentimental kids’ play-palace at the local hospital, while Bryan Jr. whips up an outdoor kitchen before hitting the beach in search of the ultimate driftwood bar.

After every episode, fans can catch exclusive bonus scenes on HGTV.ca that dive deeper into the storylines from that week. Whether it’s taking a tour of the Russian mansion, getting an even closer look at the challenges of log home building, or getting an all-access pass to Joel’s Tough Mudder race, these bonus scenes offer an extended look at life as a Timber King.

Beginning March 13th, Timber Kings: Under the Hard Hat takes over the 10pm Sunday spot with back-to-back episodes. Each half-hour installment provides an in-depth look at one of the cast members, revisits their best builds, biggest challenges, and priceless pranks. There’s no holding back as the entire Timber Kings cast serves up a healthy dose of fresh colour commentary on their fellow builders.

Fans can watch past episodes on HGTV.ca or catch-up with an all-day marathon on January 3rd starting at 9am and leading up to the season premiere at 10pm ET/PT.