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Link: Street Cents got lost in the paradigm shift of the mid-2000s, leaving the next generation without valuable lessons

From Amy McNeill of the National Post:

Link: Street Cents got lost in the paradigm shift of the mid-2000s, leaving the next generation without valuable lessons
Looking at my rapidly declining bank balance, I remember that it wasn’t always this way. Whatever happened to that fiscally responsible teenager who never made an impulse buy and always accounted for every dollar? Then, it occurs to me: when trendy advertisements tried to empty my pocket as a young adult, Street Cents was always there to save the day. Continue reading.


Link: Goodbye J-Roc: Jonathan Torrens Is Leaving ‘Trailer Park Boys’

From Brent Furdyk of ET Canada.com:

Goodbye J-Roc: Jonathan Torrens Is Leaving ‘Trailer Park Boys’
One of Sunnyvale Trailer Park’s most enduring, beloved characters is exiting Trailer Park Boys, with Jonathan Torrens announcing he’ll be leaving the show.

As fans of the series have likely noticed, J-Roc (the white rapper played by Torrens) hasn’t exactly been front and centre during the past season, likely influencing Torrens’ decision to retire J-Roc. Continue reading. 


Comments and Queries for the week ending Sept. 25

Hey, I was wanting to know if I can get onto Wipeout Canada? I’m crazy and I am pretty sure I can win the $50,000.–Charles

I hate to be the bearer of bad news Charles, but Wipeout Canada wasn’t renewed by Shaw Media. The hosting crew has moved on to other projects: Ennis Esmer is currently filming a movie How to Plan an Orgy in a Small Town, Jessica Phillips was most recently in Swearnet: The Movie and Jonathan Torrens is in the new season of Mr. D.

As someone who may be biased because I’m on team Charlie, I loved the fight on Saving Hope. No, Joel didn’t deserve to be body slammed and pummeled, but Charlie had a ton of emotion built up and I think he just snapped when Reycraft mentioned Joel’s patient was the attacker. I think Joel got a few punches in as well!

I think Charlie just meant he’s happy that he is able to see Alex, not that she’s in a coma. He did save her life (again) because of that ability. I think this season is going to be full of emotions and relationship roller coasters. Just getting started!–Hallie

I personally enjoy watching and learning from Love It Or List It Vancouver. This program has the witty Todd and kind Jillian, who both appear to be knowledgable in their professions. It gives me hope and fulfills in my mind what I would like to happen one day with my older home which I have dreamed of renovating for over 20 years! It is wonderful to see there are reliable contractors and related staff who perform and create beautiful work. The contractors are also funny and proficient which adds to enjoyment of watching and relief of no stress as to how the renovations will inevitably come out. Thank you for those who brought this program to Vancouver.–Bonnie