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Preview: Butt-kicking and black holes on Killjoys

I have to say, I’m sad that Shaun Benson’s assassin character didn’t make it past last week’s episode of Killjoys. Alas, in the Quad everyone’s life is on the line. As we all well know. And with just a few more weeks until the Season 4 finale, there is still a lot of questions left unanswered.

That brings us to Friday’s instalment, “O Mother, Where Art Thou?” Here’s what Space has released as an official synopsis:

Team Awesome Force find themselves separated again, but this time by their own design. Or at least by D’avin’s who, for various reasons didn’t leave a forwarding address. But this time it’s different – Johnny and Dutch decide not to go looking for him, but rather to follow a lead hidden in a memory Khlyen altered in Dutch’s mind, which leads them to an unexpected past — the origins of Maylene, the assassin.

And here is some more information about the episode—written by Andrew De Angelis and directed by Michael Marshall—after watching a screener.“Dickpunch!”
Have I mentioned how much I adore the language Killjoys gets away with? Johnny referring to D’avin’s “pants business” is laugh out loud funny. The writer’s room must be fun. I imagine it filled with laughter. And awesome snacks.

Surprising, and very, very cool. We get some key background into … well, you’ll see. It concerns some familiar faces and those who are more recent additions. Seriously, every time I think Killjoys can’t top itself it damn well does.

Our favourite bar owner/warlord shines in every scene on Friday night, especially the first time we see him. Is it too late to request an online spinoff spotlighting he and Gared? And can Turin be a recurring character? Thanks.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 10 p.m ET on Space.

Images courtesy of Bell Media.