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The Liquidator comes to an end on OLN

It’s the end of the road for The Liquidator on OLN. After 91 episodes and five seasons, series star Jeff Schwarz made the announcement via Facebook on Thursday.

“I want to be clear it’s been great filming The Liquidator and based on the success of the show and its ratings, I would have continued,” he wrote. “We hit 163 countries, and had top ratings in Canada, it’s been a pleasure being on OLN. The decision to not renew the show has really nothing to do with them, new regulations with programming is ONE of the main reasons the show is no longer being filmed.” The new regulations Schwarz mentions no doubt refers to the CRTC’s ruling regarding skinny basic and à la carte cable offerings, and suggests OLN won’t exist once consumers are given the power to buy only the channels they want to watch.

“I can assure you that we are working on more TV, and it should happen with any network we look forward in continuing filming,” Schwarz continued in his post. “We did a total of 91 episodes or five seasons with the help of Anaïd Productions. This on any standard was a huge achievement on any level! I want to personally thank all my fans with their support and encouragement and should an opportunity arise and it makes sense we will be back on TV.”

The Liquidator docu-drama series followed the Vancouver-based Schwarz—owner of Direct Liquidation—as he bought up discarded or unwanted merchandise and then sold out of his 30,000 square-foot warehouse. The series won a 2014 Leo Award for Best Screenwriting in a Lifestyle/Information Series and another in 2015 for Best Directing in a Lifestyle/Information Series.

Fans of The Liquidator have gone online and created a petition for folks to sign in a bid to get the series back on the air.