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When Calls the Heart returns to Super Channel for season three Wednesday, April 13

From a media release:

Super Channel, is pleased to announce to the delight of Canadian “hearties” across the country, that the sweeping frontier drama, When Calls the Heart, will return for a third season on Wednesday, April 13 at 8 p.m. ET (SC2). Each episode will also be available on Super Channel On Demand the day following its initial broadcast.

The enchanting Hallmark Channel original series is a Canadian co-production filmed on location in British Columbia and based on the bestselling book series by acclaimed Canadian author Janette Oke.

Returning cast this season includes Lori Loughlin (Fuller House, 90210) as Abigail Stanton, Erin Krakow (Army Wives) as Elizabeth Thatcher, Daniel Lissing (Last Resort) as Jack Thornton, Jack Wagner (The Bold and the Beautiful) as Bill Avery and Kristina Wagner (General Hospital) as Nora, Jack’s estranged wife. Guest stars this season include Brooke Shields as Jack’s mother, Charlotte.

Season three brings new challenges and opportunities to the tight-knit residents of Hope Valley. In the season three premiere episode, “New Year’s Wish”, a fresh start for Jack and Elizabeth, a surprise guest for Abigail, an adventure for Rosemary (Pascale Hutton) and Lee (Kavan Smith), an unwanted visitor from Pastor Hogan’s (Mark Humphrey) past, and new beginnings for the town makes this the most unforgettable New Year’s celebration Hope Valley has ever seen.

When Calls the Heart is produced by Canadians Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm, and executive produced by Brad Krevoy, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., and Michael Shepard. Eric Jarboe and Neill Fearnley are co-executive producers.


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Poll: The 2015 TV Ehwards

What makes Murdoch Mysteries so very special is that at times it is also a comedy, a science fiction or a romance as well as a mystery show. That is one reason it is the best! —Santa

When Calls the Heart is the greatest show ever! —Carolyn

Blackstone closes down for good

Blackstone so far is the best show APTN has ever had. The one thing that you get out if watching this show is empathy for people who do not grow up and live with silver spoons. Some people are scratching and clawing their way through life and it is hard. —Doug

Sorry to see this series end. Really enjoyed this show. Why do all the good ones have to end? —Laurie

I tried, oh gosh I tried again and again to get into it, but Blackstone was just too depressing for me. There was never any counter balance feel-good, sadly same was true of North of 60. We’ve been north of 60, James Bay on the Quebec side, NWT and Yukon, and rez’s in southern Canada too, and yes , like everywhere on this planet there’s not nice, but, there’s lots of nice too, just like the rest of the planet. The nice should be portrayed too. —Stevie

Sorry to see this show go! I really enjoyed watching and never missed an episode. It might not have been reality TV, but was so much better than other  “reality” or what is classed as reality TV. Going to miss you all, even Andy, you dirty bugger! LOL —Shirley

This Life closes out stellar first season

One of the best shows I’ve seen in years. So very, very impressed with the acting and the fine writing. I hope this show has many, many seasons… —Di


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Your Favourite Canadian TV Shows of 2015

Heartland is such a wonderful family show! We’ve enjoyed every episode together since it started, and it’s by far MY all-time favourite. —Rachel

When Calls the Heart is a refreshing change from many of the shows. The actors, directors and crew are extremely talented and provide so much employment to our local economy. Would live to see this series picked up on our local station in Vancouver. The new show The Romeo Section is great too. Love the actors that were in Intelligence. —Wendy

Heartland is the current No. 1 show. Touched by an Angel is probably my all-time favourite, but I guess it’s not Canadian. —Terry


Heartland is the only show that has ever been able to hook me. Usually, shows are take it or leave it with me, but I love, love, love Heartland. =) —DJ

No question about it, Tornado Hunters is my No. 1 choice as the best 2015 Canadian TV show. I’ll give The Fifth Estate a close second place, and for options 3, 4, and 5, I will list The Rick Mercer Report, Dark Matter and This Life, accordingly. —Trina

Love Blackstone. Then my reality shows Amazing Race Canada, Big Brother Canada, Chopped Canada and Masterchef Canada. —Pamela

The Road to Discoverability

With me, word of mouth or I’ll glance through everything when it’s time for a new crop of pilots be it fall or midseason. An ad alone isn’t enough to get me to check out something usually. I’m a big Orphan Black fan but didn’t even know it existed in its first season. How’d I catch on? Commenters going crazy over it on several of the sites I visit, not just the reviewers themselves, and luckily CTV itself was running the same ad about 50 times a day for the Season 1 repeats. (They really overdo it though, the same ad over and over again actually irritates the viewer and could turn them against seeing a show, Comedy Network is especially bad for this).

Same thing happened this year with Mr. Robot. TVLine, The AV Club, Entertainment Weekly, Hitflix, IGN etc. and their readers wouldn’t stop praising it. It took Showcase until the end of the U.S. run to air here but it was great. They need to simulcast it next year for it to be worth anything. A day late equals a dollar short in the new digital world. I don’t usually watch crime shows but everyone is talking about Fargo, Season 2 so I might actually catch up when the season is over.

In terms of Kelly’s point about binge watching and then being a season behind, part of this is the networks themselves. They usually don’t have the current season up for streaming until the next year, and only the last five or so episodes on demand. You finished The Flash, Season 1? Too bad, CTV only has episodes 6-8 online and even then you have to sign in with a cable provider if you want to see them.

They are getting a bit better though. Syfy is premiering a show with a huge buzz and Canadian crew in the middle of December about a week before Christmas. That sounds like a way to kill a show, but they released the first episode online last month, and Space did it at the same time for Canadians with access to YouTube. I watched it because of word of mouth buzz and now fully plan to record both episodes on December 14th & 15th, and the 22nd.

Will TV itself and the broadcasters completely die out? No. This abundance of choice and “golden age of TV” is because of consumer appetite. Can the telecoms act like consumers are restricted to them in the same way we often are for cell phones and internet? No. The broadcasters themselves aren’t who I look to guide me to stuff, other viewers are. They can try and filter shows between them but trying to limit viewers to only what they have when conversations about TV are happening globally is impossible especially as the Internet generations get more buying power. They aren’t competing with just two or three Canadian rivals anymore, they’re competing with everyone.

The Big Four U.S. networks have been in a ratings decline for years now. They’ve only officially canceled one show so far this year (Wicked City) and just let the other weak ones show what they have already made. They know launching a new show in a failed timeslot right away is pointless. Streaming has changed the game and both the U.S. and Canadian broadcasters are going to scramble for a while before catching up. —DanAmazing

For me there is only one answer: word of mouth. In 2015, I don’t see ads really. I listen to podcasts (generally from public broadcasters), I watch Netflix, I PVR, I iTunes, I turn my adblocker off for sites I visit frequently but honestly I hardly notice the ads anyway. The only way I find out about new shows/movies is from sites like this one and from recommendations by people I talk to. Fortunately, my Twitter and Facebook feeds are crowded with actors, directors, producers and writers so I get a lot of recommendations.

Still, there are about 25 shows on my list (yes, I have an actual list) that I try to keep up with. The other problem—equally as large in my opinion—is quality. With so many options, shows have to be consistently excellent to stay on the list. They also have to be reasonable original and not formulaic or repetitive. —Justin

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Your favourite Canadian TV shows of 2015

It was a hard choice to choose but my No. 1 will always be Bitten. —Chris

Where’s The Stanley Dynamic? :) —Isabel

We just added it to the poll!

I had a really difficult time picking just five, but my choices were Orphan Black, Vikings, Rookie Blue, Remedy and X Company. The next five after those would be Degrassi, When Calls the Heart, Bitten, Mohawk Girls and Still Standing. —Ally

I could easily pick 10! So many good shows on CBC! —Kate

It was hard to pick five — I wanted to pick Love It or List It and Dragons’ Den and a few more. So many good Canadian shows… —Maggy

So many hard choices. You’ve reminded me I haven’t caught up on a few shows! —Iris

Season 2 of The Other Side returns to APTN

I’ve just watched the program on orbs and have two orbs pictures I wish that Jeff could see. Both were at the birthday of my husbands’ sister in 2010, two years after he passed away. One definitely has his face in it when enlarged and the second is a half orb between a picture of his siblings exactly where he would have fit in. I totally believe that orbs are spiritual. —Eleanor


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When Calls the Heart returns to Super Channel for second season

From a media release:

When Calls the Heart, the sweeping frontier drama that captured the hearts of loyal viewers in both Canada and the US (aka “Hearties”), returns toSuper Channel, Canada’s only national English pay television network, on Sunday, May 3 at 7 p.m. ET (SC1). The Hallmark Channel Original series is a Canadian co-production filmed on location in British Columbia and based on the bestselling book series by acclaimed Canadian author Janette Oke.

Series stars Lori Loughlin (Full House, 90210), Erin Krakow (Army Wives) and Daniel Lissing (Last Resort) all return for season two and are joined by Jack Wagner (The Bold and the Beautiful) who returns as a series regular. Kristina Wagner (General Hospital) also joins the cast in the third episode of the season.

Season two will follow the residents of Coal Valley, as they navigate matters of the heart during uncertain times in the wake of the mine disaster investigation. As the season begins, young schoolteacher Elizabeth Thatcher (Krakow) and Mountie Jack Thornton (Lissing) are just starting to build on their relationship. But when Elizabeth gets bad news from home, she must return to the wealthy, high-society life she left behind, where her feelings for Jack will be put to the test. The hard-working and kind-hearted citizens of Coal Valley are facing turmoil as they await justice for the coal mining tragedy, just as new romance heats up on the frontier. In Coal Valley, café owner and widow Abigail Stanton (Loughlin) nervously awaits the trial that she hopes will clear her late husband’s name in the fault of the mine explosion that took his life. Emotions run high and long-kept secrets will be revealed as she works with a surprising new prosecutor, and with forensic investigator, Mountie Bill Avery (Wagner), who is hiding something from his past that could jeopardize their own romantic future.

The series is produced by Canadians Vicki Sotheran and Greg Malcolm, and executive produced by Brad Krevoy, Brian Bird, Michael Landon Jr., Michael Shepard, and Eric Jarboe. Second Season writers include Tony Blake (co-showrunner), Robin Bernheim (co-showrunner), Neal Dobrofsky, Tippi Dobrofsky, Andrea Stevens, and Derek Thompson. Directors are Emmy-nominee Neill Fearnley (also co-executive producer), Michael Rohl, and Martin Wood.