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Link: 19-2, Rogue, Mohawk Girls among Rockie Award nominees

From Etan Vlessing of the Hollywood Reporter:

American, Brit Scripted TV to Dominate 2015 Rockie Awards
Canadian series will have home field advantage this year, having pulled in 39 nominations, mainly in digital categories. U.S. series are next with 29 nominations, mainly for sci-fi and procedural fare, while British series garnered 26 nominations, mostly for comedies. Continue reading.

WGC Screenwriting Award nominees announced

From a media release:

The WGC Screenwriting Awards, held at the elegant Koerner Hall in Toronto, take place on April 27, 2015. The awards are hosted by writer, actor, and comedian Ryan Belleville, and are co-written with stand-up/sketch comedian Jeremy Woodcock. The WGC Screenwriting Awards have a unique focus: it’s all about screenwriter and script.

Guest presenters include X Company’s Connor Price and Sunnyside’s Patrice Goodman. They will be joined onstage by show runners Stephanie Morgenstern and Mark Ellis (X Company), and Gary Pearson (Sunnyside).

More than 150 scripts were nominated for awards in seven categories, with 29 chosen as finalists. In total, 51 screenwriters are up for awards at the gala event. Several special awards, including the WGC Showrunner Award, the Sondra Kelly Award, and the Writers Block Award, will also be presented.

Among this year’s finalists are the screenwriters behind TV drama hits like Saving Hope, Orphan Black and 19-2. TV comedy nominees include scripts from well-known shows like Trailer Park Boys and This Hour Has 22 Minutes. All of the scripts in each category —children’s, animation, documentary, movies and miniseries, shorts and webseries, TV comedy, and TV drama — are strong contenders.

The winners will be announced on Monday, April 27, 2015 at 8:30 p.m., at the TELUS Centre for Performance and Learning’s Koerner Hall.

The Writers Guild of Canada represents more than 2,200 professional English-language screenwriters across Canada. These are the creators who write the distinctly Canadian entertainment we enjoy on our televisions, movie screens, and digital platforms.
2015 WGC Screenwriting Awards Finalists

The Day My Butt Went Psycho, Season 1 “Everybooty Loves the Great White Butt”
Written by Craig Martin

Fangbone, Season 1 “The Warbrute of Friendship”
Written by Simon Racioppa & Richard Elliott

Johnny Test, Season 6 “Johnny’s Junky Trunk”
Written by Sean Jara

Nerds and Monsters, Season 1 “Kaboom With a View”
Written by Greg Sullivan

Annedroids, Season 1 “New Pals”
Written by J.J. Johnson

R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Season 4 “Goodwill Toward Men”
Written by Billy Brown & Dan Angel

R.L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour, Season 4 “Mrs. Worthington”
Written by Melody Fox

Some Assembly Required, Season 1 “Dance Crew Evolution”
Written by Cole Bastedo & Jenny Siddle

You & Me, Season 1 “Ninja Squirrel”
Written by Katherine Sandford

The Cholesterol Question
Written by Michael McNamara

Norman McLaren: Animated Musician
Written by Donald McWilliams

Shameless Propaganda
Written by Robert Lower

The Best Laid Plans “You Had an Option, Sir”
Written by Jason Sherman and Susan Coyne

Elephant Song
Written by Nicolas Billon

Sex and Violence, Season 1 “Surface Scars”
Written by Thom Fitzgerald

Bill & Sons Towing, Season 2 “Cleaning House”
Written by Mark De Angelis

Darknet “Episode 3”
Written by Doug Taylor

Darknet “Episode 5”
Written by Randall Cole

Out With Dad, Season 3 “Outed”
Written by Jason Leaver

Ruby Skye P.I.: The Maltese Puppy “Everyone’s a Suspect”
Written by Jill Golick & Julie Strassman

Mr. D, Season 3 “Old School”
Written by Andrew De Angelis

Sensitive Skin, Season 1 “Not the Haitian Corpse”
Written by Bob Martin

This Hour Has 22 Minutes, Season XXI “Episode 16”
Written by Mark Critch, Shaun Majumder, Mike Allison, Bob Kerr, Susan Kent, Greg Thomey, Jon Blair, Sonya Bell, Abdul Butt, Tim Polley, Heidi Brander, Adam Christie, Kevin Shustack, Jeremy Woodcock
Contributing Writers: Dean Jenkinson, Ron Sparks

Trailer Park Boys, Season 8 “Episode 4”
Written by Mike Smith & JP Tremblay & Robb Wells

19-2, Season 1 “Partners”
Adapted by Bruce M. Smith

Lost Girl, Season 4 “La Fae Époque”
Written by Michael Grassi

Orphan Black, Season 2 “Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est”
Written by Tony Elliott

Saving Hope, Season 3 “The Way We Were”
Written by John Krizanc

Strange Empire, Season 1 “The Oath”
Written by Jackie May

Tonight: Juno Awards, Heartland, Motive

2015 Juno Awards, CTV
From Hamilton’s FirstOntario Centre, The 2015 Juno Awards celebrates the best in Canadian music, honouring the artistic and technical achievements of artists and bands nationwide. Hosted by Jacob Hoggard, lead singer of the JUNO Award-winning band Hedley and featuring performances by 2015 Canadian Music Hall of Fame Inductee Alanis Morissette, Arkells, deadmau5, Hedley, Kiesza, Lights, MAGIC!, Sam Roberts Band, Shawn Mendes, and The Weeknd.

Heartland, CBC – “Faking It”
The family strives to support a devastated Georgie when Lou and Peter are forced to tell her distressing news.

Motive, CTV – “Calling The Shots”
Detectives Brian Lucas (Brendan Penny), Angie Flynn (Kristin Lehman), and Oscar Vega (Louis Ferreira) investigate the homicide of a high-end call girl, and their shocking discovery about the victim’s double life complicates the investigation. Meanwhile, Angie adjusts to playing a supporting role to Lucas, who is the primary investigator, and finds herself distracted when new details of the Montgomery case emerge. Ally Sheedy guest stars.

Link: First Golden Maple Awards Set for July 1

From Variety staff:

First Golden Maple Awards Set for July 1
The Academy of Canadians in Sports & Entertainment – Los Angeles is accepting submissions for the first Golden Maple Awards, which promote and honor Canadian TV talent and athletes in the U.S.

Submission period is March 8-31, with a committee to review the contenders and announce nominees April 28. Voting closes June 23, with awards to be presented on Canada Day, July 1, at a location to be announced.

Categories include best Canadian actor, actress and newcomer, in a TV series broadcast in the U.S. The org has timed the awards to boost Canadian talent visibility during Emmy season.

The Golden Maple committee will release a list of honorees separately. Members of ACISE-LA will vote on the final ballot.

Submissions can be sent by the U.S. network, talent rep, publicist or self to ACISE-LA headquarters in Los Angeles.

Comments and queries for the week of March 6

Readers headed online to comment about several things this week, including the Canadian Screen Awards and what we can do to fix them, and what Canadian literature should be the next project the CBC adapts for the small screen.

I think the awards should be pushed off a month or two so the actors can show up on the red carpet without winter coats. And is Orphan Black produced by BBC America? If thats true then I don’t feel its truly Canadian.—Tom

I was disappointed two years ago when they amalgamated the two awards. I personally think TV should have their own night as well as film. I do love Canadian Screen Week and the opportunity for fans to meet their favourite stars. I would hate for this industry to become Hollywoodized. We have our own culture but we are still very much in infancy and are still finding our way or “voice.” We do need much more support to get our films “out there and seen.” —Nancy


So many wonderful suggestions have been made already.

My suggestions are:

* Any of Miriam Toews’ novels would make great adaptations – in particular, I would love to see All My Puny SorrowsA Complicated Kindness, or A Boy of good Breeding.

* Elizabeth Hay’s Late Nights on Air could be wonderful!

Annabel, by Kathleen Winter – wonderful story, amazing settings.

Galore, by Michael Crummey. I love this novel so much and it could be a brilliant TV series. —Jennifer

COPPERMINE by Keith Ross Leckie. A must. And a true story. And written by a screenwriter.—SW

I’d love to see The Orenda – history and gripping story.—Steve


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