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Comments and queries for the week of June 12

When does Season 4 of Saving Hope start? —Terri

Production on Season 4 of Saving Hope began June 1 in and around Toronto and continues until December. The season is comprised of 18 episodes with Kim Shaw and Max Bennett joining the cast. Rookie Blue star Travis Milne will pop in for a four-episode arc.

Now to answer your question: CTV announced last week that Saving Hope returns to Thursdays this fall, but an actual date has not been revealed. Here’s a teaser on what to expect when Season 4 does return:

“Season 4 picks up nine months after the devastating accident, as the Hope Zion staff continue to deal with the aftermath of the death of their colleague and friend, Dr. Joel Goran. Alex is back at work following maternity leave, trying to balance motherhood and a busy O.R. Meanwhile, Dr. Charlie Harris continues to be haunted by his ghost-seeing abilities and the looming question of whether or not he is Baby Luke’s biological father.”

Martin Sheen to star in new Anne of Green Gables TV-movie

This series should have been left alone and the movies could have expanded on Anne’s later life. It’s too early to do remakes of this movie when it has already been done and was done very well. There’s no reason why kids of today cannot enjoy what was already made. —Mel

Review: Orphan Black – The Six

You’ve mentioned Cosima dying a couple of times now. The Internet also seems awash with speculation that Delphine is a goner. (Nooooo!) However, I have a theory I thought I’d toss out here just on the off chance it’s correct: why not kill Alison?

My reason for considering it is that OB needs to up the stakes with the death of a core clone. Sarah can’t go, obvs, and Cosima is such a fan favourite (and a lesbian—there’s a sad history of killing lesbians on TV) that it seems OB would risk a ratings tank it can’t afford with her death. Also, who could step into her needed science role? Delphine and Scott could sadly carry on without her, but there is no clone available to take her place in both function and tone.

But with Alison, there is now Krystal. Assuming she can be saved, exploring Krystal’s world instead of Alison’s would offer the same light-hearted tone but perhaps in a lower-key Kimmy Schmidt-way rather than the Desperate Housewives/Weeds-way Alison’s world employs.

And Alison has been delving into some deep doo-doo (I feel she would use that word) with murders and drugs for three seasons now, and it’s all been played for laughs. I think she has some reality coming her way and most would never see it coming.

As for Kristian Bruun, let him stretch and get out of the constant comedy mode and play the shocked and grieving husband. He can have comedy again later (platonically with Helena or Krystal or whomever).

Anyway, I’m sure I’m wrong, but killing Cosima seems too obvious and too difficult to recover from. Plus, like I said, there’s no clone replacement standing by for her. So maybe she’s a great big red herring (complete with red coat). Alison has gotten away with a lot and lived in her own world, which more and more seems to have no connection to the central plot. Killing her would finally make her relevant and shake everyone up for S4 and S5, which is supposedly the last season.

Go ahead, tell me I’m crazy! LOL :)—Ellie


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