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Review: Building relationships on Killjoys

Compared to last week’s debut, Friday’s second episode of Killjoys was a bit of a step back. Not in action or excitement, mind you—there was plenty of both—but time was taken to build and establish relationships on two major fronts.

“The Sugar Point Run,” written by Jeremy Boxen, forced Dutch and D’avin to team up when Lucy was shot down in hostile territory on Westerley. While Johnny stayed behind to fix the damaged ship, those two set off to track down Simon (Michael Therriault), who was being delivered to his sister, Ryo (Irene Poole), in exchange for the Mayor’s daughter, whom she’d captured. But Ryo wasn’t interested in reuniting with Simon because she missed him. She wanted the round memory chip he’d hidden in his guts; it held the launch codes to a missile she’d stolen and aimed at The Company’s headquarters in Old Town.

As expected, D’avin impressed Dutch with his hand-to-hand fighting and deadly accuracy with weapons (he was a soldier, after all) so much so she offered him a Killjoys gig provided he passed the test. I’m guessing he passes the test; the show is called Killjoys and not Two Killjoys and a Flunkie. Did anyone else catch that little narrowing of the eyes from Johnny when Dutch offered his bro the job? Who else thinks the Brothers Jacobis may be battling for her affections before the season is done?

Of course, Johnny has a lady of his own, sort of. It was clear from this episode that he and Lucy have a pretty intense bond, one usually reserved for people. The fact Johnny knows Lucy’s most intimate parts and software hints at a long-term relationship between them and a loyalty that has bridged the gap between spaceship and homo sapiens.



Notes and quotes

  • That red box means Dutch is supposed to dispatch someone in the next week. But who? And why?
  • “She’s my partner. Boss. My partner-boss.” — Johnny
  • Is it wrong that I thought Dutch was sexy as heck wriggling out of the scavenger’s straps?
  • Lucy’s light sarcasm is fantastic.

Killjoys airs Fridays at 9 p.m. ET on Space.