Review: Heartland’s beary scary situation

There was a bear in the woods—and an elephant in the room—when Heartland returned for its first episode of Season 9. “Brave New World,” written by Heather Conkie and directed by Bruce McDonald, was a big change from the Season 8 finale. In those final moments, Ty and Amy finally tied the knot in front of family and friends.

This Sunday certainly found the wedded couple stronger than ever relationship-wise, but Lou and Peter are falling apart. Things looked too good to be true when the pair were sharing a coffee as they watched Georgie ride Trouble and Phoenix Roman-style; by episode end Lou had filled out a separation agreement. The document was secreted away by Georgie—putting off the inevitable for the time being—but the couple isn’t coming back from this precipice. Kudos to Michelle Morgan for portraying the pain Lou’s feeling and for the fierce mama bear instinct she’s got when it comes to her kids. Peter may think everything will be hunky-dory, but Lou knows that’s not true.

Speaking of bears, I’m glad Sunday’s furry co-star didn’t stick around for long. The fatalist in me pictured the beast going on a rampage at Heartland; that didn’t happen, but the injured horse did help Georgie and Amy understand what happens when you let something free. Not only did Bear direct them to an abandoned horse suffering from rain rot, but showed the girls (and viewers) what friendship, support and trust will bring when you show a little faith.

With such a heavy main story, it was nice to have lighter moments when Jack showed up to kick Tim’s butt into gear on the loft renovations. Tim was indeed in over his head with the school, Casey and life in general; good on Jack for calling him out and then taking control of the situation. With him in charge, Ty and Amy may be moved in by Christmas.

What did you think of Sunday’s return? Do you think Lou and Peter will get back together?

Heartland airs Sundays at 7 p.m. on CBC.

Added bonus: Sunday’s closing music, “Carry On,” was performed by Fortunate Ones