Review: Amy and Ty tie the knot on Heartland

The wedding between Amy Fleming and Ty Borden has been a long time coming. There have been Princes and punches, fights and frustrations, breakups and bonding … a roller coaster of emotions for not only them, but their families and viewers. But after eight seasons of waiting, the two said their vows and became a couple.

“I was ready for this,” Amber Marshall told me after a meet and greet with Heartland fans last Thursday in Toronto. “I feel like if we waited any longer, people would start to get mad. It was time. It was totally time.”

That doesn’t mean Sunday’s season finale, “Written in Stone,” wasn’t without a few tense moments. It appeared the pair had decided to elope in Pike River, leaving Lou steaming because of all the planning she’d done. But Amy and Ty opted out of that, realizing they wanted to be surrounded by family and friends on the biggest day of their lives. It was a welcome relief to everyone, especially Lou. Well, until she got a call with some bad news: the hall she booked wasn’t available anymore. (To be fair, Lou has had a lot on her mind, but it was still funny to see the Queen of Planning thrown for a loop.)

Enter Jack, who has always been as steady as the rock hearth he sat in front of, recalling his marriage right there in the house in front of the fireplace. That sealed it for Amy and Ty: they would be married there too. The ceremony itself was a small and meaningful affair that called back many Heartland characters from the past to be there. And while Amy and Ty looked confident as they stood up and professed their love, things were a little different for Marshall during filming.

“I was nervous the whole time,” Marshall said. “I couldn’t remember the vows, I got dizzy, I was more nervous filming this wedding scene than I was on my actual wedding day. It was a really surreal experience.”

Heather Conkie’s script didn’t solely revolve around the happy couple. There were other storylines to wrap up, most notably Caleb losing his property to the dastardly Jesse Stanton. That was taken care of thanks to Val, who pulled Caleb aside and apologized for her hot-head son. She handed over a cheque that covers the loan still owing on the land, freeing it up for Caleb to stay.

Finally, there was Trouble. Because Amy was busy, you know, getting married, Georgie took it upon herself to gentle the annoyed beast. That wasn’t an easy task, but it sure was rewarding. The most touching scene of the season finale for me involved Amy and Ty watching Trouble charge at Georgie, pull up short, and nuzzle her arm in friendship. The perfect way to end a dramatic season of Heartland.

Notes and quotes

  • Amber Marshall wore her real-life wedding dress. Her mom’s wedding dress is actually owned by Heartland‘s showrunner, Heather Conkie.
  • Amy and Ty weren’t really watching Georgie and Trouble in that field. They were, as Marshall explained, “looking at a stick in a field” and the scene was edited afterwards.
  • The actress who plays Katie didn’t appear in the scene where the Fleming-Morris family danced together. Michelle Morgan explained Julia Maren Baker’s allotted on-set time had expired, so they used another girl in her place and filmed so you just saw the back of Katie’s head.

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  1. It was incredible! I had never cried so much watching a tv show!
    Thanks for the behind the scenes facts you wrote. Very interesting!
    I really looked that the song in the first dance was “Modern Woman” by Matthew Barber, the same song on the season 3 scene where Amy and Ty dance on top of his truck.
    Also, I watched the Canadian Screen Awards the other day, and Amber Marshall was wearing the dress from that same scene!

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