Murdoch Mysteries: Erin Agostino says goodbye to Nina Bloom

The good news to come out of Murdoch MysteriesSeason 11 finale was that William Murdoch and Julia Ogden are still together. The not-so-great news? Nina Bloom and George Crabtree are not.

Sadly, the burlesque dancer who shimmied her way into George’s heart accepted a gig at Moulin Rouge and departed for Paris, leaving our favourite constable heartbroken. Actress Erin Agostino has received praise from Murdoch Mysteries fans and those behind the scenes on the show. Writer-producer Mary Pedersen recently said of Agostino: “We love Erin Agostino. She has been wonderful and has really won over the fans which is really something because the character, on paper, doesn’t look like someone Crabtree should end up with. That’s really a credit to Erin’s work.”

The Montreal-born Agostino—who stars alongside Mia Kirshner, Erin Karpluk and Randal Edwards in the feature film A Swingers Weekend, debuting next month—spoke with us about Nina and saying goodbye to Murdoch Mysteries.

Before we talk about some specific storylines, tell me how you ended up on Murdoch Mysteries in the first place.
Erin Agostino: I auditioned for a guest-star role at the end of the ninth season. I went in and auditioned. Peter Mitchell was in the room and would be directing that episode. It took about a week or two weeks to find out that I’d got the part. Guest-starring on a show that has been on the air for that many seasons was horrific because it’s a well-oiled machine and you don’t really know what your part in it is. Everyone was so welcoming and warm and just amazing, from Peter to the cast and the crew. It was a family that welcomed you with open arms.

I went into this thinking this was it. I would guest-star in that episode [“From Buffalo with Love“]. There was a chance to recur in the following season but nothing was set in stone. I really connected with Nina. I loved that part and it felt very natural to be her and Jonny Harris and I had a wonderful connection. I guess that’s what sparked the writers to put her back in in Season 10.

What were your thoughts when you first saw this character on paper?
I hadn’t really watched the show mainly because I didn’t have a TV when I first moved to Toronto. As soon as I got the audition—I was in Montreal when I got the role—I put on Murdoch and watched as much as I could. I watched Season 8 and thought about the character. I loved how mysterious she was. There were secrets. She comes across as this woman who knows it all but she is hiding this vulnerable heart that she’s afraid to break. I loved the mix where she is this strong woman but this vulnerable child at the same time.

The relationship between George and Nina was very hot and heavy. What kind of trust did you and Jonny establish so you could play the intense scenes you both did?
It’s scary going in, knowing you have all of these passionate scenes and you have never met the other person or done a chemistry read or anything. Day 1, I remember, was a kissing scene. It was basically, ‘Hey, pleased to meet you. How are you? Let’s make out.’ [Laughs.] It could have been really awkward, right? But it was a relaxed environment. Peter Mitchell always creates that, so I was instantly relaxed, which was key. I’ve worked with a lot of people and Jonny is just not what you’d expect for someone who has the success that he has. I met him and the first thing he said was that he was going to craft services and did I want a tea or anything? I was like, ‘Really?’ There was an instant comfort that developed. Over the years we’ve become closer. I call him a friend, which made those scenes a lot easier.

The last scene we shot, the breakup scene, it was hard. We were crying, some of the crew was crying, it was a beautiful moment but it was tough. We don’t know what’s going to happen, but we felt like if it was goodbye for a little bit it was still really rough.

When did you become aware of the Murdoch Mysteries fandom?
At some point in Season 10. It’s been overwhelming, especially recently. There have been so many messages of love and support. It just means the world to me. To play someone who is, in my opinion, a strong role model who is not afraid to be different … to have her affect so many people is beautiful. The support has been overwhelming.

Peter Mitchell and most recently Mary Pedersen have said they loved what you brought to the role and will miss you. What does that mean to you?
It means everything. It’s my job as an actor to find something real in a character, whether they are someone who is portrayed negatively or positively, there is good and bad in everyone and it’s our job to bring the good and human side forward and make that person whole.

It was sad that George and Nina broke up, but I respect the fact neither of them would give up their beliefs for the other.
They were both willing to bend for that other person. He was going to Paris and she was going to marry him. But I think that love for each other prevented that. They knew the other person couldn’t accept going against what they believed in. It was a realization that we want different things right now and it’s just not fair to watch the other person sacrifice what they want.

You used two key words: right now. Nina is not dead unless something horrible happens on the trip over to France. She could return and I’m assuming you would be happy to return to the show.
If the writers find a way to connect them again, I am all in.

What will you miss most? And did you take anything as a memento?
I didn’t take anything. I should have. I wanted those boots. [Laughs.] I’m going to miss everyone and everything about it. It was a family.

Will you miss Nina Bloom? Do you really think she’s gone from George’s life forever? Let me know in the comments section below! And be sure to support Erin and the Canadian film industry when A Swingers Weekend hits the big screen next month.




17 thoughts on “Murdoch Mysteries: Erin Agostino says goodbye to Nina Bloom”

  1. Great interview Greg. I really like the character of Nina. Erin is a wonderful actor who brings her to life and makes her very likable! Personally I think she is married.

  2. I think Erin is a fantastic actress. I always felt she was really Nina. The connection with George & the conflict in their expectations for the future felt so real. Jonny is the star of the show as far as I am concerned. Wish Julia & William would realize they are not right for each other. Rather tired of Julia, rigid & always has to be right. William deserves better.

    1. Leave Julia & William alone. They challenge each other which makes their relationship interesting. But I really do hope George and Nina find a way to be together for good.

  3. I loved George and Nina together, especially when he stood up for to Murdoch and Brackenreid. One of my favorite scenes was when he brought her to the dinner at the hotel when Murdoch and Brackenreid were trying to set George up. I hope the writers can work things out so she can come back. She was great.

  4. The way the character has been written and several things she has said have led viewers to believe there are secrets she is keeping-things to do with family issues and who she may have been before she appeared on the stage in Toronto. Would be a shame if that was left hidden from us and we were never to learn more about her…bring her back from Paris, please! Find a way, writers.

  5. Yes I really liked the relationship between George & Nina but I have always had the thought that Dr Grace would return and get back with George Crabtree. Even though she was gay I think she still loves George.

  6. I think Nina is an heiress from someplace. That’s why she is going to Paris because her family is looking for her and getting too close. Where else would she get the money to go the first time with George and now again to go to live? The family probably doesn’t like her lifestyle of being on the stage so she ran away. Just a few thoughts meandering through my mind…….

  7. I liked Nina after getting to know her more. At first thought she was a bit of a floozey. Sorry Erin. But as time went on felt she did luv George . But like the women of MM they are strong willed and luv they are portrayed so strong at that time in history. We will welcome her back anytime. Good luck on your future endeavors.

  8. Wow its amazing how different that Muroch Mysteries seems to everyone! I think I couldn’t watch the show if William & Julia were not together! It’s such a big part of the show. It’s amazing how they’ve used all the pioneering issues that MM entails. The fact that the woman scientist that ended up helping hundreds of thousands of couples become a family has been written in & Julia is the first guinie pig to try it out. I was devastated for both Julia & William on loss of the baby but hopefully they use that loss to help figure out the proper dosage & help them to carry that baby to term. I think William would be a great father & whole he would be nervous you can see how alive he is when with children. But this makes 2 measurable loses in the child area & I don’t think it would be good for the show or to either character to have a 3rd child ripped from their lives! As far as William & Julia being too different, I personally feel that’s what makes them so interesting. There are so many layers to this couple that if you peel them all away they wouldnt be them! They would be 2 very different & personally, I feel less interesting in ALOT of ways. For those of us watching their relationship to build where they are presently, feel it has taken so long & in some ways disappointed in the length of time it took for writers to get them to the right spot, here & finally happy together!
    It would be a very wrong thing to think the fans would want more hardship & pain between them as a couple & hopefully a family next season. There’s enough intrigue in all the characters lives that we don’t need to see so much pain anymore! In real life people go through different hurdles, but there are usually more good than bad (hopefully)! When we tune in to our favourite show & two of the main characters don’t experience enough joy it can get almost unbearable to watch. Please help this couple to be happy as they deserve. George’s lack of luck in the love area is also so sad to me! I really wanted him to marry the woman with the little boy! When her husband came back alive it was like a punch to the gut at how he had lost again in love/father figure area. When her husband was murdered I thought wow maybe they could solve this! But you obviously went another way & I loved Nina’s character but of course I didn’t want George to leave the show as he’s such an integral part of this show! If it’s not too much to ask but I’d love to see him in love with someone that will love his humour & quirks & possibly start a family of his own! I also love Mrs Brackenreid & feel she’s a great character because she brings out a different & interesting part of Tom!
    People that need to leave the show asap next season is Julia’s assistant at Coroners office. I can’t stand the way she turns on around men. The cop that runs the other station house & anyone else that could further help her career climb. She brings such a negative vibe to the show & she’s out to destroy Julia & I wish she was not in the show at all! Even if Julia doesn’t stay as the Coroner, I don’t like that woman in show. Maybe they could bring in Julia’s previous assistant instead. Thanks for reading this comment.

  9. I can see Nina returning to Toronto at some future point, where George is engaged to another.

  10. I did not like any of the George’s lady friends that much. None seemed to click really well with his persona or be a truly interesting character in her own right.
    Notabene, there have been few great female characters on the show, for instance Eva Pierce, Girlie, ladies at the asylum and Ruby Ogden to name a few. To match George’s earnest character she would have to be very well written and carefully acted, otherwise he can just stay a bachelor.

    1. I enjoyed George and Lucy Maud Montgomery, but to get them together, we would have to change history. Too bad. Love George, he deserves a sweetheart.

  11. Hook George.up with Julia*s sister, who could be written in as burnt out on the traveling news gig and its frustrations and dangers. She could be looking for more stability and a calmer, quieter life and George could fit the bill.

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